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1801UT5UUV2015URSO QRP ALL1,12222221.1 
1802SP2MHC2013SPSO QRP ALL1,11826261.1 
1803W7MLG2013W7SO QRP ALL1,10425232.1 
1804DF7LSA2005DLSO QRP ALL1,10426245.8  
1805W7BAK2017W2SO QRP ALL (R)1,10027253.2 
1806ON3ICK2007ONSO QRP ALL (R)1,100252512.6  
1807DH0JAE2011DLSO QRP ALL1,07528251.4 
1808N8AXA1983W8SO QRP ALL1,0602020  
1809SP6DVP1993SPSO QRP ALL1,0561716  
1810JA6DIJ2015JA6SO QRP ALL (T)1,05022211.8 
1811XV5HS20163WSO QRP ALL1,04024204.6  
1812K2CY2000W2SO QRP ALL1,0352323  
1813JH1EFA1980JA1SO QRP ALL1,0262318  
1814WA7NWL1986W7SO QRP ALL1,0243832  
1815WB4GHZ2015W4SO QRP ALL (T)1,00821212.3 
1816PE2WG2007PASO QRP ALL990232210.4  
1817VE6EX2017VE6SO QRP ALL96621212.4  
1818DF7LS2007DLSO QRP ALL96625235.5  
1819OZ1LTR2012OZSO QRP ALL95732294.8 
1820OE1SBA1981OESO QRP ALL9542018  
1821KE4D2017W4SO QRP ALL94523214.2  
1822KX5U/42015W4SO QRP ALL94324236.8 
1823JH7UJU2012JA7SO QRP ALL94023205.8 
1824VA3RKM2007VE3SO QRP ALL94021203.8  
1825N6HI/72013W7SO QRP ALL93619181.8 
1826IZ8JJI2011ISO QRP ALL (T)92423223.9 
1827JE7DOT1994JA7SO QRP ALL9182118  
1828JH1OGC2015JA1SO QRP ALL89319190.6 
1829RC1C2014UA-1SO QRP ALL89320191.5 
1830RA3WCG2010UA-3SO QRP ALL89128274.6 
1831F/G3VQO/P2001FSO QRP ALL891272725.3  
1832JL6LTB2012JA6SO QRP ALL87420192.9 
1833PA9TT2003PASO QRP ALL85827262.7  
1834PD0PMS2017PASO QRP ALL85026252.3 
1835KA7PLE2011W7SO QRP ALL84024245.7 
1836AO4C2009EASO QRP ALL (T)84028241.6 
1837JJ0SFV/02017JA0SO QRP ALL83626224.5 
1838K6MI2009W6SO QRP ALL83620192.3 
1839KG7WZ2012W7SO QRP ALL82823231.8 
1840SM3AGO1983SMSO QRP ALL8162017  
1841TA3AMT2015TASO QRP ALL79819190.6 
1842HK4KM2017HKSO QRP ALL78417162.2  
1843PC5D2013PASO QRP ALL78218173.6 
1844K9XB2016W9SO QRP ALL77919192.4  
1845M3ZJO2010GSO QRP ALL (R)75925234.1 
1846PA0FAW2004PASO QRP ALL (T)71325232.4  
1847DL1JB2009DLSO QRP ALL (T)70021203.0 
1848VU2GUR2012VUSO QRP ALL68418185.2 
1849UR5EDO1999URSO QRP ALL6801717  
1850IZ4BKK2014ISO QRP ALL66519191.9 
1851YB0ANN2016YBSO QRP ALL64620171.1 
1852OM3CUG2015OMSO QRP ALL63015144.9 
1853EA3GYE2016EASO QRP ALL62416163.2 
1854HS2JFW2007HSSO QRP ALL (T)61617143.7  
1855YL8M2014YLSO QRP ALL61219180.6 
1856BD9ATY2015BYSO QRP ALL (T)60819163.9 
1857DL3JRA2000DLSO QRP ALL6002020  
1858DH0JAE2008DLSO QRP ALL58020204.1 
1859SP6PLH2017SPSO QRP ALL57620183.5 
1860UA1CAK2006UA-1SO QRP ALL57020153.3  
1861W1CEK2005W1SO QRP ALL57017151.0  
1862KA7PLE2008W7SO QRP ALL56023205.9 
1863OK1JOC2007OKSO QRP ALL540161525.8  
1864UA3TW2012UA-3SO QRP ALL53220190.9 
1865N8ET1994W8SO QRP ALL5041414  
1866M1K2016GSO QRP ALL50021201.1M1KTA
1867EA3GYE2012EASO QRP ALL49516154.3 
1868US2YW2000URSO QRP ALL4951515  
1869YO3BDP1988YOSO QRP ALL4952315  
1870UB5AAQ1982URSO QRP ALL4931917  
1871KD2FJQ2015W2SO QRP ALL (R)48113132.5 
1872VA3RKM2013VE3SO QRP ALL48113130.7 
1873UT4UFZ2014URSO QRP ALL (R)46818135.0 
1874AF4KL2006W4SO QRP ALL46416163.1  
1875UR5EAW2001URSO QRP ALL46213112.2  
1876W7PW2004W7SO QRP ALL44218171.9  
1877F5NYK1997FSO QRP ALL4351615  
1878UN7FZ2005UNSO QRP ALL42014140.8UN7FZ 
1879UR2HB1985ESSO QRP ALL4201714  
1880DJ0MY2016DLSO QRP ALL40814121.1 
1881IW0GTA/52014ISO QRP ALL39618181.8  
1882M1KTA2013GSO QRP ALL39117171.2 
1883W1MJ2016W1SO QRP ALL39015151.6 
1884UT4UYF2015URSO QRP ALL38412122.2 
1885DL1JB2006DLSO QRP ALL38417161.1  
1886G6CSY2014GSO QRP ALL (T)37417171.1 
1887K9GY2009W9SO QRP ALL36413131.3 
1888OE1SBA1979OESO QRP ALL3641414  
1889DL9NDV2007DLSO QRP ALL350141425.0  
1890LA5QC1980LASO QRP ALL3481816  
1891N1JEO2016W1SO QRP ALL33813132.3 
1892F6BZG2012FSO QRP ALL33613121.1 
1893KG7WZ2013W7SO QRP ALL33015150.8 
1894OK1DMP2001OKSO QRP ALL3069925.3  
1895IV3SGJ2010ISO QRP ALL30012122.0 
18967K1CFN1994JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
1897JO1MCC1989JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
18987L1AVS2014JA1SO QRP ALL29914131.8 
18994F9AM2016DUSO QRP ALL29713110.1 
1900SP3BES2016SPSO QRP ALL28813121.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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