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1801UT5UUV2015URSO QRP ALL1,12222221.1 [Cert]
1802SP2MHC2013SPSO QRP ALL1,11826261.1 [Cert]
1803W7MLG2013W7SO QRP ALL1,10425232.1 [Cert]
1804DF7LSA2005DLSO QRP ALL1,10426245.8  
1805W7BAK2017W2SO QRP ALL (R)1,10027253.2 [Cert]
1806ON3ICK2007ONSO QRP ALL (R)1,100252512.6  
1807DH0JAE2011DLSO QRP ALL1,07528251.4 [Cert]
1808N8AXA1983W8SO QRP ALL1,0602020  
1809SP6DVP1993SPSO QRP ALL1,0561716  
1810JA6DIJ2015JA6SO QRP ALL (T)1,05022211.8 [Cert]
1811XV5HS20163WSO QRP ALL1,04024204.6  
1812K2CY2000W2SO QRP ALL1,0352323  
1813JH1EFA1980JA1SO QRP ALL1,0262318  
1814WA7NWL1986W7SO QRP ALL1,0243832  
1815WB4GHZ2015W4SO QRP ALL (T)1,00821212.3 [Cert]
1816PE2WG2007PASO QRP ALL990232210.4  
1817VE6EX2017VE6SO QRP ALL96621212.4  
1818DF7LS2007DLSO QRP ALL96625235.5  
1819OZ1LTR2012OZSO QRP ALL95732294.8 [Cert]
1820OE1SBA1981OESO QRP ALL9542018  
1821KE4D2017W4SO QRP ALL94523214.2  
1822KX5U/42015W4SO QRP ALL94324236.8 [Cert]
1823JH7UJU2012JA7SO QRP ALL94023205.8 [Cert]
1824VA3RKM2007VE3SO QRP ALL94021203.8  
1825N6HI/72013W7SO QRP ALL93619181.8 [Cert]
1826IZ8JJI2011ISO QRP ALL (T)92423223.9 [Cert]
1827JE7DOT1994JA7SO QRP ALL9182118  
1828JH1OGC2015JA1SO QRP ALL89319190.6 [Cert]
1829RC1C2014UA-1SO QRP ALL89320191.5 [Cert]
1830RA3WCG2010UA-3SO QRP ALL89128274.6 [Cert]
1831F/G3VQO/P2001FSO QRP ALL891272725.3  
1832JL6LTB2012JA6SO QRP ALL87420192.9 [Cert]
1833PA9TT2003PASO QRP ALL85827262.7  
1834PD0PMS2017PASO QRP ALL85026252.3 [Cert]
1835KA7PLE2011W7SO QRP ALL84024245.7 [Cert]
1836AO4C2009EASO QRP ALL (T)84028241.6 [Cert]
1837JJ0SFV/02017JA0SO QRP ALL83626224.5 [Cert]
1838K6MI2009W6SO QRP ALL83620192.3 [Cert]
1839KG7WZ2012W7SO QRP ALL82823231.8 [Cert]
1840SM3AGO1983SMSO QRP ALL8162017  
1841TA3AMT2015TASO QRP ALL79819190.6 [Cert]
1842HK4KM2017HKSO QRP ALL78417162.2  
1843PC5D2013PASO QRP ALL78218173.6 [Cert]
1844K9XB2016W9SO QRP ALL77919192.4  
1845M3ZJO2010GSO QRP ALL (R)75925234.1 [Cert]
1846PA0FAW2004PASO QRP ALL (T)71325232.4  
1847DL1JB2009DLSO QRP ALL (T)70021203.0 [Cert]
1848VU2GUR2012VUSO QRP ALL68418185.2 [Cert]
1849UR5EDO1999URSO QRP ALL6801717  
1850IZ4BKK2014ISO QRP ALL66519191.9 [Cert]
1851YB0ANN2016YBSO QRP ALL64620171.1 [Cert]
1852OM3CUG2015OMSO QRP ALL63015144.9 [Cert]
1853EA3GYE2016EASO QRP ALL62416163.2 [Cert]
1854HS2JFW2007HSSO QRP ALL (T)61617143.7  
1855YL8M2014YLSO QRP ALL61219180.6 [Cert]
1856BD9ATY2015BYSO QRP ALL (T)60819163.9 [Cert]
1857DL3JRA2000DLSO QRP ALL6002020  
1858DH0JAE2008DLSO QRP ALL58020204.1 [Cert]
1859SP6PLH2017SPSO QRP ALL57620183.5 [Cert]
1860UA1CAK2006UA-1SO QRP ALL57020153.3  
1861W1CEK2005W1SO QRP ALL57017151.0  
1862KA7PLE2008W7SO QRP ALL56023205.9 [Cert]
1863OK1JOC2007OKSO QRP ALL540161525.8  
1864UA3TW2012UA-3SO QRP ALL53220190.9 [Cert]
1865N8ET1994W8SO QRP ALL5041414  
1866M1K2016GSO QRP ALL50021201.1M1KTA[Cert]
1867EA3GYE2012EASO QRP ALL49516154.3 [Cert]
1868US2YW2000URSO QRP ALL4951515  
1869YO3BDP1988YOSO QRP ALL4952315  
1870UB5AAQ1982URSO QRP ALL4931917  
1871KD2FJQ2015W2SO QRP ALL (R)48113132.5 [Cert]
1872VA3RKM2013VE3SO QRP ALL48113130.7 [Cert]
1873UT4UFZ2014URSO QRP ALL (R)46818135.0 [Cert]
1874AF4KL2006W4SO QRP ALL46416163.1  
1875UR5EAW2001URSO QRP ALL46213112.2  
1876W7PW2004W7SO QRP ALL44218171.9  
1877F5NYK1997FSO QRP ALL4351615  
1878UN7FZ2005UNSO QRP ALL42014140.8UN7FZ 
1879UR2HB1985ESSO QRP ALL4201714  
1880DJ0MY2016DLSO QRP ALL40814121.1 [Cert]
1881IW0GTA/52014ISO QRP ALL39618181.8  
1882M1KTA2013GSO QRP ALL39117171.2 [Cert]
1883W1MJ2016W1SO QRP ALL39015151.6 [Cert]
1884UT4UYF2015URSO QRP ALL38412122.2 [Cert]
1885DL1JB2006DLSO QRP ALL38417161.1  
1886G6CSY2014GSO QRP ALL (T)37417171.1 [Cert]
1887K9GY2009W9SO QRP ALL36413131.3 [Cert]
1888OE1SBA1979OESO QRP ALL3641414  
1889DL9NDV2007DLSO QRP ALL350141425.0  
1890LA5QC1980LASO QRP ALL3481816  
1891N1JEO2016W1SO QRP ALL33813132.3 [Cert]
1892F6BZG2012FSO QRP ALL33613121.1 [Cert]
1893KG7WZ2013W7SO QRP ALL33015150.8 [Cert]
1894OK1DMP2001OKSO QRP ALL3069925.3  
1895IV3SGJ2010ISO QRP ALL30012122.0 [Cert]
18967K1CFN1994JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
1897JO1MCC1989JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
18987L1AVS2014JA1SO QRP ALL29914131.8 [Cert]
18994F9AM2016DUSO QRP ALL29713110.1 [Cert]
1900SP3BES2016SPSO QRP ALL28813121.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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