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1801W8JMF2011W8SO HP 80M (T)4,142383814.7 
1802JA5FBZ1990JA5SO HP 80M4,0803530  
1803JE2OTM2011JA2SO HP 80M4,03131295.3 
1804K8JK1980W8SO HP 80M3,9564543  
1805EU6NN2006EUSO HP 80M3,936444126.9  
1806Y23LE1982DMSO HP 80M3,9365647  
1807UA0SBO1977RA0SO HP 80M3,9165422  
1808UL7CT1977UNSO HP 80M3,8723822  
1809Y25PE1987DMSO HP 80M3,8705043  
1810DK4FP1976DLSO HP 80M3,7806245  
1811WB8AYC1976W8SO HP 80M3,7507975  
1812OH1BOI2002OHSO HP 80M3,731464126.0  
1813WB7COH1977W7SO HP 80M3,6907545  
1814JI3BFC2009JA3SO HP 80M (T)3,68036328.8 
1815YO5CVE1983YOSO HP 80M3,6806040  
1816WV6N2017W4SO HP 80M (T)3,67235343.1  
1817UW6NU1975UA-6SO HP 80M3,6585431  
1818YO8BNN1982YOSO HP 80M3,6007525  
1819KG9Z/82009W8SO HP 80M3,57254473.1 
1820LZ110RF2013LZSO HP 80M3,51042390.4LZ1YE
1821UB5UWB1979URSO HP 80M3,4984933  
1822LU2DVI2013LUSO HP 80M3,45131296.3 
1823OK1AIJ1979OKOMSO HP 80M3,4324839  
1824YO2CRW1984YOSO HP 80M3,4005034  
1825W8UVZ1982W8SO HP 80M3,2948361  
1826VE1AIH1976VE1SO HP 80M3,2642534  
1827LA2YT1985LASO HP 80M3,2564437  
1828UR2RDI1975ESSO HP 80M3,2245031  
1829YO2LIM1993YOSO HP 80M3,2166824  
1830YU7WW2017YUSO HP 80M3,19839390.9 
1831SP9IWO1985SPSO HP 80M3,1924538  
1832OK1MIZ1979OKOMSO HP 80M3,1825134  
1833UQ2GDQ1975YLSO HP 80M3,1325627  
1834KH6QJ2017KH6SO HP 80M (T)3,12825236.2 
1835SP1CGP1985SPSO HP 80M3,0964336  
1836OK1MNV1982OKOMSO HP 80M3,0964636  
1837LU2DVI2014LUSO HP 80M3,09031304.2 
1838OK1DIT1976OKOMSO HP 80M3,0727146  
1839OK2BBS1977OKOMSO HP 80M3,0604534  
1840DM2CON1977DMSO HP 80M3,0424236  
1841WB1EAZ1989W1SO HP 80M3,0404440  
1842SP7FBQ1975SPSO HP 80M3,0385831  
1843DM4YXD1976DMSO HP 80M3,0244836  
1844UO5GR1981ERSO HP 80M3,0084032  
1845OK2BRV1981OKOMSO HP 80M2,9524436  
1846DH0FAV1986DLSO HP 80M2,9404735  
1847GM5AXY1977GMSO HP 80M2,9404435  
1848CE6SAX2013CESO HP 80M2,90027253.6 
1849AH7C2007KH6SO HP 80M2,898232125.3  
1850YO8CMB1983YOSO HP 80M2,8523331  
1851DM2CJF1976DMSO HP 80M2,8385033  
1852JA2DLM1992JA2SO HP 80M2,8062523  
1853WA4DRU1977W4SO HP 80M2,7885441  
1854YO9BVG1986YOSO HP 80M2,7745438  
1855JA2DLM1996JA2SO HP 80M2,7142423  
1856RA9SAS2007RA9SO HP 80M2,640232227.0  
1857SP1EIC1975SPSO HP 80M2,6404833  
1858UA4CK1977UA-4SO HP 80M2,6004225  
1859WD4GCE1980W4SO HP 80M2,5926454  
1860DM3XPE1978DMSO HP 80M2,5844034  
1861AA1K/32010W3SO HP 80M2,52040360.9 
1862EA6RZ1984EA6SO HP 80M2,5163634  
1863Y24CE1980DMSO HP 80M2,5164034  
1864DM3WPL1977DMSO HP 80M2,5164034  
1865Y23RB1981DMSO HP 80M2,5084033  
1866ZY5XFR1982PYSO HP 80M2,4962624  
1867UC2RZ1975EUSO HP 80M2,4385623  
1868JA2DLM1999JA2SO HP 80M2,4363028  
1869UP2OQ1984LYSO HP 80M2,4003630  
1870AC8BI1976W8SO HP 80M2,3945663WB8IAY 
1871RA6CZ2007UA-6SO HP 80M2,387313124.9  
1872KL7DVE1975KLSO HP 80M2,3682916  
1873OZ6IC1979OZSO HP 80M2,3403930  
1874JA2AAQ1975JA2SO HP 80M2,3043018  
1875Y23DH1980DMSO HP 80M2,2604035  
1876UK5ECV1975URSO HP 80M2,2364326  
1877OK1MNV1984OKOMSO HP 80M2,2203830  
1878OK1ARH1976OKOMSO HP 80M2,2203730  
1879JH4UYB2001JA4SO HP 80M2,20022221.2  
1880YO2CBF1983YOSO HP 80M2,1783433  
1881KG9Z/82014W8SO HP 80M (T)2,16029273.8 
1882EA3ELM1988EASO HP 80M2,1123532  
1883Y48VH1988DMSO HP 80M2,1084231  
1884EA5CXL1986EASO HP 80M2,1003330  
1885YO6BTY1983YOSO HP 80M2,1004030  
1886OK2BBQ1983OKOMSO HP 80M2,0883729  
1887PY2TTV1981PYSO HP 80M2,0582221  
1888DM2FJM1979DMSO HP 80M2,0163328  
1889YO4ATW1977YOSO HP 80M2,0163628  
1890LA8CJ1975LASO HP 80M1,9503725  
1891KH6QJ2012KH6SO HP 80M (T)1,938191719.3 
1892NZ4B1983W4SO HP 80M1,9385651  
1893OK1MIZ1978OKOMSO HP 80M1,9143529  
1894YO2CBF1982YOSO HP 80M1,9115013  
1895YO6BTY1981YOSO HP 80M1,8903527  
1896AA4NC1978W4SO HP 80M1,8563629  
1897PY3OC1992PYSO HP 80M1,8042322  
1898UB5EEP1984URSO HP 80M1,8003625  
1899YO2CNY1981YOSO HP 80M1,7923428  
1900NN6DX2017W6SO HP 80M1,76430281.1W1PR

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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