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1701KC2KZJ2008SO LP ALL3,36635339.5 [Cert]
1702N2DYT2013SO QRP ALL3,31545396.5 [Cert]
1703KC2UCJ2009SO LP ALL (R)3,26844434.4 [Cert]
1704NN2W2010SA LP ALL3,25538352.9N2VAW[Cert]
1705W2FGY1992SO HP ALL3,2343633  
1706KC2TYZ2009SO LP 20M (R)3,22547438.8 [Cert]
1707KR2AA2011SO QRP 20M3,19634342.3 [Cert]
1708KV2X2010SO HP ALL3,12040391.9 [Cert]
1709N2NFU2007SO LP ALL3,11650417.3 [Cert]
1710KF2ZO1996SO LP ALL3,1087442  
1711AA2NA2008SO HP 15M3,09436343.5 [Cert]
1712K3BU/22008SO LP 160M (T)3,06053363.0 [Cert]
1713KC2EXL2001SO LP ALL (R)3,0603636  
1714WA2CLP2011SO LP ALL2,94435322.5 [Cert]
1715KF2O1998SA HP ALL2,8833131  
1716WA2TJF1978SO HP ALL2,8503430  
1717KC2OSR2011SO LP 15M2,74741413.1 [Cert]
1718N2RHL2011SO LP 15M2,66035354.4 [Cert]
1719KA2BXH2005SO HP ALL2,64031301.9  
1720W2JAT2013SO LP ALL2,62738373.0 [Cert]
1721N4NYY/22010SO LP ALL2,60733334.8 [Cert]
1722KF2YX1996SO LP ALL2,6044542  
1723N2MBM1997SO LP 20M2,5804343  
1724KC2RKU2009SO LP 160M (R)2,556453611.8 [Cert]
1725KC2JKU2013SA LP ALL2,54135336.2 [Cert]
1726K2DL1998SO LP ALL2,5283832  
1727KA2FHN2007SO LP ALL2,4823734 [Cert]
1728KC2VUP2010SO LP ALL (R)2,47939373.6 [Cert]
1729AB2NM2004SO LP 10M2,4423733  
1730W2EZ1996SO HP ALL2,4004240  
1731N2TAW1994SO LP 15M2,3683332  
1732KF2O2009SA HP ALL2,35224243.5 [Cert]
1733KC2QJB2008SO LP ALL2,31036338.3 [Cert]
1734KC2JRQ2011SO LP ALL2,29431313.5 [Cert]
1735KG2AF2009SO LP 20M2,26245398.1 [Cert]
1736WA3AFS/22010SA HP ALL2,25030302.7 [Cert]
1737W2JEK2011SO QRP ALL2,22037305.7 [Cert]
1738AB2CST1976SO HP 10M2,2094047  
1739N2PSL1995SO LP ALL2,2053635  
1740K2BQO1977SO HP 160M2,1847842  
1741N2KYP1991SO HP ALL2,1763232  
1742AB2LOF1976SO HP ALL2,0703446  
1743KA2BXH2011SO HP 15M (T)2,05227271.2 [Cert]
1744N2RS1983SO HP ALL2,0503125  
1745WB2DIN1985SO HP ALL2,0483232  
1746WB2DND1985SO HP ALL2,048130112  
1747NA2P2006SO HP ALL (T)1,92026244.1  
1748W2EZ1993SO LP 20M1,9172727  
1749W2GFF1981SO HP ALL1,9002925  
1750WB2DVU1987SO HP ALL1,8902927  
1751AA2AUB1976SO HP ALL1,8903545  
1752W2QAC2011SO LP ALL1,89030302.6 [Cert]
1753WB2OQQ1998SO LP ALL1,8624038  
1754W2MNK1977SO HP ALL1,8482824  
1755AD2J1980SO HP 20M1,8363227  
1756WA0KIR1996SO LP ALL1,8023834  
1757WF2B2005SA HP ALL1,792292826.2  
1758KA2RVO1984SO HP 15M1,7853635  
1759N2TEW2008SO LP ALL1,77033303.6 [Cert]
1760W2NC1983SO HP ALL1,7432621  
1761WA2AOG2008SO HP 160M1,71629262.4 [Cert]
1762AC2KDI1976SO HP 10M1,7154349  
1763N2ZUL2009SO LP ALL1,71131293.7 [Cert]
1764W2VU1997SO HP ALL1,6833733  
1765K2HPV1980SO HP 20M1,6802928  
17664U1WB/22013SO HP ALL (T)1,68029280.6AJ3M[Cert]
1767KA2WLH1985SO HP 20M1,6763232  
1768K2JF2012SO LP ALL1,65228282.6 [Cert]
1769W2GKZ1977SO HP 20M1,6252525  
1770KD2MU2008SO LP 20M1,60824241.1 [Cert]
1771KC2KZJ2013SO HP ALL1,58424224.0 [Cert]
1772WB2CKQ1993SO HP ALL1,5373029  
1773AD2BQO1976SO HP 160M1,5366064  
1774KC2FYJ2004SO LP 20M1,500333029.6  
1775W2UL1982SO HP 15M1,4912421  
1776W2XQ1980SO HP 160M1,4766541  
1777WB2MCB1980SO HP ALL1,4642524  
1778W2JAT2008SO LP ALL1,41031303.5 [Cert]
1779W2UL1981SO HP 15M1,4082322  
1780NP3D/22011SA LP ALL1,35016150.6 [Cert]
1781W2CJX1979SO HP ALL1,3503325  
1782N2AET2010SO LP 80M (T)1,34425243.1 [Cert]
1783W2DW1982SO QRP ALL1,3442624  
1784WB2PXA1978SO HP ALL1,2962524  
1785WB2AIV2009SO LP 15M1,29629272.2 [Cert]
1786W2FGY1994SO LP 40M1,2921919  
17879K2HN/W21998SO HP 15M1,2095039  
1788K2XA2009SO HP ALL1,20026250.6 [Cert]
1789KC2JRQ2010SO LP 15M1,20024241.5 [Cert]
1790W2JEK1989SO QRP ALL1,1972321  
1791WD2AEZ1983SO HP 15M1,1962926  
1792KE2N1987SO HP 10M1,1132421  
1793KA2GSL1997SO LP 20M1,1002015  
1794WB2TLD1975SO HP 10M1,0583123  
1795KD2CFH2013SA LP ALL (R)1,05021211.3 [Cert]
1796KC2HTP2004SO LP 15M1,05021215.2  
1797K2CY2000SO QRP ALL1,0352323  
1798K2JF2011SO LP ALL1,01224231.7 [Cert]
1799W2FG2013SO LP ALL1,00820181.4  
1800K2AMP2010SO LP ALL99022223.9 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category
Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.