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1701KA2ENE2013SO LP ALL16,32092807.6 [Cert]
1702KC2PVM2011SO HP ALL16,31888826.0 [Cert]
1703N2RQ2013SA LP ALL16,18878715.6 [Cert]
1704N2NGW2008MULTI-ONE HP16,104105885.2AI2I N2TEW[Cert]
1705WA2ALY2014SO LP 10M16,080818012.0 [Cert]
1706K2GI1975SO HP 20M16,0468771  
1707AB2ZGI1976SO HP 15M16,00810592  
1708K2TD1993SO LP ALL15,9849174  
1709KP6BE/W21977SO HP 80M15,90018950  
1710N2GXJ2012SO LP ALL (T)15,87686819.6 [Cert]
1711N2SLO2013SO LP 10M15,801916916.7 [Cert]
1712W2MB1975SO HP ALL15,7809460  
1713KD2ARU2014SO LP ALL (R)15,75076756.9 [Cert]
1714W2VU2004SO LP ALL15,695917327.1  
1715WB2DZH2006SO LP ALL (T)15,400997716.9  
1716WA2CG2010SO LP ALL (R)15,32689796.4 [Cert]
1717WB2JFP1995SO LP ALL15,13610388  
1718KC2X1984SO HP 10M15,12010084  
1719W2AOY1993SO LP ALL14,9808170  
1720KA2ASU2000SO LP 10M14,8008780  
1721W2RR2008SO HP 15M14,78477777.7 [Cert]
1722K2ONP1992SO HP 80M14,77411483  
1723WB2AIO1978SO HP 10M14,7448776  
1724KC2KTZ2005SO LP ALL (R)14,74483769.5  
1725KD2ARU2015SO LP ALL14,72682744.5 [Cert]
1726N2YBB2008SA HP ALL14,69773713.7 [Cert]
1727WB2OQQ2008SO LP ALL14,67380735.8 [Cert]
1728W2AW2007SO LP 15M14,61680722.8N2GM[Cert]
1729KR1CKM/22013SA LP ALL (R)14,58085815.4 [Cert]
1730W2SR2005SA LP ALL (T)14,578797430.5  
1731K2RF1981SO QRP ALL14,5789174  
1732W2LP2008SO LP ALL14,55591717.6 [Cert]
1733NW2K2016SO LP ALL (T)14,45793793.2 [Cert]
1734W2TF2012SO LP 10M14,34882684.6 [Cert]
1735WV2ZOW2013SA LP ALL (T)14,33681645.3 [Cert]
1736WB7OCV/22008SO QRP 40M14,308807314.1 [Cert]
1737KB2NGK2012SA LP 15M14,16275735.0 [Cert]
1738K2SI2013SA LP ALL14,14479682.7 [Cert]
1739KC2LST2009SA LP ALL14,118897811.5 [Cert]
1740KC2WLO2011SO LP ALL13,86070634.5 [Cert]
1741N2AZS1988SO HP 10M13,7608880  
1742KG2MV2001SO LP ALL13,73579674.1  
1743KJ2P2012SO HP ALL13,70376714.8 [Cert]
1744K2HVE2009SO LP 20M13,659998710.1 [Cert]
1745W2FXA1995SO HP ALL13,5307166  
1746W2AOY1990SO HP ALL13,3257165  
1747KA2FHN2008SO LP ALL13,172967412.9 [Cert]
1748W2JEK2003SO QRP ALL13,124906836.0  
1749N2CK2005SO LP ALL (T)13,05674683.4  
1750WB2BTJ1996SO LP 20M13,0417063  
1751K2TD1981SO HP ALL13,004257172  
1752W3EH/22015SO LP 10M12,99275648.6 [Cert]
1753N1IBM/22014SA HP ALL (T)12,95863623.3 [Cert]
1754N2MBM1992SO LP 10M12,9019797  
1755KC2KZJ2012SO HP ALL12,871666113.3 [Cert]
1756N2WKS2009SA HP ALL12,86477672.6 [Cert]
1757N2WK1990SO HP 80M12,6886461  
1758WV2B1990SO HP ALL12,6728372  
1759WV2ZOW1986SO HP ALL12,5288972  
1760KB2KRB1991SO HP 10M12,4507575  
1761KF2MR2014SO LP 20M12,42571715.6 [Cert]
1762KD2GUD2016SO LP ALL (R)12,34273665.9 [Cert]
1763N2JTW1990SO HP ALL12,2827769  
1764N2FF1996SA HP ALL12,2006961  
1765KD2MX2007SO LP ALL12,08988773.5 [Cert]
1766WB2PXA1985SO HP 20M12,0008780  
1767WB2AIV1999SO LP ALL11,8449884  
1768WA2VUN2014SO LP 10M11,84065641.6 [Cert]
1769WA2IAU2004SO LP ALL11,82063604.0  
1770N2WRD2004SO LP ALL (T)11,78682715.2  
1771WA3AFS/22007SA HP ALL11,71884637.3 [Cert]
1772KD2GXL2016SO LP ALL (R)11,71869637.3 [Cert]
1773W2FUN2016SO LP ALL (T)11,62872686.4 [Cert]
1774K2SI2016SA LP ALL11,58468643.0 [Cert]
1775W2FGY1995SO LP 40M11,5265251  
1776N2NFU2012SO LP ALL11,50568655.3 [Cert]
1777WV2HJK1995SO HP ALL11,19310191  
1778WB7OCV/22007SO QRP 20M11,1697773 [Cert]
1779K3BU/22005SO QRP 160M11,115103658.0  
1780AC2EV2014SA LP ALL11,07679716.9 [Cert]
1781KC2ZGI2011SO LP 15M10,91964619.1 [Cert]
1782KB2WZT2016SA LP ALL (R)10,91561593.1 [Cert]
1783N3LZG/22011SO LP ALL10,86371715.8 [Cert]
1784KC2PDO2016SO LP ALL10,792737111.7 [Cert]
1785KD2BXD2013SO LP ALL (R)10,790676512.8 [Cert]
1786NY5C/22000SO LP 10M10,7407060  
1787AA2MF2010SA LP ALL10,66081652.8 [Cert]
1788W2DAU1980SO HP 15M10,6596857  
1789W2ANQ2007SO LP ALL (R)10,6568172 [Cert]
1790AC2HBT1976SO HP 15M10,6507571  
1791W2HIY2010SO LP ALL10,640777016.2 [Cert]
1792W3EH/22016SO LP 15M10,36867648.9 [Cert]
1793WB7OCV/22001SO QRP 20M10,3367468  
1794KC2WUF2013SO LP ALL10,325775912.4 [Cert]
1795WB7OCV/22006SO QRP 20M10,2907270  
1796N2SY2006SO HP ALL10,23070663.1  
1797K2BQ1982SO HP 160M10,19222898  
1798KB2GCG1990SO HP 10M10,0506056  
1799N2NYR2000SO LP ALL10,0327066  
1800KB2NGK2011SA LP 15M9,91259594.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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