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1701KB2KRB1991SO HP 10M12,4507575  
1702KF2MR2014SO LP 20M12,42571715.6 [Cert]
1703N2JTW1990SO HP ALL12,2827769  
1704N2FF1996SA HP ALL12,2006961  
1705KD2MX2007SO LP ALL12,08988773.5 [Cert]
1706WB2PXA1985SO HP 20M12,0008780  
1707WB2AIV1999SO LP ALL11,8449884  
1708WA2VUN2014SO LP 10M11,84065641.6 [Cert]
1709WA2IAU2004SO LP ALL11,82063604.0  
1710N2WRD2004SO LP ALL (T)11,78682715.2  
1711WA3AFS/22007SA HP ALL11,71884637.3 [Cert]
1712W2FGY1995SO LP 40M11,5265251  
1713N2NFU2012SO LP ALL11,50568655.3 [Cert]
1714WV2HJK1995SO HP ALL11,19310191  
1715WB7OCV/22007SO QRP 20M11,1697773 [Cert]
1716K3BU/22005SO QRP 160M11,115103658.0  
1717AC2EV2014SA LP ALL11,07679716.9 [Cert]
1718KC2ZGI2011SO LP 15M10,91964619.1 [Cert]
1719N3LZG/22011SO LP ALL10,86371715.8 [Cert]
1720KD2BXD2013SO LP ALL (R)10,790676512.8 [Cert]
1721NY5C/22000SO LP 10M10,7407060  
1722AA2MF2010SA LP ALL10,66081652.8 [Cert]
1723W2DAU1980SO HP 15M10,6596857  
1724W2ANQ2007SO LP ALL (R)10,6568172 [Cert]
1725AC2HBT1976SO HP 15M10,6507571  
1726W2HIY2010SO LP ALL10,640777016.2 [Cert]
1727WB7OCV/22001SO QRP 20M10,3367468  
1728KC2WUF2013SO LP ALL10,325775912.4 [Cert]
1729WB7OCV/22006SO QRP 20M10,2907270  
1730N2SY2006SO HP ALL10,23070663.1  
1731K2BQ1982SO HP 160M10,19222898  
1732KB2GCG1990SO HP 10M10,0506056  
1733N2NYR2000SO LP ALL10,0327066  
1734KB2NGK2011SA LP 15M9,91259594.7 [Cert]
1735W2LP2009SO LP 80M9,89186636.5 [Cert]
1736WA2IAU2001SO LP ALL9,860665830.4  
1737N2JJ2012SO LP ALL (T)9,79267643.7 [Cert]
1738K2XA2011SO HP 10M9,74467582.0 [Cert]
1739K2HVE2008SO LP 20M9,728867610.1 [Cert]
1740KB2HSH2014SO QRP 10M9,69967617.2 [Cert]
1741KG2BI1997SO LP ALL9,6529076  
1742AB2IO2013SA LP ALL9,61759591.8 [Cert]
1743WA2ZWH1979SO QRP 10M9,6008264  
1744N6MWX/22010SA LP ALL9,52076684.9 [Cert]
1745NA2Q1987SO HP ALL9,476123116  
1746AB2IO2011SO LP ALL (T)9,45473584.0 [Cert]
1747WB2BXO2003SA LP 15M (T)9,43872664.9  
1748WB2TPS2014SA HP ALL9,40857564.6 [Cert]
1749AA2DS2011SO LP 15M9,23457574.3 [Cert]
1750WA2KIR1980SO HP 10M9,2116761  
1751KE2C1984SO HP 160M9,20415378  
1752WB2ZEX2015SO LP ALL9,16463585.8  
1753WA2PAT1978SO HP 15M9,1506250  
1754N2EKL1984SO HP ALL9,0868477  
1755KC2SNW2010SO LP ALL (R)9,06064609.8 [Cert]
1756W2LP2013SO LP 40M9,01856543.0 [Cert]
1757W2OAE1991SO HP ALL9,0066057  
1758KT2D1985SO HP ALL8,9907058  
1759WB7OCV/22009SO QRP 20M8,976736817.2 [Cert]
1760W2VU2014SO LP ALL (T)8,96862593.3 [Cert]
1761WB1ERE/22006SO LP ALL (T)8,94673634.9  
1762KV2X2013SO LP ALL8,92864623.6 [Cert]
1763K2CYE2012SA HP ALL8,84055521.0 [Cert]
1764N2AIF1983SO HP ALL8,7125544  
1765KA2CDJ1981SO HP ALL8,6736659  
1766K2MN1979SO HP ALL8,5335853  
1767KF2E2015SA HP ALL8,51752513.3 [Cert]
1768KC2BMG1998SO LP ALL8,5097967  
1769K2OLG1987SO HP 10M8,4968659  
1770AB2ZI2009SO LP ALL8,45656563.6 [Cert]
1771N2LDU/T1994SO LP 10M8,2166252  
1772NI2P2000SO HP 20M (T)8,2085754  
1773KC2LYQ2008SO LP 20M8,17861584.1 [Cert]
1774W2SR2008SO LP ALL (T)8,06262584.4 [Cert]
1775AD2TM2011SO LP ALL8,05855515.9 [Cert]
1776K2HVE2010SO LP 20M8,052666111.0 [Cert]
1777WA2UDT1979SO HP ALL8,02310671  
1778KT2D1982SO HP ALL7,8656455  
1779N2OO1995SO LP ALL7,8545251  
1780KA3ZHM/22012SO LP 10M7,80058509.7 [Cert]
1781K2DV2011SO LP ALL (T)7,72258544.1 [Cert]
1782W2HCB2010SO LP ALL7,69560576.8 [Cert]
1783W3JK/22009SO HP 20M7,64452526.5 [Cert]
1784K2MN1978SO HP 15M7,6325648  
1785WA3AFS/22013SA HP ALL7,59047467.8 [Cert]
1786N2ALE1993SO LP 15M7,5608472  
1787WB2SXY2008SO LP ALL7,54070656.7 [Cert]
1788WV2ZOW1980SO HP ALL7,5246957  
1789WN2IHJ2014SO LP 10M7,506565410.5  
1790WB7OCV/22005SO QRP 15M7,4825958  
1791N2PQJ2013SO LP ALL7,42459583.4 [Cert]
1792W2JEK2008SO QRP ALL7,39274568.3 [Cert]
1793W2JEK2004SO QRP ALL7,3677153  
1794W2JEK2006SO QRP ALL7,2606660  
1795K2PAL2011SO LP 15M7,20854534.2 [Cert]
1796NP3JG/W22008SO LP 20M7,20559556.5 [Cert]
1797K2NV2006SO HP ALL7,17650462.1  
1798K2HAT2014SA HP 10M7,155545323.1 [Cert]
1799N2SLO2011SO LP 10M7,15561535.3 [Cert]
1800KC2OVM2011SO LP ALL7,06549454.1 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category
Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.