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1701KC2MBN2010W2SO LP 20M (T)20,7581029716.8 [Cert]
1702WB2LOF1975W2SO HP 20M20,64810789  
1703WA2LJM1975W2SO HP ALL20,6409580  
1704AC2EV2015W2SA LP ALL20,60895928.6 [Cert]
1705WA2BKN2003W2SO LP ALL20,540996536.0  
1706KG2HS1997W2SO LP ALL20,46110079  
1707KA2RLW1984W2SO HP ALL20,458135106  
1708K2ONP1997W2SO HP 80M20,4128981  
1709K2CYE2011W2SA LP ALL20,33688823.6 [Cert]
1710KD2NE2006W2SO HP ALL20,2931069130.2  
1711W2KZE1988W2SO HP 10M20,28611198  
1712W2CWA2003W2SO LP ALL20,240121888.0  
1713KS2G1982W2SO HP 15M20,17611297  
1714KB2KOL2015W2SO HP ALL20,09792874.2 [Cert]
1715KC2OSR2017W2SO LP ALL20,090102989.2 [Cert]
1716KC2MBV2016W2SO LP ALL20,090107827.7 [Cert]
1717KD2DWD2015W2SO HP ALL (R)20,00788814.4 [Cert]
1718KA2VYW1986W2SO HP ALL19,9449172  
1719W2AW2017W2SO LP 15M19,92398878.2N2GM[Cert]
1720W2RR2010W2SO HP 10M19,90896799.3WA2AOG[Cert]
1721W2BVH2004W2SO QRP ALL19,8341179411.7  
1722N2MTG2000W2SO LP ALL19,80910693  
1723W2BSN2014W2SA HP ALL19,80085757.7 [Cert]
1724WA2ASQ1986W2SO HP 20M19,74711291  
1725N2LQQ1996W2SO LP ALL19,68810192  
1726W2MRD2011W2SO LP ALL (T)19,66290879.2 [Cert]
1727N2AMW2013W2SO HP 20M19,62496889.2 [Cert]
1728W2DW1983W2SO HP ALL19,60011598  
1729K2YR2008W2SA HP ALL19,57594872.2 [Cert]
1730KX1W/22016W2SO LP ALL19,53290763.9 [Cert]
1731WA2VUN2013W2SA HP 10M19,52198815.6 [Cert]
1732W2VU2009W2SO LP ALL19,505106835.6 [Cert]
1733AA2LIM1976W2SO HP ALL19,314122111  
1734KF2O1999W2SA HP ALL19,1738683  
1735KC2PDO2014W2SO LP ALL19,116868114.2 [Cert]
1736KB2DE2007W2SO HP ALL19,09299867.3  
1737KC2MBV2013W2SO LP ALL19,0461068914.1 [Cert]
1738KU2C2013W2SA LP ALL19,00796835.4 [Cert]
1739KC2ZPK2012W2SO HP ALL (R)18,87998877.3 [Cert]
1740WA2ZFW1979W2SO HP ALL18,8709785  
1741WF2B2008W2SA HP ALL18,83297885.5 [Cert]
1742K2QF1983W2SO HP ALL18,7728676  
1743N2JNZ2003W2SO QRP 10M18,700105858.0  
1744KD2UJ1995W2SO LP ALL18,6759083  
1745N2NGW2010W2MULTI-ONE HP18,67373713.4N2NGW AI2I N2TEW[Cert]
1746WF2W1993W2SO HP ALL18,560217116  
1747K2TZY2015W2SA LP 40M18,55070704.6 [Cert]
1748KT2D1983W2SO HP ALL18,52712397  
1749WB2ZGI1975W2SO HP 15M18,42610574  
1750W2UDT2017W2SO HP ALL18,27098904.8 [Cert]
1751KS2I1990W2SO HP ALL18,2409896  
1752KC2VAE2015W2SO LP ALL18,160888012.3 [Cert]
1753N2QIP1995W2SO LP ALL18,14510095  
1754W2HCB2014W2SO LP ALL18,14486815.6 [Cert]
1755WB2DND1986W2SO HP 15M18,1308670  
1756N2BSA1984W2SO HP ALL18,1229382  
1757K2TV2017W2SO LP 20M18,04085824.8 [Cert]
1758W2KXD2006W2SO HP ALL18,01880778.9  
1759WA2ACV2014W2SO LP ALL18,01189836.6 [Cert]
1760NJ1F2017W2SA LP ALL17,910109903.5 [Cert]
1761W2FGY1996W2SO LP 40M17,8645858  
1762WB7OCV/22004W2SO QRP 15M17,75610192  
1763K2WB1997W2SO LP ALL (T)17,7489987  
1764KA2BSK2016W2SA LP ALL17,64081705.6 [Cert]
1765WB2ZEX2011W2SO LP ALL17,63288769.6 [Cert]
1766WB2SXY2004W2SO LP ALL17,600118889.9  
1767N2LQQ1997W2SO LP ALL17,44411998  
1768K2HVE2007W2SO LP 20M17,31395879.0  
1769N2CQ2012W2SA LP ALL (T)16,99995895.0 [Cert]
1770KY2P1986W2SO HP ALL16,867101101  
1771W2XQ1981W2SO HP 40M16,83014799  
1772WA2JTX2008W2SO LP ALL16,66079709.5 [Cert]
1773KN2T1997W2SO HP 160M16,6508575  
1774KD2DOE2014W2SO LP ALL (R)16,64482765.4 [Cert]
1775W2TF2013W2SO LP 10M16,614927110.1 [Cert]
1776K2DL1997W2SO LP ALL16,46410184  
1777KA2ENE2013W2SO LP ALL16,32092807.6 [Cert]
1778KC2PVM2011W2SO HP ALL16,31888826.0 [Cert]
1779N2RQ2013W2SA LP ALL16,18878715.6 [Cert]
1780N2NGW2008W2MULTI-ONE HP16,104105885.2AI2I N2TEW[Cert]
1781WA2ALY2014W2SO LP 10M16,080818012.0 [Cert]
1782K2GI1975W2SO HP 20M16,0468771  
1783AB2ZGI1976W2SO HP 15M16,00810592  
1784K2TD1993W2SO LP ALL15,9849174  
1785KP6BE/W21977W2SO HP 80M15,90018950  
1786N2GXJ2012W2SO LP ALL (T)15,87686819.6 [Cert]
1787N2SLO2013W2SO LP 10M15,801916916.7 [Cert]
1788W2MB1975W2SO HP ALL15,7809460  
1789KD2ARU2014W2SO LP ALL (R)15,75076756.9 [Cert]
1790W2VU2004W2SO LP ALL15,695917327.1  
1791WB2DZH2006W2SO LP ALL (T)15,400997716.9  
1792KG2DWS2017W2SO LP ALL (R)15,3991008717.3 [Cert]
1793WA2CG2010W2SO LP ALL (R)15,32689796.4 [Cert]
1794WB2JFP1995W2SO LP ALL15,13610388  
1795KA2D2017W2SA LP ALL (T)15,12374711.8 [Cert]
1796KC2X1984W2SO HP 10M15,12010084  
1797W2AOY1993W2SO LP ALL14,9808170  
1798KA2ASU2000W2SO LP 10M14,8008780  
1799W2RR2008W2SO HP 15M14,78477777.7 [Cert]
1800K2ONP1992W2SO HP 80M14,77411483  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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