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1701OK2BBQ1989OKOMSO QRP ALL2,4005048  
1702NI3C2014W3SO QRP ALL (T)2,35229283.2 [Cert]
1703SM0GKF1980SMSO QRP ALL2,3403830  
1704DL1STV2013DLSO QRP ALL2,31839384.0 [Cert]
1705G8NVX/P2016GSO QRP ALL2,30051463.7 [Cert]
1706DF9FW2014DLSO QRP ALL2,30050466.2 [Cert]
1707JE7DOT1996JA7SO QRP ALL2,2773533  
1708DF7LS2013DLSO QRP ALL2,27535352.9 [Cert]
1709PA9RZ2009PASO QRP ALL (T)2,27232324.9 [Cert]
1710W6ISO2008W6SO QRP ALL2,24031283.5 [Cert]
1711HL1ZIX2017HLSO QRP ALL (R)2,23335295.2 [Cert]
1712W2JEK2011W2SO QRP ALL2,22037305.7 [Cert]
1713N1SZ/02004W0SO QRP ALL2,20539352.7  
1714EC1ABR2013EASO QRP ALL2,20132313.9 [Cert]
1715WD9IAB1995W9SO QRP ALL2,1934543  
1716W2JEK2015W2SO QRP ALL2,16028271.7 [Cert]
1717AF9J2016W9SO QRP ALL2,14640375.2 [Cert]
1718RK9DO2006RA9SO QRP ALL2,13924234.7RV9CLF 
1719KA1LMR2008W1SO QRP ALL2,12828281.9 [Cert]
1720DL1DQY1998DLSO QRP ALL2,1083634  
1721UU9JQ2000URSO QRP ALL2,1064139  
1722VK6JIP/61989VKSO QRP ALL2,0792727  
1723IK3XTY2008ISO QRP ALL (T)2,06543354.6 [Cert]
1724JH3LCU/11985JA1SO QRP ALL2,0592929  
1725UA4WBQ1980UA-4SO QRP ALL2,0524336  
1726DL2YET2001DLSO QRP ALL2,0463231  
1727UU9JQ2002URSO QRP ALL2,03037352.6  
1728Y23TL1988DMSO QRP ALL2,0164032  
1729YU3MX2011YUSO QRP ALL1,98431312.5 [Cert]
1730PA0SMS1983PASO QRP ALL1,9444318  
1731VE3IGJ2004VE3SO QRP ALL1,92435264.5  
1732JP3OUG2017JA3SO QRP ALL (R)1,920343010.0 [Cert]
1733IU8DQQ2015ISO QRP ALL (R)1,90839363.9 [Cert]
1734W4WNT2004W4SO QRP ALL1,89034304.1  
1735IZ3NVR2009ISO QRP ALL1,85026252.6 [Cert]
1736KG7WZ2014W7SO QRP ALL1,83031301.9 [Cert]
1737AI9I2010W9SO QRP ALL1,83034302.6 [Cert]
1738JM1KLO2009JA1SO QRP ALL1,82436244.5 [Cert]
1739SP7SMF2016SPSO QRP ALL1,79829292.0 [Cert]
1740UC2AAX1981EUSO QRP ALL1,7923732  
1741UA3YFR2008UA-3SO QRP ALL1,76930291.3 [Cert]
1742YO4HHP2012YOSO QRP ALL1,76837343.4 [Cert]
1743WP4DT2016KP4SO QRP ALL1,74226261.1 [Cert]
1744W1CEK2013W1SO QRP ALL1,72829272.1 [Cert]
1745EA3GI2012EASO QRP ALL1,72827272.1 [Cert]
1746UU9JQ2012URSO QRP ALL1,72835322.1 [Cert]
1747DL2JRM1996DLSO QRP ALL1,7283332  
1748W3AG2004W3SO QRP ALL1,70828282.5  
1749KK7VL2017W7SO QRP ALL1,69636326.1 [Cert]
1750JM1KLO2011JA1SO QRP ALL1,68028244.7 [Cert]
1751OK1DMP2010OKSO QRP ALL1,68026246.7 [Cert]
1752VK2NU2006VKSO QRP ALL1,67923235.7  
1753GW0VSW2002GWSO QRP ALL (T)1,66427264.3  
1754YO2LAN2013YOSO QRP ALL1,65228281.8SANDY[Cert]
1755ES1WST2010ESSO QRP ALL1,65232285.9 [Cert]
1756JH3DMQ1999JA3SO QRP ALL1,6503815  
1757AF9J2009W9SO QRP ALL1,64537354.4 [Cert]
1758JE2HCJ2007JA2SO QRP ALL1,63330232.6  
1759K6RM/42012W4SO QRP ALL1,63224242.6 [Cert]
1760IK0XBX2007ISO QRP ALL (T)1,625252524.7  
1761AB3RW2016W3SO QRP ALL (R)1,62428282.7 [Cert]
1762KB1ZBU2013W1SO QRP ALL (R)1,62028274.2 [Cert]
1763BH1BSH2011BYSO QRP ALL1,61233318.1 [Cert]
1764N8AXA1994W8SO QRP ALL1,5906160  
1765IU2IGX2017ISO QRP ALL (R)1,56833324.1 [Cert]
1766KB6MIF2003W6SO QRP ALL1,539382725.9  
1767LB1JG2014LASO QRP ALL (R)1,53633324.1 [Cert]
1768HB0/DL1NX2016HB0SO QRP ALL (T)1,50828261.2 [Cert]
1769K6JWN2014W6SO QRP ALL1,50830293.2 [Cert]
1770YO6DBL1983YOSO QRP ALL1,5002925  
1771IU9A2007IT9SO QRP ALL1,49527234.5  
1772N8ET1996W8SO QRP ALL1,4952423  
1773Y23TL1990DMSO QRP ALL1,4883431  
1774PA1W2007PASO QRP ALL1,48536333.7  
1775WA7NSM1980W7SO QRP ALL1,4624234  
1776SP9RQH2015SPSO QRP ALL1,45028251.6 [Cert]
1777RU7A2015UA-6SO QRP ALL1,44024201.7  
1778KB1CKT2003W1SO QRP ALL1,42836340.5  
1779AA3CS2011W3SO QRP ALL1,42526252.8 [Cert]
1780EA3FHP2012EASO QRP ALL1,40430262.4 [Cert]
1781PA1B2014PASO QRP ALL1,40035356.2 [Cert]
1782YB0ANN2017YBSO QRP ALL1,357392310.5 [Cert]
1783DK9JC2016DLSO QRP ALL (R)1,35027274.8 [Cert]
1784IZ0MTF2010ISO QRP ALL1,35031301.9 [Cert]
1785BH1NGG2013BYSO QRP ALL (R)1,34429282.7 [Cert]
1786YO4AAC2000YOSO QRP ALL1,3442524  
1787W2DW1982W2SO QRP ALL1,3442624  
1788UT0FC2013URSO QRP ALL1,33434293.8 [Cert]
1789LW0D1994LUSO QRP ALL1,2955637LU7DW 
1790PA0ZAV2013PASO QRP ALL1,28828282.7 [Cert]
1791DD1OPI2011DLSO QRP ALL1,27427263.4 [Cert]
1792KT8K2017W8SO QRP ALL1,24229275.1  
1793KB5DRJ2009W5SO QRP ALL1,23035305.0 [Cert]
1794KT8TD/42015W4SO QRP ALL1,22526254.2 [Cert]
1795EA4CU2012EASO QRP ALL (T)1,22525252.5 [Cert]
1796W2JEK1989W2SO QRP ALL1,1972321  
1797E20NGF2017HSSO QRP ALL1,19628234.9 [Cert]
1798UA0SBQ2014RA0SO QRP ALL1,17621211.9 [Cert]
1799RK6AQM2012UA-6SO QRP ALL1,15025254.3 [Cert]
1800F1UIH2008FSO QRP ALL (T)1,13427274.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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