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1701IK2IKW2009ISO HP 40M1,79829291.7 
1702NA5B1997W5SO HP 40M1,7927856  
1703LX7X2013LXSO HP 40M1,73629283.4LX3PR
1704Z32KV1999Z3SO HP 40M1,6502725  
1705UT5OV1975URSO HP 40M1,5503125  
1706W8JXM1981W8SO HP 40M1,4961717  
1707PY2EYE2007PYSO HP 40M1,482201925.3  
1708K0BDU2016W0SO HP 40M1,47931295.0 
1709JA2ESR1995JA2SO HP 40M1,47077  
1710VE3NYT1989VE3SO HP 40M1,4441919  
1711JI1ALP2009JA1SO HP 40M1,39216161.1 
1712LA2GN1984LASO HP 40M1,3922924  
1713JA3CE1998JA3SO HP 40M1,3683519  
1714W8JMF2009W8SO HP 40M (T)1,35015151.8 
1715HI8EVA1976HISO HP 40M1,3441721  
1716LU7DW2012LUSO HP 40M1,23922211.1 
1717DJ0BX1993DLSO HP 40M1,2002525  
1718JA1GO1989JA1SO HP 40M1,2001615  
1719Y25JA/A1985DMSO HP 40M1,1962523  
1720KD4FMW2011W4SO HP 40M1,18416163.5 
1721W8IMZ1976W8SO HP 40M1,1522824  
1722LA2SAN1994LASO HP 40M1,1505023  
1723Y47VM/P1989DMSO HP 40M1,15025232  
1724HA5KLF1982HASO HP 40M1,1442522HA5TI 
1725KG8QT1996W8SO HP 40M1,1202016  
1726W4WWQ2016W4SO HP 40M1,10416160.6 
1727WA8RCN1982W8SO HP 40M1,1043024  
1728SP7LHX1990SPSO HP 40M1,0803015  
1729IK2MPR1997ISO HP 40M1,0664126  
1730Z35M2000Z3SO HP 40M1,0402020  
1731RR2RN1987ESSO HP 40M1,0241616  
1732JG1DQI1985JA1SO HP 40M1,0081614  
1733JA0GZ1997JA0SO HP 40M9861817  
1734WD5BZI1978W5SO HP 40M9862217  
1735LA5JX1985LASO HP 40M9802420  
1736TA7OBG2015TASO HP 40M (R)97515150.6 
1737JJ2PUG2013JA2SO HP 40M93614132.4 
1738RA0SK1989RA0SO HP 40M9241414  
1739OZ1APA1987OZSO HP 40M9242321  
1740DM5JBN1979DMSO HP 40M9202620  
1741Y26MH/A1985DMSO HP 40M8802020  
1742W1WY 1975W1SO HP 40M8742923  
1743LG5LG1979LASO HP 40M8701515  
1744JH0SGG1986JA0SO HP 40M8681414  
1745YO3JU1980YOSO HP 40M8362019  
1746G8JYV2013GSO HP 40M76019192.6 
1747N3TWM2017W3SO HP 40M75624210.9 
1748LA2YT1975LASO HP 40M7502615  
1749UR2RMI1987ESSO HP 40M7021313  
1750SM5ARR1986SMSO HP 40M6901615  
1751IW3GNS2015ISO HP 40M (T)65121211.0 
1752JA1ANA2001JA1SO HP 40M6201110  
1753SP2MHC2009SPSO HP 40M61217170.4 
1754JA0GZ2006JA0SO HP 40M5881312  
1755KD6OH1983W6SO HP 40M5522923  
1756JA4AQR1984JA4SO HP 40M5201010  
1757JA1HGY2009JA1SO HP 40M51010100.5 
1758LA9HW1983LASO HP 40M5101715  
1759JH0YWN1986JA0SO HP 40M5061311JH0XBH 
1760DK6BT1987DLSO HP 40M5041414  
1761SP6AYP1986SPSO HP 40M504109  
1762UA4FDE1984UA-4SO HP 40M4862218  
1763PT7AEE1981PYSO HP 40M48699  
1764Y61ZF1985DMSO HP 40M4501515  
1765W6EMD1977W6SO HP 40M4481614  
1766JR4SRW1985JA4SO HP 40M4401110  
1767AA5IB1992W5SO HP 40M43299  
1768JG6UHE1986JA6SO HP 40M432109  
1769JR6LDI/61981JA6SO HP 40M4201414  
1770OZ1BUR1983OZSO HP 40M4002320  
1771WB9AYW2009W9SO HP 40M39919191.3 
1772KA5UDL1986W5SO HP 40M3842424  
1773EA5DVL1985EASO HP 40M3641414  
1774LN7AZ2006LASO HP 40M36010924.7LA6FJA 
1775JA8EJO1988JA8SO HP 40M360119  
1776W8TJQ1976W8SO HP 40M3401217  
1777JA3CE1996JA3SO HP 40M310115  
1778EA3EGB1991EASO HP 40M2881212  
1779IZ0FVD2009ISO HP 40M28611110.5 
1780JJ2PUG2009JA2SO HP 40M266770.9 
1781EA5DWQ1986EASO HP 40M2643833  
1782JL6IPK1998JA6SO HP 40M2601413  
1783UA3PBY1982UA-3SO HP 40M2601010  
1784Y24RG1990DMSO HP 40M2421111  
1785M0BBB2006GSO HP 40M2349925.6  
1786PA0JMO1976PASO HP 40M2211713  
1787JA1NYV1986JA1SO HP 40M217137  
1788OH6ZH1987OHSO HP 40M21666  
1789JA8MXC2010JA8SO HP 40M192661.1 
1790OK2SPS1984OKOMSO HP 40M1821614  
1791Y21QH/A1984DMSO HP 40M180109  
1792JH3GCN2015JA3SO HP 40M162660.3 
1793OH6AS1982OHSO HP 40M1601110  
1794JF2LTH1991JA2SO HP 40M14499  
1795SP4GFG1984SPSO HP 40M14499  
1796YC8VRA2017YBSO HP 40M (T)120880.7 
1797JA1RUJ1975JA1SO HP 40M11977  
1798PY7AHJ1986PYSO HP 40M10055  
1799BV/JP1RIW1995BVSO HP 40M8044  
1800LU7DW2014LUSO HP 40M72661.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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