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1601JA2SAP/11984JA1SO HP 40M5,9523632  
1602OZ1APA1984OZSO HP 40M5,9526148  
1603SP4JTJ2007SPSO HP 40M5,93447464.4  
1604W7AYY2005W7SO HP 40M5,9344846  
1605DK5WQ1978DLSO HP 40M5,9286252  
1606OK2QX1983OKOMSO HP 40M5,9165851  
1607YO3AC1977YOSO HP 40M5,9046848  
1608WA2JQK2008W2SO HP 40M5,83259542.1 
1609EA5CIX1990EASO HP 40M5,7003330  
1610UB5GDG1977URSO HP 40M5,6985537  
1611Y24YH1985DMSO HP 40M5,5806045  
1612DM2BOO1975DMSO HP 40M5,5446544  
1613W6RKC2011W6SO HP 40M (T)5,41844422.3 
1614HC2IA1987HCSO HP 40M5,4123833  
1615N5JB1980W5SO HP 40M5,3943231  
1616UA9XEN1990RA9SO HP 40M5,3764442  
1617NL7DU1987KLSO HP 40M5,3403830  
1618K3UA1994W3SO HP 40M5,2143533  
1619DL2ZBO2017DLSO HP 40M5,20051501.2 
1620HF80GBG2010SPSO HP 40M5,18451481.6SQ8GBG
1621W2HG1986W2SO HP 40M5,136143107  
1622UA0UBA1976RA0SO HP 40M5,1048523  
1623UA3TG1986UA-3SO HP 40M4,9928026  
1624UQ1GXY1986YLSO HP 40M4,8757565  
1625DM2BPB1977DMSO HP 40M4,8605645  
1626JR7NFW1981JA7SO HP 40M4,8165243  
1627EA5ADC1995EASO HP 40M4,7584139  
1628JI1ALP2007JA1SO HP 40M4,74033304.0  
1629DS4GGM2017HLSO HP 40M4,71550411.3 
1630OZ8KU1975OZSO HP 40M4,7046142  
1631G2Z2017GSO HP 40M (T)4,68048453.6 
1632W1TTL2017W1SO HP 40M4,68079522.5 
1633VK2IE2017VKSO HP 40M4,65037315.9 
1634JA7FFN1992JA7SO HP 40M4,6403029  
1635OE2017WNL2017OESO HP 40M4,57649443.6OE2WNL
1636HS0ZHI2009HSSO HP 40M4,50032308.6 
1637PW2F2016PYSO HP 40M4,29030301.5PY2NA 
1638ZP5SAT1996ZPSO HP 40M4,2164134  
1639N3TXH2008W3SO HP 40M4,16164573.7 
1640JG7PSJ2012JA7SO HP 40M4,15828271.1 
1641PI1PT1983PASO HP 40M4,1045638  
1642K7FA2015W7SO HP 40M3,97841393.0 
1643SP9AHA1977SPSO HP 40M3,9785239  
1644SV1BFW2012SVSO HP 40M3,92035352.2 
1645RU0AW2008RA0SO HP 40M3,91038341.0 
1646OH2BCD1976OHSO HP 40M3,8405240  
1647W4MGX1984W4SO HP 40M3,7444136  
1648KM9M2016W9SO HP 40M3,70636341.0 
1649UR2RNG1987ESSO HP 40M3,6044034  
1650SP9CUU/91985SPSO HP 40M3,6004640  
1651JE2BOM2016JA2SO HP 40M (T)3,58430282.8 
1652PY2ED1982PYSO HP 40M3,5502725  
1653EA5DIT2016EASO HP 40M3,52032322.7  
1654UA4ACD1975UA-4SO HP 40M3,4724528  
1655OZ7FH1975OZSO HP 40M3,4304735  
1656IK4JOJ1990ISO HP 40M3,3544339  
1657WA1FBX1976W1SO HP 40M3,3443644  
1658YO3KSC1978YOSO HP 40M3,2484929YO8AZQ 
1659IK8COG1986ISO HP 40M3,2206635  
1660CX8BR2011CXSO HP 40M3,16824242.9 
1661CP1FF1997CPSO HP 40M3,0162626  
1662W4TMN1992W4SO HP 40M2,9922422  
1663PI50WAL1995PASO HP 40M2,9586151PA2CHM 
1664N2HR/32014W3SO HP 40M2,91628271.1 
1665W6RKC2014W6SO HP 40M (T)2,91031300.7 
1666JA0VHI1991JA0SO HP 40M2,8982323  
1667W5LL2004W5SO HP 40M2,85630281.3  
1668PY4BK1993PYSO HP 40M2,8522323  
1669YO4CVS/41983YOSO HP 40M2,8383733  
1670DL9AWI2007DLSO HP 40M2,772322825.8  
1671YO2AXG1979YOSO HP 40M2,7524132  
1672DM2AJH1976DMSO HP 40M2,7064033  
1673K6SIK1987W6SO HP 40M2,6462521  
1674OK1AFN1977OKOMSO HP 40M2,6404233  
1675YU7ORQ1986YUSO HP 40M2,6043631  
1676DL5AUJ1996DLSO HP 40M2,5803130  
1677JA7FFN1996JA7SO HP 40M2,5522422  
1678OK2QX1982OKOMSO HP 40M2,4483834  
1679EW6AL1998EUSO HP 40M2,4183131  
1680OH9UW1987OHSO HP 40M2,4183131  
1681TA3YJ2008TASO HP 40M2,40020201.5 
1682DF2QZ2011DLSO HP 40M2,32020203.1 
1683RQ22AC2014UA-3SO HP 40M2,31037351.5  
1684F1HWB1990FSO HP 40M2,3104033  
1685JA7RXU1988JA7SO HP 40M2,3103735  
1686Y51TG1985DMSO HP 40M2,3043632  
1687PS8DX1985PYSO HP 40M2,2802020  
1688DL1MJF2008DLSO HP 40M2,26231292.0 
1689AB1U/62013W6SO HP 40M (T)2,23329290.6W6RKC
1690YC0USJ1989YBSO HP 40M2,1842421  
1691JH1YTX1986JA1SO HP 40M2,1602520Tomono 
1692K0BJ1985W0SO HP 40M2,1602120  
1693TA8J2014TASO HP 40M2,12121212.1 
1694DL1ZC1975DLSO HP 40M2,0304129  
1695PY2FUP1983PYSO HP 40M2,0162321  
1696DL9XW1994DLSO HP 40M1,9803330  
1697SP7DBI1986SPSO HP 40M1,9763226  
1698SM5ARR1992SMSO HP 40M1,9502525  
1699JA9CWJ1978JA9SO HP 40M1,9502625  
1700S53DIJ2010S5SO HP 40M1,80031300.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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