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1301KB1WRH2012W1SO LP ALL (R)1,32022201.3 
1302IZ0UIM2015ISO LP ALL (R)1,29822223.0 
1303LA2GTA2011LASO LP ALL (R)1,29624243.0 
1304BV4WN2016BVSO LP ALL (R)1,27628224.0 
1305RA6XB2005UA-6SO LP ALL (R)1,27622223.3  
1306AD5SR2005W5SO LP ALL (R)1,27429264.2  
1307IZ6INR2008ISO LP ALL (R)1,26927272.9 
1308OE7KNT2015OESO LP ALL (R)1,25028251.7 
1309W0NY2017W0SO LP ALL (R)1,24826262.1  
1310PH2LB2014PASO LP ALL (R)1,24827262.1 
1311VY1EI2007VE8SO LP ALL (R)1,21925237.5  
1312JH1JNJ2015JA1SO LP ALL (R)1,18822225.5 
1313OH5BK2015OHSO LP ALL (R)1,17029261.1 
1314KM4OTB2016W4SO LP ALL (R)1,16622222.8 
1315N5CWA2015W5SO LP ALL (R)1,15025253.3 
1316BH4RCI2010BYSO LP ALL (R)1,14033307.5 
1317KC0UUT2008W0SO LP ALL (R)1,13132293.9 
1318KI6GVI2009W6SO LP ALL (R)1,12527251.7 
1319R3EE2015UA-3SO LP ALL (R)1,11321210.9 
1320WX6O2010W6SO LP ALL (R)1,10425243.0 
1321HB3YAO2013HBSO LP ALL (R)1,08021183.2 
1322PD4L2014PASO LP ALL (R)1,07525252.7 
1323KG7PMJ2015W7SO LP ALL (R)1,05623223.2 
1324KC0IDI2002W0SO LP ALL (R)1,035232324.7  
1325SA2KNG2016SMSO LP ALL (R)1,02525253.5 
1326LA9NSA2012LASO LP ALL (R)1,02526251.4 
1327IV3BKB2010ISO LP ALL (R)98924233.3 
1328VY1EI2006VE8SO LP ALL (R)98023204.9  
1329KC9VGG2012W9SO LP ALL (R)97528255.0 
1330IZ8DUD2012ISO LP ALL (R)94020204.3 
1331KJ6ZNT2013W6SO LP ALL (R)93624246.9 
1332AG6GL2013W6SO LP ALL (R)90117172.5 
1333IZ1YCG2015ISO LP ALL (R)90026253.6 
1334KE5CWC2006W5SO LP ALL (R)90018183.2  
1335BG5DNA2009BYSO LP ALL (R)88825247.3 
1336SV1EML2016SVSO LP ALL (R)88019163.5  
1337BG7KQT2006BYSO LP ALL (R)880272230.2  
1338DO1MFR2015DLSO LP ALL (R)86122213.5 
1339BD4KA2013BYSO LP ALL (R)86123211.1 
1340AI4QR2008W4SO LP ALL (R)86022201.9 
1341KC9PGH2011W9SO LP ALL (R)85822223.2 
1342BG3GDB2007BYSO LP ALL (R)85830266.4  
1343K8IKO2015W8SO LP ALL (R)83728272.1 
1344IW4CXK2015ISO LP ALL (R)83317171.8 
1345IZ3JKI2015ISO LP ALL (R)81617161.5 
1346KB8MRC2015W8SO LP ALL (R)81422226.8 
1347DV7EYG2017DUSO LP ALL (R)80022205.6 
1348KF5SNL2015W5SO LP ALL (R)80021204.0 
1349KD8ZCH2016W8SO LP ALL (R)79823213.8  
1350AB3XJ2016W3SO LP ALL (R)79218182.1 
13519M6DAV20139M6SO LP ALL (R)76521174.3 
1352W9KCL2017W4SO LP ALL (R)76019192.3 
1353IZ1REP2012ISO LP ALL (R)756272710.5 
1354IZ3SXO2012ISO LP ALL (R)75629275.8 
1355JR2KHB/22013JA2SO LP ALL (R)74823224.7 
1356N9XY/42005W4SO LP ALL (R)73818184.6  
1357IZ0TVI2011ISO LP ALL (R)72018182.7 
1358BG4JWU2009BYSO LP ALL (R)72021201.8 
1359OM8ADU2016OMSO LP ALL (R)70227275.4 
1360IZ5HQB2007ISO LP ALL (R)68817162.0  
1361PR7AP2005PYSO LP ALL (R)68619143.0  
1362OH6FXW2012OHSO LP ALL (R)67515152.9 
1363BH4OUF2015BYSO LP ALL (R)67224217.3 
1364E21FYK2017HSSO LP ALL (R)66317132.1  
1365UR5FNF2014URSO LP ALL (R)66324172.2 
1366BG4MLL2009BYSO LP ALL (R)65121215.2 
1367ON4LWX2009ONSO LP ALL (R)63822220.9 
1368YO5CZZ2010YOSO LP ALL (R)63022103.1 
1369KD8TWV2013W8SO LP ALL (R)61221185.8 
1370KJ4YFW2013W4SO LP ALL (R)61219181.5 
1371KD0KJL2011W0SO LP ALL (R)60819192.8 
1372K9SGB2016W9SO LP ALL (R)60214141.2  
1373AB8XE2008W8SO LP ALL (R)56020202.9 
1374F4FWN2012FSO LP ALL (R)54018184.8 
1375AC8UJ2016W8SO LP ALL (R)52717171.7 
1376M6HSH2017GSO LP ALL (R)50020203.4 
1377IU2FQW2017ISO LP ALL (R)49616161.1 
1378W2SGT2017W4SO LP ALL (R)48618183.8 
1379KK6VZE2017W6SO LP ALL (R)47519193.0 
1380KE5KWD2007W5SO LP ALL (R)455151325.9JEFF PELTIER 
1381BH1IIA2010BYSO LP ALL (R)44220174.8 
1382BD5HPC2009BYSO LP ALL (R)44217131.8 
1383W4LTE2017W4SO LP ALL (R)43515152.8 
1384PD1JAP2016PASO LP ALL (R)43216161.2 
1385TA3IUY2014TASO LP ALL (R)43010102.9UFUK
1386BG4MCG2009BYSO LP ALL (R)42022214.1 
1387KC9UHH2013W9SO LP ALL (R)40515151.1 
1388LA6NNA2006LASO LP ALL (R)392141424.9  
1389EA7EYQ2006EASO LP ALL (R)37412111.6  
1390OZ8KEL2013OZSO LP ALL (R)36816162.9 
1391KF7SKB2012W7SO LP ALL (R)35014141.0 
1392AE7WC2014W7SO LP ALL (R)34111112.8 
1393NT6ET2008W6SO LP ALL (R)33612122.6 
1394YO9ICT2010YOSO LP ALL (R)33010101.4 
1395KF7WWP2014W7SO LP ALL (R)32412122.5 
1396AG6YM2014W6SO LP ALL (R)31213132.2 
1397OE6KSE2017OESO LP ALL (R)30814142.6  
1398W6TEK2015W6SO LP ALL (R)29913134.7 
1399IN3EJN2014ISO LP ALL (R)28010101.5 
1400KJ4CNC2009W4SO LP ALL (R)28015142.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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