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1301KB1WRH2012W1SO LP ALL (R)1,32022201.3 [Cert]
1302IZ0UIM2015ISO LP ALL (R)1,29822223.0 [Cert]
1303LA2GTA2011LASO LP ALL (R)1,29624243.0 [Cert]
1304BV4WN2016BVSO LP ALL (R)1,27628224.0 [Cert]
1305RA6XB2005UA-6SO LP ALL (R)1,27622223.3  
1306AD5SR2005W5SO LP ALL (R)1,27429264.2  
1307IZ6INR2008ISO LP ALL (R)1,26927272.9 [Cert]
1308OE7KNT2015OESO LP ALL (R)1,25028251.7 [Cert]
1309W0NY2017W0SO LP ALL (R)1,24826262.1  
1310PH2LB2014PASO LP ALL (R)1,24827262.1 [Cert]
1311VY1EI2007VE8SO LP ALL (R)1,21925237.5  
1312JH1JNJ2015JA1SO LP ALL (R)1,18822225.5 [Cert]
1313OH5BK2015OHSO LP ALL (R)1,17029261.1 [Cert]
1314KM4OTB2016W4SO LP ALL (R)1,16622222.8 [Cert]
1315N5CWA2015W5SO LP ALL (R)1,15025253.3 [Cert]
1316BH4RCI2010BYSO LP ALL (R)1,14033307.5 [Cert]
1317KC0UUT2008W0SO LP ALL (R)1,13132293.9 [Cert]
1318KI6GVI2009W6SO LP ALL (R)1,12527251.7 [Cert]
1319R3EE2015UA-3SO LP ALL (R)1,11321210.9 [Cert]
1320WX6O2010W6SO LP ALL (R)1,10425243.0 [Cert]
1321HB3YAO2013HBSO LP ALL (R)1,08021183.2 [Cert]
1322PD4L2014PASO LP ALL (R)1,07525252.7 [Cert]
1323KG7PMJ2015W7SO LP ALL (R)1,05623223.2 [Cert]
1324KC0IDI2002W0SO LP ALL (R)1,035232324.7  
1325SA2KNG2016SMSO LP ALL (R)1,02525253.5 [Cert]
1326LA9NSA2012LASO LP ALL (R)1,02526251.4 [Cert]
1327IV3BKB2010ISO LP ALL (R)98924233.3 [Cert]
1328VY1EI2006VE8SO LP ALL (R)98023204.9  
1329KC9VGG2012W9SO LP ALL (R)97528255.0 [Cert]
1330IZ8DUD2012ISO LP ALL (R)94020204.3 [Cert]
1331KJ6ZNT2013W6SO LP ALL (R)93624246.9 [Cert]
1332AG6GL2013W6SO LP ALL (R)90117172.5 [Cert]
1333IZ1YCG2015ISO LP ALL (R)90026253.6 [Cert]
1334KE5CWC2006W5SO LP ALL (R)90018183.2  
1335BG5DNA2009BYSO LP ALL (R)88825247.3 [Cert]
1336SV1EML2016SVSO LP ALL (R)88019163.5  
1337BG7KQT2006BYSO LP ALL (R)880272230.2  
1338DO1MFR2015DLSO LP ALL (R)86122213.5 [Cert]
1339BD4KA2013BYSO LP ALL (R)86123211.1 [Cert]
1340AI4QR2008W4SO LP ALL (R)86022201.9 [Cert]
1341KC9PGH2011W9SO LP ALL (R)85822223.2 [Cert]
1342BG3GDB2007BYSO LP ALL (R)85830266.4  
1343K8IKO2015W8SO LP ALL (R)83728272.1 [Cert]
1344IW4CXK2015ISO LP ALL (R)83317171.8 [Cert]
1345IZ3JKI2015ISO LP ALL (R)81617161.5 [Cert]
1346KB8MRC2015W8SO LP ALL (R)81422226.8 [Cert]
1347DV7EYG2017DUSO LP ALL (R)80022205.6 [Cert]
1348KF5SNL2015W5SO LP ALL (R)80021204.0 [Cert]
1349KD8ZCH2016W8SO LP ALL (R)79823213.8  
1350AB3XJ2016W3SO LP ALL (R)79218182.1 [Cert]
13519M6DAV20139M6SO LP ALL (R)76521174.3 [Cert]
1352W9KCL2017W4SO LP ALL (R)76019192.3 [Cert]
1353IZ1REP2012ISO LP ALL (R)756272710.5 [Cert]
1354IZ3SXO2012ISO LP ALL (R)75629275.8 [Cert]
1355JR2KHB/22013JA2SO LP ALL (R)74823224.7 [Cert]
1356N9XY/42005W4SO LP ALL (R)73818184.6  
1357IZ0TVI2011ISO LP ALL (R)72018182.7 [Cert]
1358BG4JWU2009BYSO LP ALL (R)72021201.8 [Cert]
1359OM8ADU2016OMSO LP ALL (R)70227275.4 [Cert]
1360IZ5HQB2007ISO LP ALL (R)68817162.0  
1361PR7AP2005PYSO LP ALL (R)68619143.0  
1362OH6FXW2012OHSO LP ALL (R)67515152.9 [Cert]
1363BH4OUF2015BYSO LP ALL (R)67224217.3 [Cert]
1364E21FYK2017HSSO LP ALL (R)66317132.1  
1365UR5FNF2014URSO LP ALL (R)66324172.2 [Cert]
1366BG4MLL2009BYSO LP ALL (R)65121215.2 [Cert]
1367ON4LWX2009ONSO LP ALL (R)63822220.9 [Cert]
1368YO5CZZ2010YOSO LP ALL (R)63022103.1 [Cert]
1369KD8TWV2013W8SO LP ALL (R)61221185.8 [Cert]
1370KJ4YFW2013W4SO LP ALL (R)61219181.5 [Cert]
1371KD0KJL2011W0SO LP ALL (R)60819192.8 [Cert]
1372K9SGB2016W9SO LP ALL (R)60214141.2  
1373AB8XE2008W8SO LP ALL (R)56020202.9 [Cert]
1374F4FWN2012FSO LP ALL (R)54018184.8 [Cert]
1375AC8UJ2016W8SO LP ALL (R)52717171.7 [Cert]
1376M6HSH2017GSO LP ALL (R)50020203.4 [Cert]
1377IU2FQW2017ISO LP ALL (R)49616161.1 [Cert]
1378W2SGT2017W4SO LP ALL (R)48618183.8 [Cert]
1379KK6VZE2017W6SO LP ALL (R)47519193.0 [Cert]
1380KE5KWD2007W5SO LP ALL (R)455151325.9JEFF PELTIER 
1381BH1IIA2010BYSO LP ALL (R)44220174.8 [Cert]
1382BD5HPC2009BYSO LP ALL (R)44217131.8 [Cert]
1383W4LTE2017W4SO LP ALL (R)43515152.8 [Cert]
1384PD1JAP2016PASO LP ALL (R)43216161.2 [Cert]
1385TA3IUY2014TASO LP ALL (R)43010102.9UFUK[Cert]
1386BG4MCG2009BYSO LP ALL (R)42022214.1 [Cert]
1387KC9UHH2013W9SO LP ALL (R)40515151.1 [Cert]
1388LA6NNA2006LASO LP ALL (R)392141424.9  
1389EA7EYQ2006EASO LP ALL (R)37412111.6  
1390OZ8KEL2013OZSO LP ALL (R)36816162.9 [Cert]
1391KF7SKB2012W7SO LP ALL (R)35014141.0 [Cert]
1392AE7WC2014W7SO LP ALL (R)34111112.8 [Cert]
1393NT6ET2008W6SO LP ALL (R)33612122.6 [Cert]
1394YO9ICT2010YOSO LP ALL (R)33010101.4 [Cert]
1395KF7WWP2014W7SO LP ALL (R)32412122.5 [Cert]
1396AG6YM2014W6SO LP ALL (R)31213132.2 [Cert]
1397OE6KSE2017OESO LP ALL (R)30814142.6  
1398W6TEK2015W6SO LP ALL (R)29913134.7 [Cert]
1399IN3EJN2014ISO LP ALL (R)28010101.5 [Cert]
1400KJ4CNC2009W4SO LP ALL (R)28015142.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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