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1201EA7HE2007EASO LP 40M2,0403030  
1202JH4FUF/42014JA4SO LP 40M (T)2,01624241.8 [Cert]
1203LZ1MC2010LZSO LP 40M2,01629281.3 [Cert]
1204JA2QNV2015JA2SO LP 40M1,99522213.6 [Cert]
1205DL0ESA2012DLSO LP 40M (T)1,97823231.5EA1HEO[Cert]
1206E20WXA2005HSSO LP 40M1,978302328.0  
1207SP2GOW2016SPSO LP 40M1,97232290.9 [Cert]
1208XE1AY2015XESO LP 40M1,96020201.5 [Cert]
1209JA1ISJ2013JA1SO LP 40M (T)1,89021214.3 [Cert]
1210YD7BHK2015YBSO LP 40M (R)1,88625234.1 [Cert]
1211PY3KIM2010PYSO LP 40M1,86330276.5 [Cert]
1212NU1H2012W1SO LP 40M (T)1,84823222.0 [Cert]
1213YD1FZM2017YBSO LP 40M (R)1,84645263.8 [Cert]
1214EW2CR1997EUSO LP 40M1,8293531  
1215KU6T2008W6SO LP 40M1,798373110.4 [Cert]
1216N9WEW2011W9SO LP 40M (T)1,79237322.0 [Cert]
1217YB1LUE2016YBSO LP 40M (T)1,78525214.9 [Cert]
1218PA3DUU2017PASO LP 40M (T)1,76826261.0 [Cert]
1219N5DGK2008W5SO LP 40M (T)1,76826266.4 [Cert]
1220HK4LIS2017HKSO LP 40M1,76722195.3 [Cert]
1221JE4URN2017JA4SO LP 40M1,74819193.0 [Cert]
1222YB6DE2014YBSO LP 40M1,72819182.3 [Cert]
1223OH2LNH1997OHSO LP 40M1,7282827  
1224CA3KHZ2010CESO LP 40M1,70426246.1 [Cert]
1225AB4GR2016W4SO LP 40M1,70020201.3 [Cert]
1226JH1RDU2014JA1SO LP 40M (T)1,65618185.0 [Cert]
1227EA7PN1992EASO LP 40M1,6502525  
1228DG1HXJ2016DLSO LP 40M1,62432291.8 [Cert]
1229YD1BSL2012YBSO LP 40M1,60020202.6 [Cert]
1230JJ3QXW1992JA3SO LP 40M1,5981717  
1231KD4QMY2017W4SO LP 40M1,54020201.7 [Cert]
1232YG3DCU2017YBSO LP 40M1,54025222.4 [Cert]
1233DB4MZ2011DLSO LP 40M (R)1,53927273.8 [Cert]
12349W2JMW20179M2SO LP 40M (R)1,51320172.1 [Cert]
1235CA3OEV2009CESO LP 40M1,51221213.4 [Cert]
1236VE3JEB2006VE3SO LP 40M (R)1,51218182.0  
1237KM4GBF2015W4SO LP 40M (R)1,48429285.2 [Cert]
1238AA4FU2009W4SO LP 40M1,47932291.7 [Cert]
1239YU4BBZ2017YUSO LP 40M1,45829275.8 [Cert]
1240JH1RDU2008JA1SO LP 40M1,40816162.9 [Cert]
1241OH7MFO2016OHSO LP 40M1,40025251.3 [Cert]
1242IZ4AKO2011ISO LP 40M1,38023232.4 [Cert]
1243JP6GQN1998JA6SO LP 40M1,3801615  
1244TA3EM2014TASO LP 40M1,36018172.8 [Cert]
1245UU5JFP2009URSO LP 40M (R)1,35025251.3 [Cert]
1246LZ3TL2015LZSO LP 40M1,33423231.6 [Cert]
1247OV3X2012OZSO LP 40M (T)1,32525250.8OZ8AE[Cert]
1248IZ1GJH2006ISO LP 40M1,3252525  
12499W6AJA20169M6SO LP 40M1,30024206.6 [Cert]
1250PT8CWA2008PYSO LP 40M1,29618183.9 [Cert]
1251YC2EMV/12006YBSO LP 40M (T)1,29217172.8  
1252W2FGY1994W2SO LP 40M1,2921919  
1253SM5AJV2004SMSO LP 40M1,275262524.4  
1254OZ8ZS2017OZSO LP 40M (T)1,25025250.7 [Cert]
1255PA2REH1994PASO LP 40M1,2502525  
1256JH0NOS2014JA0SO LP 40M1,22417171.0 [Cert]
1257YB3MBN2015YBSO LP 40M1,20015152.6 [Cert]
1258PA2CHM2005PASO LP 40M1,2002524  
1259SM7HSP1999SMSO LP 40M1,1761414  
1260YD3GOQ2016YBSO LP 40M1,11623185.1 [Cert]
1261YD1CSV2013YBSO LP 40M (R)1,09516153.6 [Cert]
1262N3KIP1995W3SO LP 40M1,0921414  
1263DU1ACV2007DUSO LP 40M1,08020184.8  
1264UA1OSS1996UA-1SO LP 40M1,0802118  
1265YC0OSX2016YBSO LP 40M (T)1,07128213.9 [Cert]
1266JJ4NZO/12010JA1SO LP 40M1,05417172.9 [Cert]
1267SI5S2011SMSO LP 40M1,04020201.4 [Cert]
1268K7AWB2009W7SO LP 40M1,04017160.7 [Cert]
1269YC5KIK2016YBSO LP 40M1,03616144.2 [Cert]
1270JA5CBU2014JA5SO LP 40M1,02416163.3 [Cert]
1271DW1VEU2005DUSO LP 40M (R)1,02016155.4  
1272EA1TL2017EASO LP 40M1,00818181.1 [Cert]
1273LU9EHU2017LUSO LP 40M (T)1,00816142.6  
1274JH1RDU2009JA1SO LP 40M (T)1,00815141.1 [Cert]
1275YD1IDB2017YBSO LP 40M (R)96829226.1 [Cert]
1276OH6ZH1997OHSO LP 40M9682222  
1277KF5CYZ2016W5SO LP 40M (T)95418181.8  
1278EW6AW2005EUSO LP 40M936181826.3  
1279PY6TS2014PYSO LP 40M88413130.8 [Cert]
1280RA9CNB2010RA9SO LP 40M88413132.1 [Cert]
12819W6KFC20179M6SO LP 40M85018174.9 [Cert]
1282IZ3EOU2005ISO LP 40M850171725.2  
1283CM8NRR2016CMSO LP 40M84015153.2 [Cert]
1284LZ5U2016LZSO LP 40M81617171.6LZ1MC 
1285PY2EDY2000PYSO LP 40M8061313  
1286JA3MXP1997JA3SO LP 40M8061513  
1287YG3DQD2017YBSO LP 40M79827216.4 [Cert]
1288AB1FY2006W1SO LP 40M798141424.9  
1289JI8BUR2012JA8SO LP 40M78013131.3 [Cert]
1290RV1CB/12015UA-1SO LP 40M77919191.4  
1291YU4DWW2017YUSO LP 40M (R)77723215.0 [Cert]
1292W4WW2017W3SO LP 40M77526252.0 [Cert]
1293JM2FCJ/92005JA9SO LP 40M768121224.8  
1294CM8IDE2017CMSO LP 40M75612121.3 [Cert]
1295UR5KFM2017URSO LP 40M74817172.7 [Cert]
1296KT1GGR/02015W0SO LP 40M73523214.8 [Cert]
1297JL3RDC2009JA3SO LP 40M (T)732131212.7 [Cert]
1298JI8BUR2013JA8SO LP 40M71513131.5 [Cert]
1299AA2DS2009W2SO LP 40M71422212.3 [Cert]
1300YD1ELP2016YBSO LP 40M (R)69021152.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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