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901PY2RDS2009PYSA HP ALL (T)24,816113945.0 [Cert]
902K0FG2011W0SA HP ALL (T)24,40294833.9 [Cert]
903N9GUN2014W9SA HP ALL (T)24,108103983.0 [Cert]
904W6PK2012W6SA HP ALL (T)23,85298898.3 [Cert]
905NF9V2012W9SA HP ALL (T)22,78494894.0 [Cert]
906K6MM2017W6SA HP ALL (T)22,62096873.2 [Cert]
907RX9WN2014RA9SA HP ALL (T)22,62093878.2 [Cert]
908F1TRE2016FSA HP ALL (T)22,176988412.3 [Cert]
909DL5LYM2015DLSA HP ALL (T)21,81298821.7 [Cert]
910N7EO2017W4SA HP ALL (T)21,56097884.4 [Cert]
911VE6LB2016VE6SA HP ALL (T)21,38494886.9 [Cert]
912WJ1B2016W1SA HP ALL (T)20,203101894.4  
913W3GVX2017W3SA HP ALL (T)19,80098753.3 [Cert]
914VE2FXL2011VE2SA HP ALL (T)19,04086802.8 [Cert]
915WJ1R2016W1SA HP ALL (T)18,96699875.4 [Cert]
916EB2RA2017EASA HP ALL (T)18,8871081012.1 [Cert]
917WA3OFC/42008W4SA HP ALL (T)18,50985834.6 [Cert]
918NW1E2008W1SA HP ALL (T)18,45086752.1K1JN[Cert]
919RW4WZ2010UA-4SA HP ALL (T)18,117100996.2 [Cert]
920XE1EX2008XESA HP ALL (T)18,07082655.5 [Cert]
921SV1DPI2010SVSA HP ALL (T)18,02090855.1 [Cert]
922W6SX2016W6SA HP ALL (T)16,856124985.1 [Cert]
923RW4WZ2011UA-4SA HP ALL (T)16,53095875.4 [Cert]
924WE2W/12016W1SA HP ALL (T)16,15486821.9 [Cert]
925N6OPR2013W6SA HP ALL (T)16,08288868.0 [Cert]
926OM3DX2007OMSA HP ALL (T)15,75690783.8  
927WA3OFC/42013W4SA HP ALL (T)15,50470682.6 [Cert]
928DJ8EW2012DLSA HP ALL (T)14,87290882.2 [Cert]
929PF9W2016PASA HP ALL (T)14,48089803.4 [Cert]
930W1ZQ2015W1SA HP ALL (T)14,21967596.4 [Cert]
931W6SX2014W6SA HP ALL (T)14,112104842.7 [Cert]
932N1IBM/22014W2SA HP ALL (T)12,95863623.3 [Cert]
933K3IT2012W3SA HP ALL (T)12,89673625.5 [Cert]
934ZW5V2011PYSA HP ALL (T)12,70975716.3PY5KA[Cert]
935VE1OP2017VE1SA HP ALL (T)12,60069603.1 [Cert]
936EA4DEC2011EASA HP ALL (T)12,60073724.9 [Cert]
937WE6Z2010W6SA HP ALL (T)12,41077732.6 [Cert]
938LZ8A2007LZSA HP ALL (T)12,17276682.9LZ2BE 
939JH1OVY2012JA1SA HP ALL (T)11,90071708.8 [Cert]
940YV6BXN2008YVSA HP ALL (T)11,50159536.5 [Cert]
941W5KI2011W5SA HP ALL (T)11,18079652.4 [Cert]
942EI2GLB2012EISA HP ALL (T)10,55654522.6 [Cert]
943JF2IWL2016JA2SA HP ALL (T)10,03459581.3 [Cert]
944JH1OVY2017JA1SA HP ALL (T)9,95468634.4 [Cert]
945JH1OVY2010JA1SA HP ALL (T)9,48663629.0 [Cert]
946AI6Z2016W6SA HP ALL (T)9,29664567.2 [Cert]
947N4DXI2012W4SA HP ALL (T)9,02059553.7 [Cert]
948K6UM2017W7SA HP ALL (T)8,80470621.4 [Cert]
949NO6F2013W6SA HP ALL (T)8,70065601.0K2RD[Cert]
950G6VMR2015GSA HP ALL (T)8,68068566.9 [Cert]
951VK5QI2017VKSA HP ALL (T)8,62459569.9 [Cert]
952DM5TS2015DLSA HP ALL (T)8,262625112.2 [Cert]
953N6NC2006W6SA HP ALL (T)8,25672646.4  
954KB0YH2015W0SA HP ALL (T)7,98042355.6 [Cert]
955R3BA2014UA-3SA HP ALL (T)7,92064602.5  
956AI6Z2017W6SA HP ALL (T)7,88951497.2 [Cert]
957AE6RR2011W6SA HP ALL (T)7,47359536.2 [Cert]
958KG6TT2006W6SA HP ALL (T)7,44862563.5  
959N7MB/92010W9SA HP ALL (T)7,12841364.2 [Cert]
960JJ1WWL2017JA1SA HP ALL (T)7,120404012.4 [Cert]
961LA6VQ2015LASA HP ALL (T)6,86050492.7 [Cert]
962K0TLG2017W0SA HP ALL (T)6,72050485.4 [Cert]
963WJ1R2017W1SA HP ALL (T)6,72058562.2 [Cert]
964JA1XUY2013JA1SA HP ALL (T)6,46846421.9 [Cert]
965AI6Z2012W6SA HP ALL (T)6,24054525.1 [Cert]
966DJ8EW2013DLSA HP ALL (T)6,21562554.0 [Cert]
967WK1J2017W1SA HP ALL (T)5,85046451.2 [Cert]
968JF2IWL2015JA2SA HP ALL (T)5,85048451.6 [Cert]
969SM6WET2008SMSA HP ALL (T)5,67049454.8 [Cert]
970WE6Z2016W6SA HP ALL (T)5,50054503.9 [Cert]
971NG2P2007W2SA HP ALL (T)5,03146432.8  
972KR9E2014W9SA HP ALL (T)4,92045412.3 [Cert]
973N6ER2009W6SA HP ALL (T)4,62542372.2 [Cert]
974IZ2DII2011ISA HP ALL (T)4,31246441.9 [Cert]
975TA3AMH2014TASA HP ALL (T)4,059353310.1 [Cert]
976JI1RMZ2017JA1SA HP ALL (T)3,95542356.4 [Cert]
977W1MAT2006W1SA HP ALL (T)3,93643412.2  
978W4VIC2009W4SA HP ALL (T)3,76240382.2 [Cert]
979W5KI2010W5SA HP ALL (T)3,74440361.2 [Cert]
980VK2BCQ2014VKSA HP ALL (T)3,59736331.7 [Cert]
981DL9NDV2011DLSA HP ALL (T)3,52046443.2 [Cert]
982DL9NDV2013DLSA HP ALL (T)3,33238345.3 [Cert]
983A65CA2016A6SA HP ALL (T)3,06037341.0RV6AJJ[Cert]
984JJ1WWL2015JA1SA HP ALL (T)2,95838343.7 [Cert]
985EA7GGP1996EASA HP ALL (T)2,5903535  
986JN3IWQ2017JA3SA HP ALL (T)2,29137295.5 [Cert]
987K7IOA2016W7SA HP ALL (T)2,07242373.8 [Cert]
988W8BS2005W8SA HP ALL (T)1,99828271.7  
9897K1NUZ/82010JA8SA HP ALL (T)1,94331293.7 [Cert]
990DJ8EW2015DLSA HP ALL (T)1,92030301.6 [Cert]
991K0ALT2015W0SA HP ALL (T)1,31123231.2  
992JR9GMS2011JA9SA HP ALL (T)1,28121213.0 [Cert]
993IZ2ODM2010ISA HP ALL (T)1,17621213.4 [Cert]
994DL8UAT2015DLSA HP ALL (T)89321192.6 [Cert]
995YC1IVW2016YBSA HP ALL (T)82515154.5 [Cert]
996LU6QI2012LUSA HP ALL (T)52811111.3 [Cert]
997KM9M2013W9SA HP ALL (T)52021200.7 [Cert]
998W7VS2009W7SA HP ALL (T)38512112.3 [Cert]
999UN5J2013UNSA HP ALL (T)31911112.1 [Cert]
1000AF0W2016W0SA HP ALL (T)29913131.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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