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901PY2RDS2009PYSA HP ALL (T)24,816113945.0 
902K0FG2011W0SA HP ALL (T)24,40294833.9 
903N9GUN2014W9SA HP ALL (T)24,108103983.0 
904W6PK2012W6SA HP ALL (T)23,85298898.3 
905NF9V2012W9SA HP ALL (T)22,78494894.0 
906K6MM2017W6SA HP ALL (T)22,62096873.2 
907RX9WN2014RA9SA HP ALL (T)22,62093878.2 
908F1TRE2016FSA HP ALL (T)22,176988412.3 
909DL5LYM2015DLSA HP ALL (T)21,81298821.7 
910N7EO2017W4SA HP ALL (T)21,56097884.4 
911VE6LB2016VE6SA HP ALL (T)21,38494886.9 
912WJ1B2016W1SA HP ALL (T)20,203101894.4  
913W3GVX2017W3SA HP ALL (T)19,80098753.3 
914VE2FXL2011VE2SA HP ALL (T)19,04086802.8 
915WJ1R2016W1SA HP ALL (T)18,96699875.4 
916EB2RA2017EASA HP ALL (T)18,8871081012.1 
917WA3OFC/42008W4SA HP ALL (T)18,50985834.6 
918NW1E2008W1SA HP ALL (T)18,45086752.1K1JN
919RW4WZ2010UA-4SA HP ALL (T)18,117100996.2 
920XE1EX2008XESA HP ALL (T)18,07082655.5 
921SV1DPI2010SVSA HP ALL (T)18,02090855.1 
922W6SX2016W6SA HP ALL (T)16,856124985.1 
923RW4WZ2011UA-4SA HP ALL (T)16,53095875.4 
924WE2W/12016W1SA HP ALL (T)16,15486821.9 
925N6OPR2013W6SA HP ALL (T)16,08288868.0 
926OM3DX2007OMSA HP ALL (T)15,75690783.8  
927WA3OFC/42013W4SA HP ALL (T)15,50470682.6 
928DJ8EW2012DLSA HP ALL (T)14,87290882.2 
929PF9W2016PASA HP ALL (T)14,48089803.4 
930W1ZQ2015W1SA HP ALL (T)14,21967596.4 
931W6SX2014W6SA HP ALL (T)14,112104842.7 
932N1IBM/22014W2SA HP ALL (T)12,95863623.3 
933K3IT2012W3SA HP ALL (T)12,89673625.5 
934ZW5V2011PYSA HP ALL (T)12,70975716.3PY5KA
935VE1OP2017VE1SA HP ALL (T)12,60069603.1 
936EA4DEC2011EASA HP ALL (T)12,60073724.9 
937WE6Z2010W6SA HP ALL (T)12,41077732.6 
938LZ8A2007LZSA HP ALL (T)12,17276682.9LZ2BE 
939JH1OVY2012JA1SA HP ALL (T)11,90071708.8 
940YV6BXN2008YVSA HP ALL (T)11,50159536.5 
941W5KI2011W5SA HP ALL (T)11,18079652.4 
942EI2GLB2012EISA HP ALL (T)10,55654522.6 
943JF2IWL2016JA2SA HP ALL (T)10,03459581.3 
944JH1OVY2017JA1SA HP ALL (T)9,95468634.4 
945JH1OVY2010JA1SA HP ALL (T)9,48663629.0 
946AI6Z2016W6SA HP ALL (T)9,29664567.2 
947N4DXI2012W4SA HP ALL (T)9,02059553.7 
948K6UM2017W7SA HP ALL (T)8,80470621.4 
949NO6F2013W6SA HP ALL (T)8,70065601.0K2RD
950G6VMR2015GSA HP ALL (T)8,68068566.9 
951VK5QI2017VKSA HP ALL (T)8,62459569.9 
952DM5TS2015DLSA HP ALL (T)8,262625112.2 
953N6NC2006W6SA HP ALL (T)8,25672646.4  
954KB0YH2015W0SA HP ALL (T)7,98042355.6 
955R3BA2014UA-3SA HP ALL (T)7,92064602.5  
956AI6Z2017W6SA HP ALL (T)7,88951497.2 
957AE6RR2011W6SA HP ALL (T)7,47359536.2 
958KG6TT2006W6SA HP ALL (T)7,44862563.5  
959N7MB/92010W9SA HP ALL (T)7,12841364.2 
960JJ1WWL2017JA1SA HP ALL (T)7,120404012.4 
961LA6VQ2015LASA HP ALL (T)6,86050492.7 
962K0TLG2017W0SA HP ALL (T)6,72050485.4 
963WJ1R2017W1SA HP ALL (T)6,72058562.2 
964JA1XUY2013JA1SA HP ALL (T)6,46846421.9 
965AI6Z2012W6SA HP ALL (T)6,24054525.1 
966DJ8EW2013DLSA HP ALL (T)6,21562554.0 
967WK1J2017W1SA HP ALL (T)5,85046451.2 
968JF2IWL2015JA2SA HP ALL (T)5,85048451.6 
969SM6WET2008SMSA HP ALL (T)5,67049454.8 
970WE6Z2016W6SA HP ALL (T)5,50054503.9 
971NG2P2007W2SA HP ALL (T)5,03146432.8  
972KR9E2014W9SA HP ALL (T)4,92045412.3 
973N6ER2009W6SA HP ALL (T)4,62542372.2 
974IZ2DII2011ISA HP ALL (T)4,31246441.9 
975TA3AMH2014TASA HP ALL (T)4,059353310.1 
976JI1RMZ2017JA1SA HP ALL (T)3,95542356.4 
977W1MAT2006W1SA HP ALL (T)3,93643412.2  
978W4VIC2009W4SA HP ALL (T)3,76240382.2 
979W5KI2010W5SA HP ALL (T)3,74440361.2 
980VK2BCQ2014VKSA HP ALL (T)3,59736331.7 
981DL9NDV2011DLSA HP ALL (T)3,52046443.2 
982DL9NDV2013DLSA HP ALL (T)3,33238345.3 
983A65CA2016A6SA HP ALL (T)3,06037341.0RV6AJJ
984JJ1WWL2015JA1SA HP ALL (T)2,95838343.7 
985EA7GGP1996EASA HP ALL (T)2,5903535  
986JN3IWQ2017JA3SA HP ALL (T)2,29137295.5 
987K7IOA2016W7SA HP ALL (T)2,07242373.8 
988W8BS2005W8SA HP ALL (T)1,99828271.7  
9897K1NUZ/82010JA8SA HP ALL (T)1,94331293.7 
990DJ8EW2015DLSA HP ALL (T)1,92030301.6 
991K0ALT2015W0SA HP ALL (T)1,31123231.2  
992JR9GMS2011JA9SA HP ALL (T)1,28121213.0 
993IZ2ODM2010ISA HP ALL (T)1,17621213.4 
994DL8UAT2015DLSA HP ALL (T)89321192.6 
995YC1IVW2016YBSA HP ALL (T)82515154.5 
996LU6QI2012LUSA HP ALL (T)52811111.3 
997KM9M2013W9SA HP ALL (T)52021200.7 
998W7VS2009W7SA HP ALL (T)38512112.3 
999UN5J2013UNSA HP ALL (T)31911112.1 
1000AF0W2016W0SA HP ALL (T)29913131.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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