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701RA0SMS2017RA0SA HP ALL9,98269622.0 [Cert]
702RW0OU2011RA0SO LP ALL9,856917714.5 [Cert]
703UA0SBQ2007RA0SO QRP ALL9,853745912.2  
704UA0SR1984RA0SO HP 40M9,7928348  
705UA0IV2003RA0SO LP ALL9,724976811.7  
706UC0L2014RA0SO HP 20M9,68573655.3 [Cert]
707UA0LT1985RA0SO HP 15M9,66416564  
708UA0CW2009RA0SO HP ALL9,39464618.4 [Cert]
709UA0FDX2006RA0SO HP ALL9,06064603.5  
710UA6LP/RV0Q1993RA0SO QRP 20M8,8968064  
711UA0LAF1983RA0SO HP ALL8,7866146  
712UA0AAS2016RA0SO LP 20M8,77871664.2 [Cert]
713RA0ALM2004RA0SO LP ALL8,76062604.6  
714RA0QD2009RA0SO HP 15M8,51497665.2 [Cert]
715UA0SBQ2011RA0SO QRP ALL8,49663599.8 [Cert]
716RA0JD1991RA0SO HP 15M8,3087567  
717UA0LEL2003RA0SO LP ALL8,256534832.9  
718UA0SME1988RA0SO HP 15M8,2326556  
719UA0SGJ1984RA0SO HP ALL8,2155753  
720RZ0AF2010RA0SA HP 10M8,17863585.2 [Cert]
721RW0LZ2001RA0SO HP 10M8,11399619.6  
722UA0SW2012RA0SO HP 10M7,59254522.8 [Cert]
723UA0W2016RA0SA HP 80M (T)7,400373720.3 [Cert]
724R0JF2015RA0SO QRP ALL7,37169633.7 [Cert]
725RU0AJD2006RA0SO HP ALL7,350635030.7  
726RC0C/P2017RA0MULTI-ONE HP7,250111583.4R0CM R0CAF UB0CAG[Cert]
727UA0SBQ/P2016RA0SO QRP ALL7,24258517.1 [Cert]
728UA0ABB2007RA0SO LP ALL7,150565528.4  
729RW0AR2008RA0SO LP 20M7,10254531.9 [Cert]
730RN0CW2011RA0SO LP ALL6,83271615.2 [Cert]
731UA0CS1989RA0SO HP 20M6,7846053  
732RD0CD2015RA0SO HP ALL6,71649463.5 [Cert]
733UK0DAA1983RA0MULTI-ONE HP6,6155645Club Group 
734RU0AE2009RA0SO LP 10M6,60466523.1 [Cert]
735UA0CDM1982RA0SO HP 40M6,5414531  
736UW0CM1985RA0SO HP ALL6,2018053  
737UA0CKA1994RA0SO LP 15M6,1609355  
738RZ0SO2009RA0SO QRP 20M6,15657545.2 [Cert]
739UA0AKY2017RA0SO LP 20M6,02849441.4 [Cert]
740RV0AR2000RA0SO HP ALL5,9785149  
741RZ0CQ2010RA0SO LP 40M5,95232314.7 [Cert]
742UA0UBZ1985RA0SO HP 20M5,6877347  
743UA0QBR2010RA0SA HP 20M (T)5,50248423.9 [Cert]
744RA0AM2008RA0SO HP 10M5,40655513.5 [Cert]
745UA0FER1982RA0SO HP 40M5,0404935  
746UA0XAJ1984RA0SO HP 20M4,7167736  
747UA0ZCR1979RA0SO HP 15M4,6926046  
748UA0SBQ2015RA0SO QRP ALL4,59243415.5 [Cert]
749R0RC2016RA0SO LP ALL4,46943415.7 [Cert]
750RZ0SZZ2010RA0MULTI-ONE HP4,21253361.6UA0SM RN0SA[Cert]
751RM0W2011RA0SA HP 10M4,00256467.5 [Cert]
752RU0AT2003RA0SO LP 20M3,97840391.4  
753RA0ALM2008RA0SO HP 10M3,91348431.1 [Cert]
754UA0IT2013RA0SA LP ALL3,90044392.5 [Cert]
755RU0AE2007RA0SO LP ALL3,70038371.4  
756UA0LFN1984RA0SO HP 40M3,6183027  
757UA0A2017RA0SO LP 20M3,47645443.4 [Cert]
758UA0ZC1986RA0SO HP ALL3,4326026  
759UA0W2014RA0SO QRP 15M3,20437364.2 [Cert]
760UA0WL2008RA0SA LP 10M3,10843425.9 [Cert]
761UK0LAA1981RA0MULTI-ONE HP3,1005320Club Group 
762RA0CEN2016RA0SO LP ALL3,08040353.7 [Cert]
763UA0QGQ1989RA0SO QRP 15M3,0243028  
764RA0JD1990RA0SO QRP 10M2,9605337  
765UA0FDX2007RA0SO LP ALL2,856453426.8  
766RA0CEN2017RA0SO LP ALL2,84444365.1 [Cert]
767UA0UAG1988RA0SO HP 15M2,8066623  
768R0AFF2017RA0SA QRP 40M (R)2,75626263.5 [Cert]
769RA0LMK2016RA0SO LP 20M2,73668381.8  
770UA0DBX2016RA0SO LP ALL2,52060402.3 [Cert]
771UA0BA2008RA0SO HP 20M2,41830310.4 [Cert]
772UA0LCQ1981RA0SO QRP 80M2,3693233  
773UA0CDM1979RA0SO HP ALL2,3463023  
774RU0AE2003RA0SO LP 20M2,17529292.1  
775RA0FLP2002RA0SO LP ALL (R)2,14241347.9  
776RN0QQ2010RA0SO QRP ALL2,01345334.3 [Cert]
777RK0SZZ2004RA0MULTI-ONE HP1,943312948.0UA0SPL UA0SPH 
778R0RC2017RA0SO LP ALL1,88529294.6 [Cert]
779RW0AR2012RA0SA HP 10M1,59329272.4 [Cert]
780UA0A2016RA0SO LP 20M1,57525251.1 [Cert]
781RN0SA2008RA0SO LP 10M1,48226262.3 [Cert]
782RU0AT2008RA0SO LP 20M1,42624232.4 [Cert]
783UA0FEO1986RA0SO HP 160M1,2542619  
784UC0LAF2010RA0SO QRP 20M1,19626262.0 [Cert]
785RW0AR2003RA0SO LP 15M1,170272625.5  
786UA0CMG2009RA0SO LP 10M1,13137298.9 [Cert]
787RW0LKA1998RA0SO QRP ALL1,0753325  
788UA0AKY2016RA0SO LP 20M1,02620191.0 [Cert]
789RA0ANO2011RA0SA LP ALL86419182.6 [Cert]
790UA0OAA1981RA0SO HP 20M7141714  
791RW0AA2009RA0SO LP 20M68017171.1 [Cert]
792UA0ZCJ1990RA0SO HP 20M6002020  
793RK0UT2015RA0SA HP 15M49317171.0 [Cert]
794UA0W2017RA0SA HP 40M (T)48010106.7 [Cert]
795UA0SU1989RA0SO HP 10M4801616  
796RA0CDF2006RA0SO LP 10M475211925.2  
797RA0ANO2012RA0SA LP ALL44815142.1 [Cert]
798UA0LDC1981RA0SO HP 20M4291313  
799UA0AAS2015RA0SO LP ALL42015150.6 [Cert]
800RV0AL2009RA0SO LP ALL42013120.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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