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701JA3WFQ2001JA3SO HP ALL2,2683227  
702JA3UWB1988JA3SO HP 15M2,2623129  
703JO3RCK2014JA3SO LP 15M (T)2,232323112.3 [Cert]
704JG3TSX2012JA3SO LP ALL2,14629294.3 [Cert]
705JH3JYS2009JA3SO LP ALL2,10033302.1 [Cert]
706JA3EGE2015JA3SO LP 15M2,05929291.2 [Cert]
707JP3AQR2017JA3SO LP ALL (T)2,04638315.2 [Cert]
708JS3CGH2013JA3SO LP ALL2,04021201.6  
709JR3NDM2002JA3SO LP ALL2,00131292.2  
710JE3CYH1990JA3SO HP 20M1,9712727  
711JA3PFY2017JA3SO LP ALL1,96031287.8 [Cert]
712JA3GW2013JA3SO LP ALL1,88838322.9 [Cert]
713JR3XEX1998JA3SO HP 20M1,8763028  
714JF7VVL/31988JA3SO HP 15M1,8273429  
715JA3PYC2016JA3SA LP ALL1,79424231.6 [Cert]
716JA3EEM1995JA3SO HP 20M1,7859485  
717JI3OPA1981JA3SO HP 15M1,7552927  
718JO3JJN1996JA3SO LP 20M1,7252525  
719JL3RDC2007JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,68239296.3  
720JI3QGQ2015JA3SA LP ALL (T)1,67525254.6 [Cert]
721JL3RDC2012JA3SA LP 20M (T)1,67428277.6 [Cert]
722JA3RAZ2015JA3SO LP 10M1,67432312.7 [Cert]
723JS3LSQ2015JA3SO HP ALL (T)1,65627242.1 [Cert]
724JO3QVT2011JA3SO LP ALL (R)1,56836326.7 [Cert]
725JG3KMT2014JA3SO HP ALL1,56026266.1 [Cert]
726JJ3WPX2012JA3SO LP ALL1,53624244.1 [Cert]
727JO3XCK2015JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,48025202.8 [Cert]
728JA4XHF/31994JA3SO QRP 20M1,4753025  
729JA3RKT 1989JA3SO HP 15M1,4742322  
730JH3GCN2012JA3SO HP 15M1,44924236.8 [Cert]
731JO3RCK2010JA3SO LP 15M (R)1,404282610.1 [Cert]
732JN3IWQ2014JA3SA LP ALL1,37527253.7 [Cert]
733JL3RDC2008JA3SO LP 20M (T)1,30525455.9 [Cert]
734JR3KAH2017JA3SA LP 15M1,30235319.6 [Cert]
735JS3LSQ2012JA3SO LP ALL1,30028255.0 [Cert]
736JF3KQA2016JA3SO QRP ALL (T)1,24021203.4  
737JA3BIP1996JA3SO HP 40M1,2301515  
738JH3DMQ2010JA3SO QRP 15M1,22229266.4 [Cert]
739JG3EHD2017JA3SO LP ALL1,18822222.9 [Cert]
740JG3KMT2017JA3SO HP ALL1,14020204.0 [Cert]
741JI3KDH2017JA3SA LP 10M (T)1,10731274.1 [Cert]
742JR3GVH2008JA3SO LP 20M1,10729274.0 [Cert]
743JI3OGI2010JA3SO LP ALL1,10028254.1 [Cert]
744JA3POW2015JA3SO LP 15M99022222.1 [Cert]
745JP3QAO2017JA3SA LP ALL98721214.7 [Cert]
746JR3XEX2009JA3SO LP 20M96919190.5 [Cert]
747JI3OGI2013JA3SO LP ALL96825223.2 [Cert]
748JO3LDN2005JA3SO QRP 40M86720173.5  
749JO3EVM2009JA3SO LP 20M83619192.8 [Cert]
750JI3AUD1987JA3SO QRP 10M7924833  
751JA3HPD1999JA3SO LP 20M7841716  
752JR3KAH2015JA3SO LP 15M76827244.4 [Cert]
753JG3WCZ1997JA3SO LP 20M7681616  
754JO3JJN1997JA3SO LP 20M7141817  
755JI3KDH2013JA3SA LP 20M70519154.3 [Cert]
756JJ3WPX2014JA3SO LP ALL66317171.5 [Cert]
757JR2HAR/31984JA3SO HP 20M6151515  
758JK3AHS2009JA3SO QRP 20M60824196.4 [Cert]
759JQ3OZY1990JA3SO HP 20M6002120  
760JL3IVX2001JA3SO LP 15M5941918  
761JH3DMQ2008JA3SO QRP 15M58823216.5 [Cert]
762JR7HOD/32010JA3SO LP ALL57414143.2 [Cert]
763JK3UQF2017JA3SO LP 20M55819184.0 [Cert]
764JG3GQA1979JA3SO HP 40M5401310  
765JI3DNN/32010JA3SO LP ALL52718172.7 [Cert]
766JG3EHD2016JA3SO LP 20M51815143.5 [Cert]
767JK3AHS2011JA3SO QRP 40M51323193.2 [Cert]
768JF3ROH2014JA3SO QRP 20M47614143.2 [Cert]
769JK3AHS2010JA3SO QRP 40M45020183.7 [Cert]
770JO3RCK2012JA3SO LP 10M434171411.0 [Cert]
771JK3ZQJ2003JA3SO QRP 10M40615142.1JG1EIQ 
772JG3RPL2011JA3SO LP 10M (T)40017168.6 [Cert]
773JG3EHD2004JA3SO LP 15M37713132.5  
774JG2CNS/32009JA3SO QRP 40M37212122.2 [Cert]
775JG3LGD2013JA3SO HP ALL33011111.1 [Cert]
776JI3ZOX2001JA3SO LP 15M3121413JL3IVX 
777JA3BCT1979JA3SO HP 40M30488  
778JI3KXB2010JA3SA LP ALL27010100.7 [Cert]
779JG3LDD2015JA3SO LP ALL (T)25212121.4 [Cert]
780JH3CYZ1989JA3SO HP 160M2381817  
781JO3RCK2013JA3SO LP 10M (T)23111117.3 [Cert]
782JF3ROH2015JA3SO QRP 20M225991.3 [Cert]
783JE3KGT1992JA3SO HP ALL210107  
784JI3KDH2015JA3SA LP 10M20911111.5 [Cert]
785JF3LOP2014JA3SA HP 10M207992.7 [Cert]
786JR3KAH2014JA3SO LP 15M19811113.3 [Cert]
787JM3LWR1998JA3SO LP 20M19288  
788JH3CYZ1987JA3SO HP 160M1902119  
789JI3QGQ2017JA3SA LP 40M (T)182872.7KEI[Cert]
790JG3EHD2014JA3SO QRP 10M171991.1 [Cert]
791JE3FOR2016JA3SO LP ALL154770.7 [Cert]
792JG3WCZ1995JA3SO LP 20M15399  
793JA3NOJ2011JA3SO LP ALL150761.4 [Cert]
794JF3ROH2016JA3SO QRP 10M13013101.3 [Cert]
795JL3IVX2000JA3SO LP 10M12677  
796JA3RAZ2006JA3SO LP 15M1268728.4  
797JI3FSI2013JA3SO LP 15M119770.9 [Cert]
798JG3EHD2005JA3SO LP 20M108666.3  
799JA3HPD1998JA3SO LP 20M10077  
800JG2CNS/32008JA3SO QRP 40M (T)80440.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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