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701W8EH2016W8SO QRP 20M1,23231282.3 [Cert]
702DL/K3TW/M2000DLSO QRP 20M1,2322322  
703ZB2X2007ZBSO QRP 20M1,216323226.1OH2KI 
704IN3YKS2012ISO QRP 20M1,20429283.3 [Cert]
705UC0LAF2010RA0SO QRP 20M1,19626262.0 [Cert]
706VA3RJ2011VE3SO QRP 20M1,17324232.0 [Cert]
707SM7CZC1997SMSO QRP 20M1,1202020  
708SP8LXE2016SPSO QRP 20M1,11636365.0 [Cert]
709G3DOP1981GSO QRP 20M1,1023429  
710SP5OXJ2005SPSO QRP 20M1,09226261.1  
711IZ2FME2010ISO QRP 20M1,08935331.4 [Cert]
712OH6DC2005OHSO QRP 20M1,04430293.1  
713AA5TB2007W5SO QRP 20M (T)1,026272726.5  
714M3PSK2015GSO QRP 20M1,02334312.9 [Cert]
715EA2CAR2017EASO QRP 20M1,01531291.0 [Cert]
716JE1CAC2014JA1SO QRP 20M (T)1,00020202.5 [Cert]
717OK6D2016OKSO QRP 20M95730292.7OK2TEO[Cert]
718EA4/MM0JOM2016EASO QRP 20M93626266.0 [Cert]
719UA7G2011UA-6SO QRP 20M92525250.5 [Cert]
720NY9M1988W9SO QRP 20M9103535  
721KI0G2012W0SO QRP 20M90323213.5 [Cert]
722JH8BKP2016JA8SO QRP 20M88020202.0 [Cert]
723GW3R2015GWSO QRP 20M86829280.6G0DCK[Cert]
724W8NNC2013W8SO QRP 20M85827262.0 [Cert]
725LZ1MC2016LZSO QRP 20M83622221.1 [Cert]
726VK6VT2015VKSO QRP 20M83317175.7 [Cert]
727YU1IZ2011YUSO QRP 20M81232292.2 [Cert]
728N8WS1998W8SO QRP 20M7923936  
729KE5QDA2012W5SO QRP 20M (T)78431285.6 [Cert]
730W8EH2005W8SO QRP 20M760191925.7  
731F/N7XY2004FSO QRP 20M72525252.3  
732W1MJ2017W1SO QRP 20M72016160.8 [Cert]
733AI4SV2011W4SO QRP 20M71325235.9 [Cert]
734KZ5OM/62007W6SO QRP 20M713232326.6K6III 
735SP6BXM2009SPSO QRP 20M69625247.3 [Cert]
736YO4BQV1984YOSO QRP 20M6842119  
737EA3FHP2012EASO QRP 20M68020201.0 [Cert]
738VE5AE2009VE5SO QRP 20M66725237.6 [Cert]
739IZ8JFL2011ISO QRP 20M63823221.4 [Cert]
740HA8CZ1981HASO QRP 20M6382922  
741JE1CAC2006JA1SO QRP 20M (T)61515151.1  
742JK3AHS2009JA3SO QRP 20M60824196.4 [Cert]
743SM6DVZ1981SMSO QRP 20M5982623  
744G3CWL/A1987GSO QRP 20M5942522  
745Y24LA1986DMSO QRP 20M5441616  
746SM7RPU2009SMSO QRP 20M52923232.6 [Cert]
747KQ2RP2017W2SO QRP 20M51216161.3 [Cert]
748KC6KGL2017W5SO QRP 20M (T)50423216.4 [Cert]
749ND0C2017W0SO QRP 20M (T)50419181.7 [Cert]
750V85AN2016V8SO QRP 20M49515152.3 [Cert]
751KI4EZL2017W4SO QRP 20M49420194.2 [Cert]
752JF3ROH2014JA3SO QRP 20M47614143.2 [Cert]
753AC7A/AH62005KH6SO QRP 20M468131225.7  
754AC8AP2016W8SO QRP 20M46417161.4 [Cert]
755PB4FUN2003PASO QRP 20M46222213.1  
756IZ7SIA2013ISO QRP 20M46020203.0 [Cert]
757DL2JRM1994DLSO QRP 20M3802019  
758JF1WQC2008JA1SO QRP 20M36819163.6 [Cert]
759JH1OES/12012JA1SO QRP 20M34219184.2 [Cert]
760W6YVK1987W6SO QRP 20M3413431  
761W8EH2013W8SO QRP 20M (T)33616143.6 [Cert]
762UC0LAF2008RA0SO QRP 20M33617161.4 [Cert]
763F3WT2014FSO QRP 20M32514131.3 [Cert]
764JA1POS2012JA1SO QRP 20M32016163.5 [Cert]
765KG1K1982W1SO QRP 20M3001515  
766N0OA2004W0SO QRP 20M273141324.7  
767KL7/WA4DOX2010KLSO QRP 20M (T)2611191.7WA4DOX[Cert]
768G3DOP1979GSO QRP 20M2521414  
769K6III2007W6SO QRP 20M24715132.6  
770WB2PEF2016W2SO QRP 20M23111110.7 [Cert]
771SJ9WL1979SMSO QRP 20M2281212  
772JF3ROH2015JA3SO QRP 20M225991.3 [Cert]
773WV7G2005W7SO QRP 20M22414142.1  
774NX9G2016W9SO QRP 20M (T)22011112.4 [Cert]
775JG7UVO2013JA7SO QRP 20M207992.6 [Cert]
776DL2SHR2008DLSO QRP 20M19614142.0 [Cert]
777EA1BYA2013EASO QRP 20M16812120.7  
778DL0VLT1999DLSO QRP 20M14777  
779WB9MII2002W9SO QRP 20M1431311  
780JK1REJ1989JA1SO QRP 20M13377  
781KJ4KB/11986W1SO QRP 20M1321211  
782JA1POS2010JA1SO QRP 20M12010102.7 [Cert]
783YC1HBP2017YBSO QRP 20M108661.2  
784EA6/DJ2QV2012EA6SO QRP 20M1081191.0 [Cert]
785MM0DFV2008GMSO QRP 20M1081090.5 [Cert]
786N3CZB1993W3SO QRP 20M1083027  
787AA8RR1996W8SO QRP 20M1001010  
788JK1TCV2017JA1SO QRP 20M96880.9 [Cert]
789PA0WAC1979PASO QRP 20M9177  
790KC2KME2006W2SO QRP 20M (R)806525.2  
791JK1TCV2009JA1SO QRP 20M75550.7 [Cert]
792DL2TM2005DLSO QRP 20M70872.7  
793I7/IK2AIT2005ISO QRP 20M6488  
794RV3GM2017UA-3SO QRP 20M60660.5 [Cert]
795JG3EHD2015JA3SO QRP 20M60552.1 [Cert]
796F6ESB2012FSO QRP 20M56881.6 [Cert]
797HA9TA2016HASO QRP 20M49770.4  
798UT7DU2015URSO QRP 20M49770.5  
799IK8WEI2005ISO QRP 20M486624.6  
800JG7UVO2016JA7SO QRP 20M40440.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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