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601JG2LGM1984JA2SO HP 40M6,6244536  
602JR2TTS2017JA2SA LP ALL6,49345437.0 [Cert]
603JE2VYM2014JA2SA LP 20M (T)6,432484810.2 [Cert]
604JF2LTH1989JA2SO QRP 40M6,4244944  
605JA2KKA2009JA2SO LP 15M6,40058504.0 [Cert]
606JI2GZC2012JA2SO LP ALL6,38049446.9 [Cert]
607JA2KKA2005JA2SO LP ALL6,34549452.0  
6087J2AAF1989JA2SO HP ALL6,1925348W1END 
609JM2LSJ2012JA2SO LP ALL6,18862525.4 [Cert]
610JF2LTH1990JA2SO QRP 40M6,1486353  
611JF2FIU2015JA2SO LP 40M6,00643423.2 [Cert]
612JF2FIU2017JA2SO HP ALL (T)5,92959494.3 [Cert]
613JH2FXK2007JA2SO HP 160M5,775393528.2  
614JR2AQP1985JA2SO HP 20M5,7545342  
615JA2AYH2012JA2SO HP ALL5,74041415.5 [Cert]
616JA2KPV2011JA2SA LP 20M5,70055505.3 [Cert]
617JR2MIN2017JA2SO LP 20M5,40659536.3 [Cert]
618JQ2EHD2007JA2SO HP ALL5,33662469.3  
619JN1MKZ/21987JA2SO HP 40M5,3324543  
620JE2HCJ2014JA2SO LP 15M5,26447473.4 [Cert]
621JM2RUV2008JA2SA HP 10M5,15251462.6 [Cert]
622JA2GSV2014JA2SO LP ALL4,97249448.9 [Cert]
623JA2ESR1994JA2SO HP 40M4,9144739  
624JA2KCY2010JA2SA LP ALL (T)4,88449443.7 [Cert]
625JA2HYD2013JA2SO LP 40M4,795373515.1 [Cert]
626JA2CUS2017JA2SA LP 80M4,75264549.6 [Cert]
627JE2HCJ2013JA2SO LP 10M4,68050455.8 [Cert]
628JF2FIU2000JA2SO HP 15M4,6534747  
629JE2PCY1995JA2SO HP 15M4,6464946  
630JK2VOC1994JA2SO LP ALL4,5564634  
631JJ2ICA2016JA2SO LP ALL4,42837365.2 [Cert]
632JA2EJI1990JA2SO HP 15M4,4164746  
633JI2VLM2000JA2SO LP ALL4,3665037  
634JR2NTC1989JA2SO HP 10M4,3294339  
635JF2LTH1986JA2SO HP 40M4,3203836  
636JI2GZC2014JA2SO LP ALL4,30049433.8 [Cert]
637JA2AUE1992JA2SO HP ALL4,2923329  
638JE2SOY2005JA2SO LP 10M4,185554511.5  
639JG2AIG2005JA2SO QRP 40M (T)4,06029295.4  
640JA2KKA2010JA2SO LP 15M4,01853493.6 [Cert]
641JA2OJ1991JA2SO HP 10M3,8224539  
642JF2FIU2007JA2SO HP ALL3,80048382.4  
643JR2FJC2010JA2SO LP ALL3,78446437.3 [Cert]
644JR7OMD/21992JA2SO LP 40M3,6583231  
645JR2MIO/22015JA2SO LP 15M (R)3,65249442.6 [Cert]
646JI2NQS1985JA2SO HP ALL3,6054535  
647JR2AOP1984JA2SO HP 20M3,5844232  
648JA2KPV1982JA2SO HP 15M3,5724238  
649JL2TAW2001JA2SA LP 20M3,552353226.2  
650JE2SOY2006JA2SO LP 10M3,44054437.9  
651JF2OHQ2012JA2SO LP 40M (T)3,406262619.9 [Cert]
652JR2AAN/22011JA2SA LP 15M3,34447443.8 [Cert]
653JH2KGL2014JA2SO LP ALL3,31240364.3 [Cert]
654JL2OGZ2013JA2SO LP ALL (T)3,27650422.3 [Cert]
655JF2IWL2011JA2SO HP ALL3,18538356.1 [Cert]
656JI2GZC2016JA2SO LP ALL (R)3,00032301.7 [Cert]
657JA2HBK2012JA2SO QRP 10M2,96440385.4 [Cert]
658JA2ODV1991JA2SO HP 10M2,9523936  
659JP2MRD2012JA2SO LP 10M2,92344378.1 [Cert]
660JA2CJE2017JA2SO QRP ALL2,91644365.7 [Cert]
661JA2IVY1987JA2SO HP 10M2,9076851  
662JQ3CHM/21989JA2SO HP 40M2,9002825  
663JG2MLI1998JA2SO LP 10M2,8567956  
664JA2HZA2014JA2SO LP 10M2,847413911.3 [Cert]
665JF2LTH1987JA2SO QRP 40M2,8383533  
666JF2XGF2015JA2SA HP 20M2,79032312.7 [Cert]
667JA2FSM2003JA2SO HP ALL2,784353226.0  
668JQ2RMA2003JA2SO LP ALL2,75439345.5  
669JI2LCE1987JA2SO HP 15M2,7365138  
670JA2FSM2013JA2SA HP 15M2,70036362.8 [Cert]
671JI2NQS1984JA2SO HP ALL2,6914639  
672JF2IAB2011JA2SA LP ALL2,673403310.6 [Cert]
673JE2HXL2010JA2SO LP ALL2,66040383.2 [Cert]
674JA2EAB1986JA2SO QRP 20M2,6505421  
675JA2KPW2016JA2SO LP ALL2,64039336.5 [Cert]
676JF2LTH1988JA2SO QRP 40M2,3763433  
677JI2GZC2015JA2SO LP 40M2,34625231.3 [Cert]
678JF2OHQ2015JA2SO HP 20M2,31030308.9 [Cert]
679JH2KGL2013JA2SO LP 15M2,24434333.1 [Cert]
680JK2EIJ/02016JA2MULTI-ONE LP2,22052373.5JK2EIJ JH0MUC[Cert]
681JQ2EHD2008JA2SO HP ALL2,19041306.9 [Cert]
682JM2RUV2014JA2SO QRP 15M2,17836332.1 [Cert]
683JA2PAC2008JA2SO HP ALL2,13032308.0 [Cert]
684JK2VOC2004JA2SA LP ALL2,12834281.4  
685JR2EKD2017JA2SA QRP 15M2,11233322.7 [Cert]
686JL2XMW2015JA2SO LP 10M2,112373210.1 [Cert]
687JR2SQU2006JA2SO LP 20M2,08830291.5  
688JF2LTH1999JA2SO QRP 40M2,0162718  
6897J2AAF1991JA2SO HP 10M1,9954035  
690JQ2OUL2009JA2SO LP ALL1,97530255.1 [Cert]
691JF2LTH1991JA2SO QRP 40M1,9723129  
692JE2FJI2014JA2SO LP 15M1,89826264.4 [Cert]
693JH2ABL1995JA2SO LP 10M1,8905345  
694JA2ODV1988JA2SO HP 10M1,8762928  
695JF2FIU2001JA2SO HP 15M1,86327271.9  
696JL2RQH1988JA2SO HP 15M1,7003025  
697JA2KPV1980JA2SO HP 15M1,6723619  
698JF2FIU2005JA2SO HP 15M1,6522928  
699JN2QYN/21994JA2SO LP 15M1,5963128  
700JR2BNF1985JA2SO HP 20M1,5682928  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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