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501DF0SX2010DLSO LP 80M33,9841591185.8DL1CW[Cert]
502R7AC2016UA-6SO LP 80M33,94813812316.3 [Cert]
503I5NXH2005ISO LP 80M33,5161351147.0  
504YL3FW2008YLSO LP 80M33,2921421163.9 [Cert]
505NE5D2006W5SO LP 80M33,222114985.8K5RX 
506K9UIY2017W9SO LP 80M32,13219311611.3 [Cert]
507OM6TX2015OMSO LP 80M31,9201301126.4 [Cert]
508HA8FW1995HASO LP 80M31,752126108  
509LY2FF2004LYSO LP 80M31,692134114  
510SN3B2009SPSO LP 80M31,16513611512.0SQ3JPV[Cert]
511DH4JZ1993DLSO LP 80M30,740172118  
512EW6AL2002EUSO LP 80M29,71512310528.6  
513HA7JJS2015HASO LP 80M29,4151221117.4 [Cert]
514RW0AJ2007RA0SO LP 80M29,054104738.9  
515SP3CYY2010SPSO LP 80M28,7701331054.3 [Cert]
516YL2PN2005YLSO LP 80M28,52712411127.0  
517EA8NQ2011EA8SO LP 80M28,492746812.2 [Cert]
518UR5IHQ2007URSO LP 80M28,2701331106.9  
519OK2PXD2004OKSO LP 80M (T)27,8781271064.4  
520OK3WST1992OKOMSO LP 80M27,64813896  
521R7AC2014UA-6SO LP 80M27,5771231097.7 [Cert]
522UN5C2008UNSO LP 80M27,30289735.6 [Cert]
523UR5UBR2013URSO LP 80M (T)27,1081221085.6 [Cert]
524OM1AW2000OMSO LP 80M26,728 104  
525UR6IJ2003URSO LP 80M26,3341179928.6  
526ER1CS2014ERSO LP 80M26,0001091006.6 [Cert]
527PR7AR2005PYSO LP 80M25,80669665.7  
528YU1Q2011YUSO LP 80M25,2501201014.0 [Cert]
529LA8WG1994LASO LP 80M25,092125102  
530RV3FW2012UA-3SO LP 80M (T)24,8851081055.1 [Cert]
531RZ3VA2003UA-3SO LP 80M24,849112994.6  
532EI4CF2006EISO LP 80M24,47997916.8  
533YT7IM2014YUSO LP 80M24,3961091075.4  
534K5CAO/62015W6SO LP 80M23,7631168916.7 [Cert]
535UT7NW2015URSO LP 80M23,6251211051.8 [Cert]
536AB1J2008W1SO LP 80M (T)23,478106868.3 [Cert]
537SY8JG2007SVSO LP 80M23,424107968.4SV1JG 
538SP3LPR1996SPSO LP 80M23,400119100  
539YO3LP2017YOSO LP 80M23,023122912.4 [Cert]
540RA3ANL2003UA-3SO LP 80M21,576107875.9  
541UR8QR2012URSO LP 80M21,5281061045.0 [Cert]
542SQ1EUG2009SPSO LP 80M21,476120915.3 [Cert]
5439A205ST20129ASO LP 80M20,790110995.99A5ST[Cert]
544K5CAO2013W5SO LP 80M20,5001068217.1SERHIY SNISARENKO 
545SM7ATL2001SMSO LP 80M20,358114876.0  
546EW7DK2013EUSO LP 80M20,293104913.8 [Cert]
547YO8BGE2017YOSO LP 80M20,056103927.2 [Cert]
548F8PDR2003FSO LP 80M19,74990873.4  
549PA3BNT1996PASO LP 80M19,65611291  
550OM6TX2016OMSO LP 80M19,440106905.8 [Cert]
551R7AC2011UA-6SO LP 80M19,40299894.6 [Cert]
552YL2BJ2004YLSO LP 80M19,1881008228.3  
553OH6RC2008OHSO LP 80M19,15897934.7 [Cert]
554RU3UW2009UA-3SO LP 80M19,068114843.8 [Cert]
555WB8JUI2010W8SO LP 80M18,3821319122.0 [Cert]
556LU2BRG1994LUSO LP 80M18,2126558  
557UA1APJ1992UA-1SO LP 80M17,76011380  
558SP4F2017SPSO LP 80M16,791100873.2 [Cert]
559PI4AAG2008PASO LP 80M16,791958712.7PA3BNT[Cert]
560PY7OJ2003PYSO LP 80M16,65057506.5  
561ES0/OH3NLP1994ESSO LP 80M16,52410781  
562OZ1CCM2009OZSO LP 80M15,662918213.5 [Cert]
563OK1SI2007OKSO LP 80M15,60498835.3  
564SM6NJK1992SMSO LP 80M15,4849479  
565YU1GFG2002YUSO LP 80M (R)15,45097753.14N1JA 
566SN5Q2009SPSO LP 80M (T)15,39098812.6SQ5RDX[Cert]
567VE7YU2013VE7SO LP 80M15,01273549.0 [Cert]
568OK2BME2010OKSO LP 80M14,985105818.3 [Cert]
569JH7IMX2013JA7SO LP 80M (T)14,78481645.4 [Cert]
570YB3XM2011YBSO LP 80M14,50053504.9 [Cert]
571US5ELM2013URSO LP 80M14,40075727.7 [Cert]
572YO3JF2012YOSO LP 80M13,320767210.3 [Cert]
573VE3YGN1997VE3SO LP 80M13,3007750  
574UT7ET2008URSO LP 80M13,0131029111.0 [Cert]
575SP6FBD/31994SPSO LP 80M12,2128571  
576KI6LZ2014W6SO LP 80M11,550846613.0 [Cert]
577W2CDO/32004W3SO LP 80M11,48477663.5  
578SQ3BDQ2015SPSO LP 80M11,38876732.4 [Cert]
579SM7ATL1993SMSO LP 80M11,1369064  
580RW9QA2006RA9SO LP 80M10,824494427.0  
581RA3XA1997UA-3SO LP 80M10,39511499  
582K5RX2004W5SO LP 80M10,33692688.8  
583DH0DK1996DLSO LP 80M9,9847664  
584CO8ZZ2000CMSO LP 80M9,5405345  
585AB1U/62016W6SO LP 80M (T)9,52287694.2W6RKC[Cert]
586S55O2007S5SO LP 80M9,408726430.7  
587OK7T2016OKSO LP 80M (T)9,34472641.1OK1FHI[Cert]
588I4JEE2017ISO LP 80M9,31676684.1 [Cert]
589UY3AW2007URSO LP 80M9,316726825.7  
590HA4FV2009HASO LP 80M8,77772673.3 [Cert]
591VE3XAX2003VE3SO LP 80M (T)8,736524227.2  
592SP4AAZ2017SPSO LP 80M8,37970632.8 [Cert]
593OM1AW1999OMSO LP 80M8,1606560  
594YO8BGE2016YOSO LP 80M7,90661596.1 [Cert]
595NV3V1994W3SO LP 80M7,8005950  
596UA4FEN2008UA-4SO LP 80M7,32062602.5 [Cert]
597HA3FUT2017HASO LP 80M7,23666542.3 [Cert]
598OH1BC1994OHSO LP 80M7,2007060  
599UR4III2005URSO LP 80M7,06860573.3  
600SM0OGQ2008SMSO LP 80M6,84062571.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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