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401JA7CPW2011JA7SO LP ALL6,32773573.7 [Cert]
402JH7UJU1979JA7SO HP 10M6,3059365  
403JH7XGN1988JA7SO QRP 20M6,1164844  
404JA7DNO1995JA7SO LP 40M5,8903731  
405JF7GDF2004JA7SO LP ALL5,85650482.8  
406JA7ZP2008JA7SO HP ALL5,77246373.5 [Cert]
407JA7ARW2017JA7SO LP ALL5,29260543.6 [Cert]
408JA7KM1995JA7SO LP 15M5,1984946  
409JF7GDF2009JA7SO LP 20M5,01649442.3 [Cert]
410JA7LLL2013JA7SO LP 20M4,99849494.0 [Cert]
411JH7BMF2017JA7SO QRP ALL4,94756513.2 [Cert]
412JR7ASO2012JA7SO LP ALL4,71543419.8 [Cert]
413JA7AOU1987JA7SO HP 20M4,6804339  
414JA7KM1987JA7SO HP ALL4,6203935  
415JF7DXT2000JA7SO LP ALL4,6176527  
416JF7GDF/71999JA7SO LP ALL4,6085048  
417JN7KRH2011JA7SO LP 20M4,59056545.9 [Cert]
418JH7UJU1980JA7SO HP 10M4,4186847  
419JF7BZY1984JA7SO HP ALL4,1654935  
420JA7KQC2012JA7SA LP ALL4,144423710.1 [Cert]
421JP7AWQ2011JA7SA HP ALL4,13649442.9 [Cert]
422JA7KM1996JA7SO LP ALL4,1204140  
423JF7GDF2010JA7SO LP 20M (T)4,04857464.2 [Cert]
424JH7XVB1998JA7SO QRP 20M3,8545247  
425JA7JHT2003JA7SO LP ALL3,84431311.0  
426JE7MAY1991JA7SO HP 10M3,7844944  
427JA7YCQ2016JA7SO LP 15M3,76239383.3JP7IFH[Cert]
428JA7AMK2013JA7SO LP 10M3,49650464.1 [Cert]
429JK7UST2017JA7SO QRP 20M3,45840385.7 [Cert]
430JA7MJ2005JA7SO HP 80M (T)3,10527273.3  
431JH7AJD1985JA7SO HP 20M2,9973937  
432JR7ASO2015JA7SO LP ALL2,72038345.1 [Cert]
433JR7DUT2013JA7SO LP ALL2,66442362.9 [Cert]
434JH7XVB1994JA7SO QRP 40M2,6402624  
435JH7LRS1985JA7SO QRP 15M2,5503534  
436JA7OWD2010JA7SA HP 10M2,54248417.0 [Cert]
437JA7KQC2017JA7SO LP ALL2,49228285.8 [Cert]
438JH7BDS2017JA7SO LP ALL2,37526251.8 [Cert]
439JA7ZP2010JA7SA HP ALL2,32030292.0 [Cert]
440JA7MNB1990JA7SO HP 40M2,2623029  
441JG7EHM2012JA7SO HP 20M2,17529292.8 [Cert]
442JA7KM1984JA7SO HP 20M2,0802826  
443JR7ASO2016JA7SO LP ALL2,07231282.1  
444JR7ASO2014JA7SO LP ALL1,87629283.0 [Cert]
445JA7KY2016JA7SA HP ALL1,80025254.0 [Cert]
446JL7MGJ2016JA7SO LP ALL1,72835322.8 [Cert]
447JI7OED1994JA7SO HP 20M1,6643432  
448JA7AXP2014JA7SO LP ALL1,65624244.6 [Cert]
449JA7YCQ2008JA7MULTI-ONE HP1,64538351.6JO7UEB TOYOTA[Cert]
450JA7JWF1981JA7SO HP 80M1,6402520  
451JA7ETU2015JA7SO HP 15M1,56627274.1 [Cert]
452JA7ZP2009JA7SA HP ALL1,53929272.2 [Cert]
453JA7ARW1979JA7SO HP 15M1,4493123  
454JJ7ATA2013JA7SO QRP 20M1,37728274.1 [Cert]
455JH7YHD2009JA7SO LP 10M1,37633322.8JA7WSZ[Cert]
456JA7OWD2012JA7SO HP 10M1,33424233.5 [Cert]
457JI7OED/72014JA7SO LP 20M1,21025221.6 [Cert]
458JE7PNN2015JA7SO LP ALL (T)1,20620182.3 [Cert]
459JE7DMH2013JA7SO LP ALL1,13618162.2 [Cert]
460JN7KRH2012JA7SO LP 15M1,10220192.6 [Cert]
461JA7ZP2015JA7SA LP 15M1,05823231.1 [Cert]
462JA7OWD2013JA7SO HP 10M1,04028261.5 [Cert]
463JR7OEF2017JA7SO LP 80M1,03640283.1 [Cert]
464JE7SOG2009JA7SA HP 20M1,02021201.4 [Cert]
465JF7VVL1999JA7SO LP 15M1,0082824  
466JA7CPW2014JA7SO HP 10M99023227.1 [Cert]
467JN7KRH2015JA7SO LP ALL98629292.2 [Cert]
468JA7OMJ2014JA7SO LP 15M88020205.2 [Cert]
469JA7KM1989JA7SO HP 10M8551919  
470JG7UVO2014JA7SO QRP ALL83317174.2 [Cert]
471JA7HMZ1981JA7SO QRP 10M8002120  
472JN7KRH2010JA7SO LP ALL76518173.7 [Cert]
473JF7VVL/72013JA7SO LP 40M75427264.6  
474JA7SSP2014JA7SO LP ALL (T)72815142.8  
475JA7MWC2014JA7SO LP ALL72020183.5 [Cert]
476JA7AXP2013JA7SO LP ALL66618184.0 [Cert]
477JG7EHM2017JA7SO HP 20M64617170.9 [Cert]
478JA7ZP2007JA7SO HP 40M638111124.7  
479JP7DHE/12016JA7SO LP 40M60010102.5 [Cert]
480JH7BDS1987JA7SO HP 10M5802120  
481JA7AXP1999JA7SO LP ALL5721211  
482JA7FMZ1980JA7SO HP ALL5321414  
483JO7GVC2015JA7SO LP 40M50010100.4 [Cert]
484JE7PNN2016JA7SO LP ALL (T)46812121.9 [Cert]
485JA7AAT1991JA7SO HP 10M4201815  
486JA7AXP1997JA7SO LP 20M4031513  
487JR7HBF2014JA7SO HP 15M39014132.2 [Cert]
488JA7AXP2005JA7SO LP 20M3771313  
489JF7GDF2013JA7SO LP 10M36414141.1 [Cert]
490JR7DUT2015JA7SO LP ALL35220161.1  
491JN7OJA2001JA7SO HP 15M3411111  
492JA7OWD2016JA7SO HP 10M32513132.8 [Cert]
493JA7ETU2017JA7SO HP ALL32317172.4 [Cert]
494JF7VVL/71987JA7SO HP 40M3081111  
495JR7MAZ2016JA7SA HP ALL306991.2 [Cert]
496JA7TQK1986JA7SO HP 160M3042316  
497JF7VVL2011JA7SO LP 40M30013120.6 [Cert]
498JE7AWN1984JA7SO QRP 15M2941614  
499JA7AXP2017JA7SO LP ALL (T)252992.4 [Cert]
500JA7AXP1998JA7SO LP 10M2341713  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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