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401W5BM2015W5SA LP 20M31,39512011510.3 [Cert]
402YO5OLD2013YOSA LP 20M (T)30,2401521353.4 [Cert]
403JL8WFI2015JA8SA LP 20M29,83213311323.8 [Cert]
404SV9COL2017SV9SA LP 20M (T)29,5931101018.5 [Cert]
405RV3LD2011UA-3SA LP 20M (T)28,9441531446.3 [Cert]
406KA9O2012W9SA LP 20M27,1921031035.5 [Cert]
407NW4V2013W4SA LP 20M26,7751061056.0 [Cert]
408CT3FW2017CT3SA LP 20M26,675989710.8 [Cert]
4099A1CMA20119ASA LP 20M26,6661701344.89A5TO[Cert]
410DK5OS2010DLSA LP 20M (T)26,1301591348.8 [Cert]
411YV5EMG2017YVSA LP 20M26,077112899.3 [Cert]
412JA0GCI2016JA0SA LP 20M25,83311910914.9 [Cert]
413YL2IP2013YLSA LP 20M25,7281391286.7 [Cert]
414R6CW2015UA-6SA LP 20M25,70411010812.7 [Cert]
415W6OAT2016W6SA LP 20M25,344102964.2 [Cert]
416JA2KPV2009JA2SA LP 20M24,8641129611.5 [Cert]
417WA1NBS2016W1SA LP 20M24,35412512315.9 [Cert]
418JL6USD2017JA6SA LP 20M (T)24,16811710610.3 [Cert]
419KF0IQ2011W0SA LP 20M23,49313712313.3 [Cert]
420OF2LNH2017OHSA LP 20M23,1201461364.8OH2LNH[Cert]
421XE2ST2015XESA LP 20M22,950124905.2 [Cert]
422G3YJQ2014GSA LP 20M22,8691331215.5 [Cert]
423DL9NEI2017DLSA LP 20M22,7701461383.6 [Cert]
424SQ8KFM2014SPSA LP 20M22,3601161043.9 [Cert]
425PD3OES2017PASA LP 20M21,8401421308.5 [Cert]
426JO3PSJ2013JA3SA LP 20M21,7281079726.9 [Cert]
427LA6TPA2017LASA LP 20M21,2281181167.3 [Cert]
428KP2DX2013KP2SA LP 20M21,20398919.2KP2BH[Cert]
429W2JC2016W2SA LP 20M20,988104999.5 [Cert]
430YO9HG2009YOSA LP 20M20,79013912610.0 [Cert]
431RU4SS2017UA-4SA LP 20M20,6481241161.5 [Cert]
432EW7DK2012EUSA LP 20M20,1961061024.6 [Cert]
433JF6RIM2014JA6SA LP 20M19,55299949.3 [Cert]
434RA0SMS2010RA0SA LP 20M19,474135917.2 [Cert]
435N6IC2015W6SA LP 20M19,20194913.6 [Cert]
436ON9CC2014ONSA LP 20M19,19099952.4 [Cert]
437BG8FT2017BYSA LP 20M18,29196914.4 [Cert]
438JM1NKT2005JA1SA LP 20M (T)18,088967626.1  
439PD7RB2014PASA LP 20M17,954979411.6 [Cert]
440DH5HV2007DLSA LP 20M17,6401029828.2  
441NN5Z1998W5SA LP 20M17,200111100K5PX 
442VY1EI2011VE8SA LP 20M (T)17,1721118110.1 [Cert]
443IT9CKA2017IT9SA LP 20M (T)16,8951421096.7 [Cert]
444JA7RQK2015JA7SA LP 20M16,76688836.6 [Cert]
445WA3AAN2011W3SA LP 20M (T)16,490104974.7 [Cert]
446K7GS2016W7SA LP 20M16,40586853.7 [Cert]
447DJ6OI2017DLSA LP 20M16,33079714.4 [Cert]
448DR5M2014DLSA LP 20M (T)15,4501121032.4DL5NEN[Cert]
449US6IKT2013URSA LP 20M14,7341141069.3 [Cert]
450EA4ZK2016EASA LP 20M14,725106951.4 [Cert]
451KO3T2014W3SA LP 20M14,47278725.7 [Cert]
452RN3DKQ2012UA-3SA LP 20M14,000727012.1 [Cert]
453NW4V2017W4SA LP 20M13,77471713.1 [Cert]
454UR5VR2010URSA LP 20M13,26091853.3 [Cert]
455RA3ID2015UA-3SA LP 20M13,19573654.7 [Cert]
456DL1OJ2013DLSA LP 20M12,71984797.4 [Cert]
457YB2DX2017YBSA LP 20M12,456767210.6 [Cert]
458UT2IW2016URSA LP 20M12,31276764.5 [Cert]
459WF3M2016W3SA LP 20M12,03673682.6 [Cert]
460IK2TKX2012ISA LP 20M11,9381059411.7 [Cert]
461EA1AOQ2016EASA LP 20M11,92891848.8 [Cert]
462YC1CWK2017YBSA LP 20M11,584696410.8 [Cert]
463W7SST2010W7SA LP 20M11,1801028611.8 [Cert]
464DL5GAC2017DLSA LP 20M (T)10,38499884.2 [Cert]
465JK1FUP2017JA1SA LP 20M (T)10,212887412.6 [Cert]
466XE1EE2017XESA LP 20M9,89189632.4 [Cert]
467UA9FKH2016RA9SA LP 20M9,79682794.5 [Cert]
468NT5TU2004W5SA LP 20M9,72774712.6  
469JE2VYM2015JA2SA LP 20M (T)9,724706815.6 [Cert]
470YV5COR2016YVSA LP 20M9,06357576.5 [Cert]
471N5IKD2015W5SA LP 20M8,97671686.8 [Cert]
472R9IR2011RA9SA LP 20M8,79258561.7 [Cert]
473SP9EML2014SPSA LP 20M8,13673723.4  
474UY2IF2016URSA LP 20M8,10082755.7 [Cert]
475RX9UK2017RA9SA LP 20M8,06456562.4 [Cert]
476W0EA/52015W5SA LP 20M (T)7,86963613.1 [Cert]
477EA2GM2015EASA LP 20M (T)7,72861563.6 [Cert]
478K2RET2016W2SA LP 20M7,59952511.2 [Cert]
479RD8D2017RA9SA LP 20M7,20050501.4RX9CAZ[Cert]
480PD7RB2012PASA LP 20M7,02062605.4 [Cert]
481PI4WLD2010PASA LP 20M (T)6,55557572.8PA0MIR[Cert]
482RV1ZT2015UA-1SA LP 20M6,49776735.1 [Cert]
483JE2VYM2014JA2SA LP 20M (T)6,432484810.2 [Cert]
484GM4UYZ2015GMSA LP 20M6,09071702.5 [Cert]
485KG8DH2015W8SA LP 20M6,00048486.0 [Cert]
486JH0EPI2010JA0SA LP 20M5,92864572.9 [Cert]
487JA2KPV2011JA2SA LP 20M5,70055505.3 [Cert]
488YO9GDN2016YOSA LP 20M5,58046453.7 [Cert]
489K0ARY2016W0SA LP 20M (T)5,26447473.9 [Cert]
490DJ7UC2017DLSA LP 20M5,22670675.8 [Cert]
491RA4HPI2012UA-4SA LP 20M5,19261592.1 [Cert]
492YT1ML2014YUSA LP 20M5,130555411.0  
493BH1FXN2017BYSA LP 20M5,09679528.8 [Cert]
494IK2XRW2009ISA LP 20M5,07657543.1 [Cert]
495BG5HWL2017BYSA LP 20M5,07382573.5 [Cert]
496HS7AT2016HSSA LP 20M4,91464545.7HS7UCQ[Cert]
497YU3MP2014YUSA LP 20M4,84056558.0  
498NW4V2016W4SA LP 20M4,77343431.9 [Cert]
499K7JNA2016W7SA LP 20M4,750565012.7 [Cert]
500BD2TBJ2012BYSA LP 20M4,40056506.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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