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4601PY2TOP2017PYSA HP ALL1,72222211.5 [Cert]
4602UU2JQ1999URSA HP ALL1,6402720  
4603JA7ZP2009JA7SA HP ALL1,53929272.2 [Cert]
4604RA6AR2013UA-6SA HP ALL1,51228270.8 [Cert]
4605DF5AU2015DLSA HP ALL (T)1,45626262.7 [Cert]
4606W4EAB2017W4SA HP ALL1,45225224.1 [Cert]
4607JG1SXP2011JA1SA HP ALL1,43128271.9 [Cert]
4608KF6I2014W6SA HP ALL1,38024231.7  
4609PA1T2011PASA HP ALL1,36331293.1 [Cert]
4610IK2RLS2006ISA HP ALL1,35228264.7  
4611N4ES2015W4SA HP ALL1,33024191.9 [Cert]
4612W7OLY2014W7SA HP ALL1,32032301.3 [Cert]
4613UA1OMS2014UA-1SA HP ALL1,29222193.0 [Cert]
4614N6AJR2011W6SA HP ALL (T)1,27428262.1 [Cert]
4615KF2O1995W2SA HP ALL1,2421818  
4616F4DSK2017FSA HP ALL1,21024221.8 [Cert]
4617LU6QI2010LUSA HP ALL1,20717173.6 [Cert]
4618K6ST2012W6SA HP ALL (T)1,16031294.0 [Cert]
4619EW1BA2013EUSA HP ALL1,08020183.9 [Cert]
4620NI6T2012W6SA HP ALL1,02619181.4 [Cert]
4621DL1KID2016DLSA HP ALL1,02526251.5 [Cert]
4622UR7HN2015URSA HP ALL1,02330313.0  
4623DL1NEK2017DLSA HP ALL1,01529291.8 [Cert]
4624UX3IO2011URSA HP ALL96920192.9 [Cert]
4625JA1PTJ2014JA1SA HP ALL92020201.8 [Cert]
4626SP9MDY2007SPSA HP ALL91818185.3  
4627W0YK/62016W6SA HP ALL91517152.8 [Cert]
4628JR9GMS2015JA9SA HP ALL90119171.3 [Cert]
4629KD0CVO2013W0SA HP ALL85824223.4 [Cert]
4630ZL4FZ2017ZLSA HP ALL83319173.8 [Cert]
4631KT7G2015W7SA HP ALL81617172.0 [Cert]
4632WM6A2014W6SA HP ALL79219180.8K6TA[Cert]
4633JH1XUM2017JA1SA HP ALL78016153.7 [Cert]
4634JR1BAS2007JA1SA HP ALL (T)768161625.2  
4635TC1DX2013TA1SA HP ALL73521213.6  
4636CX7ACH2013CXSA HP ALL72220193.4 [Cert]
4637RA4ST2008UA-4SA HP ALL68816161.6 [Cert]
4638HK3JJB2012HKSA HP ALL63017152.9 [Cert]
4639DJ0TP2010DLSA HP ALL62123232.5 [Cert]
4640ND2O2017W4SA HP ALL61515150.9 [Cert]
4641KK6QM1994W6SA HP ALL6121918  
4642KI6QDH2015W6SA HP ALL60022203.7 [Cert]
4643DJ1AA2013DLSA HP ALL60022202.5 [Cert]
4644JA1XUY2016JA1SA HP ALL59217160.6 [Cert]
4645K6IFF2015W6SA HP ALL (T)57415142.4 [Cert]
4646K2YR2015W2SA HP ALL56014140.6 [Cert]
4647YO4CSL2010YOSA HP ALL54614131.5 [Cert]
4648PT2NP2015PYSA HP ALL51011103.4 [Cert]
4649PY7XC2017PYSA HP ALL50713130.1  
4650R2AB2013UA-3SA HP ALL48113130.9 [Cert]
4651N4LR2016W4SA HP ALL45619191.1 [Cert]
4652RT9T/32017UA-3SA HP ALL45513131.5 [Cert]
4653YO9SW2017YOSA HP ALL42517170.9 [Cert]
4654LZ2ZG2017LZSA HP ALL42018150.4  
4655DL8OBF2014DLSA HP ALL41613131.6 [Cert]
4656VE3IQ2012VE3SA HP ALL39612121.2 [Cert]
4657UU2JQ2014URSA HP ALL37713131.0 [Cert]
4658UA0W2015RA0SA HP ALL (T)34812121.7 [Cert]
4659LU6QI2015LUSA HP ALL33011112.4 [Cert]
4660RU9F2015RA9SA HP ALL31011103.4 [Cert]
4661JR7MAZ2016JA7SA HP ALL306991.2 [Cert]
4662N8AGU2015W8SA HP ALL30010100.2 [Cert]
4663LA1K2015LASA HP ALL28515152.8LA6XTA[Cert]
4664JA5FBZ2017JA5SA HP ALL26012104.4 [Cert]
4665VE6CSX2016VE6SA HP ALL25311113.7 [Cert]
4666JN1RQV2014JA1SA HP ALL252990.8 [Cert]
4667UU2JQ2013URSA HP ALL2481081.0 [Cert]
4668UA9OC2012RA9SA HP ALL2431091.4 [Cert]
4669PY1MT2016PYSA HP ALL231772.0 [Cert]
4670UA7R2016UA-6SA HP ALL22115132.4 [Cert]
4671EA5XY2012EASA HP ALL22010102.5 [Cert]
4672ZS1LS2014ZSSA HP ALL210871.3 [Cert]
4673YU1AOT2011YUSA HP ALL20813130.6 [Cert]
4674UU2JQ2006URSA HP ALL2088824.8  
4675R2CA2017UA-3SA HP ALL192660.9 [Cert]
4676NA9RB2016W9SA HP ALL176981.7 [Cert]
4677PY2FSG2016PYSA HP ALL (T)152880.8 [Cert]
4678YO8RNI2012YOSA HP ALL152881.0 [Cert]
4679SP8HKT2010SPSA HP ALL133871.3 [Cert]
4680EW7M2017EUSA HP ALL120660.7 [Cert]
4681PT2NP2014PYSA HP ALL108662.4  
4682I8BVW2017ISA HP ALL105770.6 [Cert]
4683K1BV2017W1SA HP ALL9912112.3 [Cert]
4684RV6ASU2017UA-6SA HP ALL96761.7 [Cert]
4685RU6K2016UA-6SA HP ALL91770.8 [Cert]
4686JA1LNZ2017JA1SA HP ALL90550.7 [Cert]
4687W5GDX2016W5SA HP ALL90551.3 [Cert]
4688AI9T2015W9SA HP ALL9010100.5 [Cert]
4689OZ8AGB2015OZSA HP ALL (T)90992.4 [Cert]
4690SP9MDY2012SPSA HP ALL90661.2 [Cert]
4691SP3KRE2007SPSA HP ALL906625.0SQ3HTX 
4692RU3OO2009UA-3SA HP ALL80881.4 [Cert]
4693N8AGU2016W8SA HP ALL75550.1 [Cert]
4694UR4IXM2012URSA HP ALL75550.3 [Cert]
4695JI1KLL2016JA1SA HP ALL70771.3 [Cert]
4696EW7M2016EUSA HP ALL66661.0  
4697K5FUV2017W5SA HP ALL (T)65550.1 [Cert]
4698LU6QI2011LUSA HP ALL65551.2 [Cert]
4699AI2N2016W2SA HP ALL54430.3 [Cert]
4700VE6AO2016VE6SA HP ALL50551.1VE6CCL[Cert]

Page 47 of 48

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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