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4001JJ8GFLJA8SO LP ALL49515152.5 [Cert]
4002BD1EFOBYSO LP 15M (T)48113132.0 [Cert]
4003RN3QISUA-3SO LP 15M48015150.9 [Cert]
4004IZ2CSXISO LP ALL48016162.2 [Cert]
4005RW4LQUA-4SO LP 15M (T)47614141.9 [Cert]
4006VA3RJVE3SO QRP 10M47614143.1 [Cert]
4007RA0ANORA0SA LP ALL44815142.1 [Cert]
4008UB9LBLRA9SO LP ALL (R)44814143.1 [Cert]
4009JA1IKAJA1SO LP ALL43515153.5 [Cert]
4010JO3RCKJA3SO LP 10M434171411.0 [Cert]
4011OK1KZOKSO LP 10M41618161.7 [Cert]
4012DU7RHDUSO LP 15M41613134.9 [Cert]
4013RN4AADUA-4SO LP ALL41614133.2 [Cert]
4014W5KIW5SO HP 10M (T)40313130.5 [Cert]
4015SP8HXNSPSO LP ALL40313131.1 [Cert]
4016VE3IQVE3SA HP ALL39612121.2 [Cert]
4017EA7VJEASO LP 10M39612121.3 [Cert]
4018E73MJE7SO LP 40M39214141.9 [Cert]
4019DK8REDLSO LP ALL38020190.8 [Cert]
4020KB4FBW4SO HP ALL36012120.9 [Cert]
4021K7EIQW7SA HP 15M (T)35014143.6 [Cert]
4022IZ5JLWISA LP ALL (T)34812122.6 [Cert]
4023DO1UZDLSO LP 10M34515150.8 [Cert]
4024JH1OES/1JA1SO QRP 20M34219184.2 [Cert]
4025JG2KFIJA2SO LP 15M33813133.5 [Cert]
4026AJ4MJW4SO LP ALL33615141.6 [Cert]
4027N2HOW2SO HP ALL3331091.4 [Cert]
4028BA6QYBYSO LP 15M33011111.6 [Cert]
4029CO2GLCMSO LP 15M32412121.7 [Cert]
4030JA1POSJA1SO QRP 20M32016163.5 [Cert]
4031K5GMW5SO LP 10M (T)31911110.4 [Cert]
4032JE6DND/6JA6SO LP 160M30020152.5 [Cert]
4033DN7DXDLSA LP 15M29711110.2 [Cert]
4034YC2BGYBSA LP 40M288881.7 [Cert]
4035LU5OMLUSO HP 80M288881.1 [Cert]
4036K6DGQW6SO LP ALL28818183.5 [Cert]
4037JE1ILPJA1SO QRP ALL288980.9 [Cert]
4038W1HFGW1SO LP 20M28612111.8 [Cert]
4039JL6LTBJA6SO QRP ALL28614132.0 [Cert]
4040BD3RTBYSO LP ALL28014141.0 [Cert]
4041PY1EOPYSO LP ALL27512111.4 [Cert]
4042V85ZXV8SO LP 15M2701092.9 [Cert]
4043VU2GURVUSA LP ALL26614144.3 [Cert]
4044W4ZPRW4SO LP 40M266871.3 [Cert]
4045JH1APKJA1SA HP 40M (T)252770.8 [Cert]
4046UX3IAURSO HP ALL252991.7 [Cert]
4047UA9OCRA9SA HP ALL2431091.4 [Cert]
4048YO5BFJYOSA LP 15M243991.5 [Cert]
4049UA0BARA0SO HP ALL243991.2 [Cert]
4050JL1NIEJA1SO LP 20M243991.9 [Cert]
4051UA9URRA9SO HP 10M24010101.8 [Cert]
4052UT1UWURSO LP ALL225991.6 [Cert]
4053EA5XYEASA HP ALL22010102.5 [Cert]
4054JA6RILJA6SO LP ALL22012111.5 [Cert]
4055PU3LYBPYSO LP 15M (R)21010104.6 [Cert]
4056PP5JRPYSA HP 160M198991.3 [Cert]
4057SB3WSMSO LP 10M (T)19513130.4 [Cert]
4058DB1CPDLSO LP 15M19513130.7 [Cert]
4059T88TWT8SO LP 10M19213122.9 [Cert]
4060JJ0OAPJA0SO LP ALL192881.2 [Cert]
4061JR1AHPJA1SO LP ALL (T)192881.0 [Cert]
4062JA8CXXJA8SO QRP 40M (T)192660.8 [Cert]
4063JG2QUMJA2SO LP ALL19010101.5 [Cert]
4064M0DMJGSO LP ALL (R)18213131.0 [Cert]
4065OH8MJOHSO HP 15M180990.2 [Cert]
4066WP4WWKP4SO HP 10M (T)168980.2KP4JRS[Cert]
4067K4OCW4SO LP ALL162990.7 [Cert]
4068RZ4AAUA-4SO QRP ALL160880.4 [Cert]
4069YO8RNIYOSA HP ALL152881.0 [Cert]
4070ND0CW0SA LP 15M (T)147770.7 [Cert]
4071V63ZPV6SA HP 15M144880.8JA7ZP[Cert]
4072JL1MWIJA1SO LP 15M144880.8 [Cert]
4073IW7ECJISA LP ALL1331071.2 [Cert]
4074DK9MHDLSO LP ALL12010100.8 [Cert]
4075K1SEAW1SO LP 10M112771.6 [Cert]
4076RU3SDUA-3SO LP 15M108661.3 [Cert]
4077EA6/DJ2QVEA6SO QRP 20M1081191.0 [Cert]
4078RK9AYRA9SO LP 10M105770.1 [Cert]
4079JI7JIHJA7SO LP 40M98771.5 [Cert]
4080HS8FLUHSSO LP 20M (R)96660.9 [Cert]
4081SP9MDYSPSA HP ALL90661.2 [Cert]
4082JN1RQVJA1SO HP ALL90661.5 [Cert]
4083UR4IXMURSA HP ALL75550.3 [Cert]
4084NP4GKP4SO HP ALL72660.4 [Cert]
4085BV4VQBVSO LP 15M72660.2 [Cert]
4086RX6AOBUA-6SO LP ALL72641.6 [Cert]
4087SP8MISPSO LP 160M66660.4 [Cert]
4088RW3SYUA-3SO HP ALL65550.5 [Cert]
4089F6ESBFSO QRP 20M56881.6 [Cert]
4090F6LIAFSA LP ALL (T)48440.7 [Cert]
4091IS0/IZ8SARISSO QRP ALL (T)451131.2 [Cert]
4092PY5XHPYSA HP 160M (T)44440.2 [Cert]
4093VE3CVVE3SO LP 160M42330.1 [Cert]
4094UA4HIPUA-4SO LP ALL40440.2 [Cert]
4095W7DRAW7SO QRP 160M40440.7 [Cert]
4096BH4SQEBYSO LP ALL36660.7 [Cert]
4097JO3XCKJA3SO QRP 15M32440.3 [Cert]
4098JG1BGTJA1SO QRP ALL32440.6 [Cert]
4099VR2EHVRSA HP 160M (T)30551.7 [Cert]
4100IQ1TGISO QRP ALL (T)30931.2IZ1GJH[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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