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301K9BG2005W9SO LP ALL439,85246732232.6  
302KI9A1999W9SO LP ALL439,185576335  
303W9SN2009W9SO LP ALL435,11647731922.2 [Cert]
304K9NW2016W9SA HP 40M434,28039930812.5 [Cert]
305W0ZP2017W9SO LP ALL428,15764233928.4 [Cert]
306WT9U2002W9SO HP ALL (T)424,08159032934.8  
307WB9HFK2015W9SO LP ALL423,10850732218.2 [Cert]
308K9UIY1986W9SO HP 20M421,002636342  
309K1TN/92013W9SO HP 20M (T)418,93862039320.5 [Cert]
310WB9HRO1993W9SO HP 20M417,872575364  
311WI9WI2001W9SO QRP ALL414,49450433417.6  
312NA9J1994W9SO HP ALL412,096503274  
313K9UIY2015W9SO LP 40M410,34349631318.8 [Cert]
314W9OP1998W9SO HP ALL404,775516315  
315N2BJ/92010W9SA HP ALL404,76767234124.6 [Cert]
316WE9N2006W9SO HP ALL (T)402,89647333826.3  
317K9MMS1993W9SO HP ALL402,855497321  
318K9BG1980W9SO HP ALL402,300532310  
319W9ILY1999W9SO LP 15M (T)402,204466363  
320N0BSH/91990W9SO HP 20M402,166694422  
321AB9H2010W9SO HP 40M400,32758631314.6 [Cert]
322K9IG2001W9SO LP ALL394,38043031314.5  
323K9UIY2014W9SO LP 40M391,19451430924.0 [Cert]
324W9RE1990W9SO HP ALL383,600550350  
325K9CC2004W9SO HP 40M (T)377,87253730419.3  
326K9DJ2012W9SA HP ALL377,52846732815.2 [Cert]
327W9OA1981W9SO HP 15M376,831540287  
328K9CC2017W9SO HP 40M (T)376,19456931817.8 [Cert]
329K9UIY2016W9SO LP 40M375,33653231227.2 [Cert]
330N9FC2007W9SO HP ALL370,17546733528.1  
331K9BG1993W9SO HP ALL368,244447318  
332NS9I2012W9SO LP ALL (T)367,3084593429.3 [Cert]
333AC9BP2009W9SO HP ALL367,22442332125.4N9FC[Cert]
334WT9U1999W9SO LP ALL364,514545302  
335AD9L2012W9SA LP ALL (T)364,08639433918.3K9CS[Cert]
336W3HDH/92012W9SA HP ALL359,84142232111.2 [Cert]
337K2AAW2006W9SO HP 15M358,20055636024.2  
338K1TN/92005W9SO LP ALL (T)357,90350429918.8  
339AB9YC2016W9MULTI-ONE LP353,87853031414.2 [Cert]
340K9UQN2008W9SA HP ALL353,71053332619.1 [Cert]
341K9MA2011W9SO HP ALL353,2485393048.8 [Cert]
342K9LJN1992W9SO LP ALL351,750607335  
343K9YO1999W9SA HP ALL351,528542291  
344NJ9C1989W9SO HP 15M349,979518289  
345W9SE2007W9SO HP 20M349,44352836921.2  
346KJ9A2009W9SA LP 20M349,12550337522.1 [Cert]
347WO9S2012W9SO LP 40M347,80042329614.8 [Cert]
348KC9T1982W9SO HP 20M347,574560318  
349KM9M2005W9SA HP ALL (T)346,68058832126.3  
350KM9L1990W9SO HP ALL346,212519326WB9JKI 
351WT9U2003W9SO LP ALL345,24762230112.5  
352WT9U2000W9SO LP ALL343,962536291  
353N9FC2008W9SO HP ALL341,72648431725.7 [Cert]
354WA9KNP1993W9SO HP ALL341,544515321  
355NA1R/91995W9SO LP ALL341,292500357  
356W9ILY2017W9SA HP 20M (T)337,2273983639.2 [Cert]
357KY9KYO2009W9SO HP ALL335,10444530830.2 [Cert]
358AB9YC2015W9SA LP 40M329,76336128712.8 [Cert]
359AJ9D1982W9SO HP ALL327,972616302N9AEJ 
360K9MMS1992W9SO LP ALL326,808500306  
361WO9S1994W9SA LP ALL326,326559326  
362N2BJ/92011W9SA HP ALL325,30448229619.6 [Cert]
363AC9IJ2014W9SO HP ALL323,4424463069.7 [Cert]
364NM9H1990W9SO HP 15M321,597587387  
365WT9Q2015W9SA LP ALL (T)317,85646734427.0 [Cert]
366W9FX2001W9SO LP ALL (T)316,82044329214.2  
367WO9S2014W9SO LP 40M312,66038927014.2 [Cert]
368NJ9R2015W9SO LP ALL311,45946129325.0 [Cert]
369ND9G2017W9SA HP ALL (T)309,45655830723.0 [Cert]
370KS9W1995W9SO HP 20M308,853630369  
371KT3X/92007W9SO LP 20M (R)307,53650234431.1  
372WT2P/92015W9SA LP ALL307,39048129519.6 [Cert]
373WX9U1994W9SO HP 40M303,324419314  
374K9WWT2008W9SO HP ALL302,47049129012.4 [Cert]
375N9XX2008W9SO LP ALL302,40046928813.6 [Cert]
376K9BG2000W9SO LP ALL300,030426274  
377KJ9C2016W9SO HP ALL (T)299,7563722746.7 [Cert]
378KY9KYO2013W9SO HP ALL298,96050229633.7 [Cert]
379N9UA2017W9SA LP ALL (T)297,56745732116.6 [Cert]
380K9UIY2013W9SO LP 40M297,06554829529.1 [Cert]
381WX9U2013W9SO HP 40M295,92034227011.2 [Cert]
382K9BG1991W9SO HP ALL295,212455337  
383K9MA2016W9SO HP ALL292,6104352906.9 [Cert]
384W9CPI2011W9SO LP ALL291,95250028421.3 [Cert]
385K0TQ/92014W9SA HP ALL291,1803842769.0 [Cert]
386N9AEJ1980W9SO HP ALL289,110582230  
387K9UIY2012W9SO LP 40M287,92244728223.3 [Cert]
388KM9W1985W9MULTI-ONE HP285,820517310KM9W NB9C N9EJL KC9XF 
389K9QVB2013W9SO LP ALL285,6404312966.4 [Cert]
390WA9IRV2001W9SO HP ALL282,6864342819.4  
391AB9YC2014W9SO LP 20M282,56444933416.7 [Cert]
392W9RE2007W9SO HP ALL280,6744972799.9  
393K9ZO1985W9SO HP 40M278,460369255  
394K9UQN2007W9SO HP ALL (T)278,40946130918.6  
395WS9V2017W9SO HP ALL (T)275,70659931816.5 [Cert]
396N9WKW2009W9SO HP ALL275,22041127814.7 [Cert]
397NF9V2002W9SA HP ALL273,4703942909.0  
398K9DJ2009W9SO HP ALL272,28937632311.1 [Cert]
399KS9K2017W9SO HP 15M270,50452931223.3N4TZ[Cert]
400W9OA/92014W9SA HP ALL269,8743572827.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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