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301KS7T2015W7SO HP ALL (T)803,70078447028.3 [Cert]
302NN7SS2007W7MULTI-ONE HP800,08892144432.3K6UFO KO7P 
303N7IR1999W7SO QRP ALL782,080684416  
304N7TT1992W7SO HP ALL770,704923464  
305WZ7ZR2005W7SA HP ALL767,05299644728.9W7ZR 
306W7OM1999W7SO HP ALL765,264679428  
307W7IJ2009W7SO HP 40M757,35864832924.4 [Cert]
308K5ZM/71998W7SO HP 20M756,884745437  
309K7ON2001W7SO LP 15M747,4507424502.7  
310KE7X2010W7SO LP ALL740,9501,21940634.3 [Cert]
311NC7K1989W7SO HP ALL739,398757374  
312KS7T2001W7SO HP ALL (T)737,44470242818.3  
313W7IJ2012W7SO HP ALL733,48465546617.9 [Cert]
314K7WP2010W7SO LP ALL731,4701,13438635.5 [Cert]
315W7IJ2011W7SO HP ALL (T)729,14473745630.7 [Cert]
316KE2VB/72012W7SO HP ALL (T)728,85079743025.7 [Cert]
317K7WP2017W7SO HP 40M728,74167537727.8 [Cert]
318NG7Z2011W7SO HP ALL727,6841,00943625.7 [Cert]
319NQ7R2012W7SO HP ALL725,93062845817.0 [Cert]
320KN7T2009W7SO LP ALL (T)721,47697544134.3 [Cert]
321K7HP2011W7SO HP ALL (T)716,10689642624.8 [Cert]
322WA7FAB1996W7SO HP 20M713,416910484  
323AI7B2005W7SO HP ALL712,30066441912.5W7GG 
324N7ZG2006W7SO LP ALL710,64073242335.9  
325K7QA2017W7SO LP ALL705,40579046532.7 [Cert]
326N7IR2001W7SO QRP ALL700,13272840435.8  
327WA7LT2001W7SO HP 15M699,88572645327.2  
328N7IR2002W7SO QRP ALL698,90471840835.7  
329WS7L2012W7SA HP ALL (T)694,27267545229.3 [Cert]
330W7SW1992W7SO HP ALL680,904822392  
331N7UU1982W7MULTI-ONE HP677,691947279N7UU WB7QBM 
332WE7B1993W7SO HP ALL668,264714412  
333N9NA2017W7SA HP ALL668,02665642215.5 [Cert]
334N7TT1987W7SO HP 20M667,800917450  
335AB7RW2006W7SO LP ALL667,71972643931.6  
336AA7CR2015W7SA HP 15M (T)665,33162346317.8K5ZM[Cert]
337WS7L2014W7SA HP ALL664,89266045225.4 [Cert]
338KO6I/72014W7SA HP 15M664,58167647124.5N7BV[Cert]
339NX7K1991W7SO HP ALL659,468774452  
340K5ZM/71999W7SO HP 20M656,502638406  
341KO7X2008W7SO HP ALL654,41297842820.8 [Cert]
342NR7DX2012W7SO HP ALL (T)653,95863842316.1K7ABV[Cert]
343W7IJ2010W7SO HP ALL651,67281937832.2 [Cert]
344KE2VB/72013W7SO HP ALL (T)646,01491740230.7 [Cert]
345N7IR2013W7SO QRP ALL641,32273136935.9 [Cert]
346KS7T2012W7SO HP ALL (T)633,78066342029.2 [Cert]
347WI7N2011W7SA HP ALL633,04671443324.3 [Cert]
348W6AEA/72013W7SO HP ALL (T)630,65189041326.5  
349KC7V1990W7SO HP ALL629,612800394  
350KI7Y2012W7SA HP ALL (T)624,49569339533.2 [Cert]
351W7OM2015W7SA LP ALL621,79665041927.0 [Cert]
352VE7UF/W71996W7SO HP 20M614,790706414  
353KQ7W2009W7SO HP 20M609,73877045329.2N7BV[Cert]
354W7CCE2015W7SO LP ALL606,28574940523.8 [Cert]
355WS7L2015W7SA HP ALL605,62061942818.2 [Cert]
356K7HBN2012W7SO LP ALL (T)600,73257039626.5 [Cert]
357N7IR2009W7SO QRP ALL597,89370238936.0 [Cert]
358NC7K1991W7MULTI-ONE HP594,612647398NC7K KZ4H 
359KI7Y2015W7SA HP ALL (T)593,88069539230.4 [Cert]
360K7XC2012W7SA HP ALL590,64850540413.8 [Cert]
361N7ZG2005W7SO LP ALL (T)585,28871439634.2  
362W7QN1999W7SO HP ALL (T)583,300652380  
363N7IR2011W7SO QRP ALL582,75072237535.7 [Cert]
364K7BG2009W7SO HP ALL581,82277042111.3 [Cert]
365AG7M1981W7SO HP 15M581,085901333  
366K7CA2015W7SO HP 40M575,75749733314.0 [Cert]
367N7IR2016W7SO QRP ALL574,42065537335.8 [Cert]
368AH3C/AE71992W7SO HP 20M572,460729406  
369N6HR2006W7SA HP ALL568,340525362  
370K2PO/72010W7SO LP ALL (T)562,65095436335.9 [Cert]
371N7RO2009W7SO HP ALL562,53373941719.9 [Cert]
372KS7T1986W7SO HP ALL560,564789397  
373NC7J2017W7SA HP 20M558,42070445411.1W7CT[Cert]
374N7IR2000W7SO QRP ALL551,688618362  
375K5ZM/71997W7SO HP 20M551,520634383  
376N7IR2005W7SO QRP ALL549,64066636435.9  
377N6HR/71998W7SO HP ALL546,345530355  
378N7WA2002W7SO LP ALL544,10470139629.3  
379KS7T2013W7SO HP ALL539,47876738728.3 [Cert]
380K7ZZ1997W7SO HP 20M537,768607396  
381N7IR2006W7SO QRP ALL537,16864136135.1  
382K7RI1981W7SO HP 40M535,464639222W7WA 
383NI7R2012W7SA HP ALL534,66057740220.9 [Cert]
384N5CR/72013W7SO HP ALL531,66467340426.2 [Cert]
385KU7T2014W7SA HP ALL530,64050936013.2 [Cert]
386KQ7W2010W7SO LP ALL (T)530,53596233931.6 [Cert]
387N7QT2017W7SO HP ALL523,74066542015.4 [Cert]
388K6WSC2017W7SA LP ALL523,46256645426.5 [Cert]
389KS7AA2017W7SA HP ALL522,71274144613.8K5RC[Cert]
390K7JQ2011W7SO HP ALL (T)521,28080036228.5 [Cert]
391K7ZZ2013W7SO HP ALL516,43267833618.6 [Cert]
392KC7V2008W7SO LP ALL513,70387936134.7 [Cert]
393W7OM2004W7SO HP ALL505,27458337423.1  
394KB7Q2012W7SA LP ALL (T)505,00560139318.8 [Cert]
395AB7RW2000W7SO LP 20M502,539588381  
396W7QN2000W7SO HP ALL (T)502,152652366  
397W7QN2001W7SO HP ALL501,68963136721.0  
398W7YAQ1998W7SO LP ALL501,008514362  
399K7XN2002W7SO HP ALL (T)495,58060435518.6  
400N7IR2017W7SO QRP ALL495,19870036635.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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