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301JA2QVP2017JA2SA LP ALL86,50823417814.9 [Cert]
302JA2FSM2011JA2SA HP ALL86,44521215310.6 [Cert]
303JQ2OUL2012JA2SO LP ALL86,42422615620.9 [Cert]
304JK2VOC2011JA2SA LP ALL85,82425914913.1 [Cert]
305JH2NWP1995JA2SO LP ALL85,544190148  
306JH2OMM2000JA2SO LP 20M85,020205156  
307JA2MOG2014JA2SA LP 15M (T)84,8321961767.4 [Cert]
308JA2DN1984JA2SO QRP 20M84,597215163  
309JE2HCJ2002JA2SO LP 10M84,16820016710.7  
310JK2VOC1992JA2SO LP 15M83,936229172  
311JA2VZL2017JA2SA LP ALL (T)83,70019615511.4 [Cert]
312JA2KKA2016JA2SO LP 15M (T)83,63121618315.7 [Cert]
313JA2XYO2007JA2SO HP ALL82,79517914529.9  
314JA2PFO2010JA2SO LP 40M (T)82,7052121399.9 [Cert]
315JA2QVP2012JA2SO LP ALL82,31519916310.0 [Cert]
316JA2GTW2012JA2SO LP 40M80,6401271209.2 [Cert]
317JA2IU1997JA2SO LP ALL80,509177143  
318JA2ATE2012JA2SO HP ALL80,26417915814.6 [Cert]
319JA2AXB2010JA2SO HP ALL80,04118313113.0 [Cert]
320JA2QVP2011JA2SO LP ALL (T)80,02825017117.0 [Cert]
321JF2OZH2010JA2SO LP ALL (T)78,81021914210.6 [Cert]
322JH2JEV1980JA2SO HP ALL78,603263133  
323JA2MOG2016JA2SO LP 15M (T)78,19620617312.7 [Cert]
324JA2OJ1992JA2SO LP 20M77,924185161  
325JA2VHO2010JA2SO HP ALL77,70020114013.0 [Cert]
326JE2UFF2011JA2SO QRP 15M77,64423118820.6 [Cert]
327JA2DN1994JA2SO LP 20M77,600192160  
328JA2QVP2009JA2SO LP ALL (T)77,46319815114.1 [Cert]
329JA2MOG2009JA2SO LP ALL77,41822115312.1 [Cert]
330JA2KKA2014JA2SO LP 15M76,93619616314.3 [Cert]
331JI2MWH2011JA2SO LP ALL76,75224216412.2 [Cert]
332JF2SKV2008JA2SA HP ALL76,42823313218.2 [Cert]
333JA2FSM2009JA2SO HP ALL75,47724713913.4 [Cert]
334JA2AXB2011JA2SO LP ALL75,11818914212.9 [Cert]
335JE2UFF2012JA2SO QRP 40M74,7321311198.7 [Cert]
336JF2IWL2012JA2SA HP 20M74,59220914810.9 [Cert]
337JA2DN1983JA2SO QRP 20M74,176181152  
338JA2FSM2012JA2SA HP ALL74,0021911639.8 [Cert]
339JA2KPV1989JA2SO HP ALL73,876192146  
340JA2GHP2013JA2SO LP ALL73,81422616716.3 [Cert]
341JK2VOC2008JA2SA LP ALL73,56926713712.8 [Cert]
342JA2KKA2006JA2SO LP ALL73,29619814413.3  
343JA2KPW2015JA2SO HP ALL72,30020415017.2 [Cert]
344JG2LGM1989JA2SO HP ALL72,144192144  
345JA2FSM2014JA2SA HP ALL71,7571751537.5 [Cert]
346JK2VOC2002JA2SA LP ALL71,55019915011.9  
347JA2QVP2000JA2SO HP ALL (T)70,890180139  
348JA2AXB2017JA2SA HP ALL70,6861891538.0 [Cert]
349JA2AXB2013JA2SA HP ALL70,2811651376.2 [Cert]
350JA2ZJW1996JA2SO HP ALL69,600162120JH2CMI 
351JR2IGV1988JA2SO HP ALL69,560185148  
352JQ2EHD2002JA2SO HP ALL69,29618214221.5  
353JA2KKA2013JA2SO LP 15M67,15018717011.9 [Cert]
354JA2KPV1999JA2SO LP 15M (T)66,440176151  
355JR2MIO/22013JA2SO LP ALL65,85021615018.2 [Cert]
356JA2MYA1979JA2SO HP ALL64,505212125  
357JA2DHF2011JA2SO HP ALL64,44821115212.2 [Cert]
358JA2GHP2016JA2SO LP ALL64,32623615115.3 [Cert]
359JK2VOC2003JA2SO LP ALL64,11619713710.3  
360JA2KPW2012JA2SO LP ALL63,97318513318.3 [Cert]
361JA2BQX1999JA2SO LP ALL63,036184153  
362JA2BQX2013JA2SO HP ALL62,6431941579.0 [Cert]
363JE2BOM2016JA2SO LP ALL (T)61,0871671279.3 [Cert]
364JA2KKA2017JA2SO LP 20M (T)60,9151771559.4 [Cert]
365JA2AXB1998JA2SO HP ALL60,878174122  
366JH2OMM2016JA2SA LP 20M60,64816815214.3 [Cert]
367JH2JEV1979JA2SO HP ALL60,402172114  
368JA2DHF2008JA2SO HP ALL60,12918913110.9 [Cert]
369JA2PFO2007JA2SO LP 40M (T)58,99515011514.2  
370JA2GTW2010JA2SO LP 40M58,65011910217.6 [Cert]
371JF2IWL2015JA2SA HP ALL58,6301741309.4 [Cert]
372JA9DDF/21997JA2SO LP ALL58,580175145  
373JK2VOC2013JA2SA LP ALL56,6581711334.7 [Cert]
374JA2PFO2004JA2SO LP ALL (T)55,77515811513.0  
375JE2DOD2013JA2SO LP ALL (T)55,44014712610.1 [Cert]
376JA2VZL2006JA2SO LP ALL55,44014512631.6  
377JA2HYD2016JA2SO LP 15M55,35017315011.5 [Cert]
378JA2XI1989JA2SO HP ALL55,216161119  
379JS2KHM2016JA2SO LP ALL55,16817112814.3 [Cert]
380JA2GHP2015JA2SO LP ALL54,99020214117.6 [Cert]
381JF2XGF2013JA2SA HP ALL54,80815613614.9 [Cert]
382JA2KPW2017JA2SO HP ALL53,43019813017.5 [Cert]
383JA2YAC1979JA2SO QRP 20M52,771192113  
384JA2CXF2002JA2SO LP ALL52,73614512811.0  
385JA2QVP2008JA2SA LP ALL52,65016211711.8 [Cert]
386JA2AXB2006JA2SO LP ALL52,5981441198.5  
387JA2EVO1984JA2SO HP ALL50,924147116  
388JF3IUC/21997JA2SO QRP ALL50,058182103  
389JA2KKA2011JA2SO LP ALL49,56917212311.5 [Cert]
390JA2PFO2012JA2SO LP 40M (T)49,3271281074.5 [Cert]
391JA2VZL2007JA2SO LP ALL (T)48,25616111610.6  
392JA2DHL1984JA2SO HP 15M48,117168129  
393JA2QVP2003JA2SO HP ALL47,9601341107.0  
394JA2DGQ2012JA2SO HP ALL47,43614811811.2 [Cert]
395JF2RCX2010JA2SO LP 40M (T)46,66214110112.4 [Cert]
396JA2XI1985JA2SO HP 20M46,585152121  
397JA2FSM2005JA2SO HP ALL46,3711471239.5  
398JE2BOM2014JA2SO HP 15M (T)46,1501441306.1 [Cert]
399JG2LGM1983JA2SO HP 15M46,138156118  
400JE2WLD2016JA2SA HP 15M45,40215413821.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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