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301KO1H2004W1SO QRP 40M8,95056504.1  
302JM1XTB2013JA1SO QRP 40M8,73646426.8 [Cert]
303YO3CDN1983YOSO QRP 40M8,7009050  
304JA9MJR1985JA9SO QRP 40M8,5364744  
305VK2CCC2017VKSO QRP 40M8,35848429.0 [Cert]
306KB1DH1983W1SO QRP 40M8,3086862  
307N2JNZ2003W2SO QRP 40M8,29684619.0  
308W8NNC2014W8SO QRP 40M8,25064555.2 [Cert]
309RC4AA2010UA-4SO QRP 40M7,94661585.1RW4AO[Cert]
310UC2AFJ1980EUSO QRP 40M7,9047752  
311UV3AAC1984UA-3SO QRP 40M7,7527551  
312JH7XGN1987JA7SO QRP 40M7,7425049  
313NZ3O2015W3SO QRP 40M7,73855535.1 [Cert]
314WA8HSB/42013W4SO QRP 40M7,56068633.9 [Cert]
315KU7Y2010W7SO QRP 40M (T)7,42470586.6 [Cert]
316JR7CDL1989JA7SO QRP 40M7,3804441  
317N2UN1992W2SO QRP 40M7,0508875  
318LY5Q2015LYSO QRP 40M6,93055552.8 [Cert]
319OK2TEO2012OKSO QRP 40M6,91652524.2 [Cert]
320SM5DQ1994SMSO QRP 40M6,8325656  
321JM1DPL2017JA1SO QRP 40M6,79035354.8 [Cert]
322DF1HF2012DLSO QRP 40M6,67065585.2 [Cert]
323W8NNC2015W8SO QRP 40M6,51077626.2 [Cert]
324JF2LTH1989JA2SO QRP 40M6,4244944  
325US5EFU2011URSO QRP 40M (T)6,32560554.1 [Cert]
326OK1IF2009OKSO QRP 40M6,25459532.5 [Cert]
327JA1KJW1997JA1SO QRP 40M6,2043533  
328JF2LTH1990JA2SO QRP 40M6,1486353  
329UR2RKF1979ESSO QRP 40M6,0486442  
330UB5CGN1984URSO QRP 40M6,0167047  
331JM1XTB2014JA1SO QRP 40M5,94051457.6 [Cert]
332OK4JR2012OKSO QRP 40M (T)5,73350494.2 [Cert]
333W8TM2004W8SO QRP 40M5,67157532.4  
334BD4RDR2010BYSO QRP 40M5,535494511.5 [Cert]
335W8NNC2017W8SO QRP 40M5,52966573.6 [Cert]
336JM1DPL2015JA1SO QRP 40M5,40032303.9 [Cert]
337KV7X1984W7SO QRP 40M5,2446257  
338NE6M2003W6SO QRP 40M5,22049459.7  
339Y21YH1989DMSO QRP 40M5,2088062  
340IK3RET2012ISO QRP 40M5,15058505.7 [Cert]
341JR9GXQ1993JASO QRP 40M5,1484039  
342YB2LSR2014YBSO QRP 40M4,78530291.8 [Cert]
343VE3RSA2014VE3SO QRP 40M4,76834322.2 [Cert]
344UZ6AXQ1993UA-6SO QRP 40M4,6758055  
345UA3XCQ1981UA-3SO QRP 40M4,3685139  
346JG2AIG2005JA2SO QRP 40M (T)4,06029295.4  
347OI2HJ1983OHSO QRP 40M3,8764938OH2BFG 
348SM0LPO1983SMSO QRP 40M3,8765734  
349WA2ZWH1979W2SO QRP 40M3,8083934  
350UA9TX1989RA9SO QRP 40M3,7502925  
351W7VMI2005W7SO QRP 40M3,60843415.4AH6B 
352OH2BEC2004OHSO QRP 40M3,56744419.4  
353RD1A2015UA-1SO QRP 40M3,51042392.7 [Cert]
354SM7CZC1980SMSO QRP 40M3,4965238  
355WD7I/01993W0SO QRP 40M3,4045246  
356II7M2013ISO QRP 40M (R)3,108393710.2 [Cert]
357OZ1ZH1984OZSO QRP 40M2,8524731  
358JF2LTH1987JA2SO QRP 40M2,8383533  
359JH7XVB1994JA7SO QRP 40M2,6402624  
360JJ1INO1980JA1SO QRP 40M2,6243632  
361YO3MS1983YOSO QRP 40M2,5204830  
362SP5DDJ2001SPSO QRP 40M2,44837344.9  
363JF2LTH1988JA2SO QRP 40M2,3763433  
364OZ8A2012OZSO QRP 40M2,21135333.1 [Cert]
3659M2ZAK20149M2SO QRP 40M2,11226223.9 [Cert]
366JJ1INO1979JA1SO QRP 40M2,0682822  
367YB2BG2013YBSO QRP 40M2,06020203.2 [Cert]
368JF2LTH1999JA2SO QRP 40M2,0162718  
369JF2LTH1991JA2SO QRP 40M1,9723129  
370N3ZP2011W3SO QRP 40M1,97130272.1 [Cert]
371N2PEB1994W2SO QRP 40M1,9385751  
372KC2LYQ2008W2SO QRP 40M1,68024242.7 [Cert]
373SM6AHU1994SMSO QRP 40M1,6774339  
374UT4UI2012URSO QRP 40M1,57720194.1 [Cert]
375VK2CCC2014VKSO QRP 40M1,48817169.6 [Cert]
376JA1LEY1979JA1SO QRP 40M1,4402518  
377OK2NA2004OKSO QRP 40M1,431282725.8  
378YO3GLH2010YOSO QRP 40M1,37227284.1 [Cert]
379SM7CZC1981SMSO QRP 40M1,3443124  
380LA7SI2013LASO QRP 40M1,30026251.7 [Cert]
381GM1J2010GMSO QRP 40M1,27625221.6MM0BQI[Cert]
382IZ3NVR2011ISO QRP 40M (T)96621211.1 [Cert]
383SQ3OGP2016SPSO QRP 40M94623225.0 [Cert]
384JO3LDN2005JA3SO QRP 40M86720173.5  
385JP1GVC2009JA1SO QRP 40M86413120.8 [Cert]
386JR6QFV1984JA6SO QRP 40M8401414  
387DL8UKW1993DLSO QRP 40M8281918  
388NR3Z2017W3SO QRP 40M81018181.5 [Cert]
389JJ1INO1981JA1SO QRP 40M7481817  
390DM2BLM/P1979DMSO QRP 40M6842018  
391JG1GPY2013JA1SO QRP 40M64813121.5 [Cert]
392KH6CS2017KH6SO QRP 40M59411112.7 [Cert]
393YB2LSR2015YBSO QRP 40M56010100.8 [Cert]
394DL0VLT1992DLSO QRP 40M5501111  
395JK3AHS2011JA3SO QRP 40M51323193.2 [Cert]
396IZ5JLW2013ISO QRP 40M (T)51218162.4 [Cert]
397JK3AHS2010JA3SO QRP 40M45020183.7 [Cert]
398W6RCL1997W6SO QRP 40M4201615  
399JG2CNS/32009JA3SO QRP 40M37212122.2 [Cert]
400KU7Y2011W7SO QRP 40M (T)35216161.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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