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3801UA1DF1979UA-1SO HP 20M3,3253935  
3802RA1OJ1998UA-1SO HP 20M3,3003833  
3803DM3ZVA1979DMSO HP 20M3,2703930  
3804KQ6LQ2009W6SO HP 20M3,26847431.4K6III[Cert]
3805SM0IFX1984SMSO HP 20M3,2646448  
3806RB5AE1986URSO HP 20M3,2009125  
3807UB5LEE1983URSO HP 20M3,2004240  
3808Y44WA1986DMSO HP 20M3,1955745  
3809DM2GHL1979DMSO HP 20M3,1934131  
3810N8EKS1986W8SO HP 20M3,1683612  
3811SM6DUA1980SMSO HP 20M3,1684024  
3812SP2IHG1985SPSO HP 20M3,1204740  
3813UA3QEE1983UA-3SO HP 20M3,1084242  
3814SP1ETC1983SPSO HP 20M3,1033729  
3815Y44WA1983DMSO HP 20M3,0965543  
3816Y23HN1982DMSO HP 20M3,0403332  
3817OK3TCK1979OKOMSO HP 20M3,0034133  
3818JH7AJD1985JA7SO HP 20M2,9973937  
3819OZ1IOC1986OZSO HP 20M2,9674943  
3820JF1SQC1988JA1SO HP 20M2,9143431  
3821UZ3TG1981UA-3SO HP 20M2,9115741  
3822N4UZ1987W4SO HP 20M2,9006058  
3823LY605W2013LYSO HP 20M2,89035340.9LY5W[Cert]
3824OK3YDP1989OKOMSO HP 20M2,8804540  
3825SP8GZB1988SPSO HP 20M2,8705335  
3826OK1AOR1984OKOMSO HP 20M2,8523231  
3827WX9U2010W9SO HP 20M2,83836331.5 [Cert]
3828Y23JA1984DMSO HP 20M2,8084036  
3829OK2LN1983OKOMSO HP 20M2,7903430  
3830AE1D1992W1SO HP 20M2,7604946  
3831UA4YAZ1982UA-4SO HP 20M2,7543734  
3832YT2CW2009YUSO HP 20M2,75247439.9 [Cert]
3833KN5H1987W5SO HP 20M2,7445249  
3834UA9UFW1984RA9SO HP 20M2,7393933  
3835WA6VNR1987W6SO HP 20M2,7163428  
3836YE3AA2016YBSO HP 20M2,69732312.8N1IP[Cert]
3837DM2CJJ1979DMSO HP 20M2,6953935  
3838RN2FQ2009UA2SO HP 20M2,68635346.2 [Cert]
3839SP9SK1981SPSO HP 20M2,5564136  
3840SP4JAE1981SPSO HP 20M2,5503330  
3841SP2JXK1984SPSO HP 20M2,5083833  
3842N7CDH1982W7SO HP 20M2,5085244  
3843UA4SAM1979UA-4SO HP 20M2,4964132  
3844N4MM1987W4SO HP 20M2,4903030  
3845YU3TLG1983YUSO HP 20M2,4795937  
3846Y26WL1980DMSO HP 20M2,4404240  
3847OK3ROS1988OKOMSO HP 20M2,4385346  
3848W3FQE1995W3SO HP 20M2,4362928  
3849JA1KKA1987JA1SO HP 20M2,4363029  
3850UC2BA1984EUSO HP 20M2,4323632  
3851UA0BA2008RA0SO HP 20M2,41830310.4 [Cert]
3852SR9JBK1980SPSO HP 20M2,3923226  
3853YO7AWZ1980YOSO HP 20M2,3768622  
3854OK1JST1979OKOMSO HP 20M2,3404330  
3855YO5CUQ1989YOSO HP 20M2,3203029  
3856JF2OHQ2015JA2SO HP 20M2,31030308.9 [Cert]
3857OK2BCI1983OKOMSO HP 20M2,2943331  
3858JA3NMV/61984JA6SO HP 20M2,2503025  
3859KA1GQ1981W1SO HP 20M2,2503125  
3860UB5QCP1979URSO HP 20M2,2423838  
3861YO2BEO1982YOSO HP 20M2,2413127  
3862UA3IAK1979UA-3SO HP 20M2,2403332  
3863Y23HN1989DMSO HP 20M2,2333429  
3864W7EKM1983W7SO HP 20M2,2333329  
3865K2YR2005W2SO HP 20M2,220303025.3  
3866Y31PA1985DMSO HP 20M2,2203630  
3867LZ1EP1982LZSO HP 20M2,2125128  
3868KA0IKD1985W0SO HP 20M2,1844342  
3869OZ1AXG1984OZSO HP 20M2,1844039  
3870A71MM2015A7SO HP 20M (R)2,17529294.2 [Cert]
3871JG7EHM2012JA7SO HP 20M2,17529292.8 [Cert]
3872UA3IDT1981UA-3SO HP 20M2,1753129  
3873LZ1KRO1995LZSO HP 20M2,1703635LZ1IK 
3874RA6HF1992UA-6SO HP 20M2,1664238  
3875OH5YX1983OHSO HP 20M2,1603027  
3876Y62QN1980DMSO HP 20M2,1464437  
3877UA3LIA2009UA-3SO HP 20M2,13329272.3 [Cert]
3878RA2FC1986UA2SO HP 20M2,1084034  
3879OK1DLS1990OKOMSO HP 20M2,1064239  
3880JN1VUB1986JA1SO HP 20M2,1003430  
3881JA7KM1984JA7SO HP 20M2,0802826  
3882LZ2KCS1983LZSO HP 20M2,0804332Wasco 
3883SM5JY1982SMSO HP 20M2,0724037  
3884OK2BCJ1979OKOMSO HP 20M2,0162924  
3885JA1KKA1986JA1SO HP 20M2,0103030  
3886JE3CYH1990JA3SO HP 20M1,9712727  
3887UA1DF1984UA-1SO HP 20M1,9303330  
3888KQ1F1987W1SO HP 20M1,9204040  
3889UC1CWC1988EUSO HP 20M1,8913531  
3890Y23VB1989DMSO HP 20M1,8873737  
3891JR3XEX1998JA3SO HP 20M1,8763028  
3892Y63YF1985DMSO HP 20M1,8722626  
3893Y27BN1988DMSO HP 20M1,8504037  
3894YO3KBC1982YOSO HP 20M1,8504637YO3BDP 
3895JA1KKA1980JA1SO HP 20M1,8263022  
3896RW6AA1986UA-6SO HP 20M1,8252525  
3897JA1KFX1980JA1SO HP 20M1,8063221  
3898JA3EEM1995JA3SO HP 20M1,7859485  
3899N4MM1986W4SO HP 20M1,7762524  
3900SM6JY1985SMSO HP 20M1,7603932  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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