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3801K2BB2013W2SA LP ALL (T)88218181.8 [Cert]
3802DM1TT2012DLSA LP ALL (T)87420191.7 [Cert]
3803IT9LNH2009IT9SA LP ALL87423193.5 [Cert]
3804SA5ACN2011SMSA LP ALL86829284.9 [Cert]
3805DL5ANS2012DLSA LP ALL86717171.7 [Cert]
3806GM4UYZ2011GMSA LP ALL86432322.9 [Cert]
3807RA0ANO2011RA0SA LP ALL86419182.6 [Cert]
3808JA1BIV2013JA1SA LP ALL86121213.1 [Cert]
3809S59EIJ2011S5SA LP ALL82824230.4 [Cert]
3810SQ5NRY2016SPSA LP ALL81719192.7 [Cert]
3811W6IHG/42011W4SA LP ALL81617171.8 [Cert]
3812RX6AOB2017UA-6SA LP ALL79224223.9 [Cert]
3813OE1HXS2015OESA LP ALL (R)78020202.3 [Cert]
3814JP1QDH2013JA1SA LP ALL (T)78020202.0 [Cert]
3815AI6DO2016W6SA LP ALL (R)76518173.4 [Cert]
3816BH8DRP2014BYSA LP ALL (R)75027255.0 [Cert]
3817ZS6C2014ZSSA LP ALL74819174.0 [Cert]
3818XE1EE2009XESA LP ALL74119192.3 [Cert]
3819N9KY/42014W4SA LP ALL (T)72022201.2 [Cert]
3820W4JHC2012W4SA LP ALL71417172.6 [Cert]
3821K3OQ2007W3SA LP ALL714222128.2  
3822DF9GH2016DLSA LP ALL70516153.3 [Cert]
3823F6BIP2013FSA LP ALL69015150.9 [Cert]
3824W4JHC/52015W5SA LP ALL68420184.6 [Cert]
3825W1WBB2016W1SA LP ALL (T)67214141.7 [Cert]
3826KL1JP2012KLSA LP ALL66618181.9 [Cert]
3827UU4JQE2013URSA LP ALL65616162.5 [Cert]
3828BH8ASZ2015BYSA LP ALL65124216.7 [Cert]
3829BD2IAQ2017BYSA LP ALL64021201.2  
3830UA9CNX2014RA9SA LP ALL64016164.1 [Cert]
3831F4GFT2017FSA LP ALL62020203.4 [Cert]
3832LX1ER2017LXSA LP ALL (T)60921212.9 [Cert]
3833EB3CML2010EASA LP ALL60820192.1 [Cert]
3834VK6WX2015VKSA LP ALL58514132.1 [Cert]
3835PT9DX2017PYSA LP ALL56016161.4 [Cert]
3836UA9CNX2015RA9SA LP ALL55914131.9 [Cert]
3837JH1OES2014JA1SA LP ALL (T)55515155.5 [Cert]
3838RU9YF2016RA9SA LP ALL54416162.7 [Cert]
3839N3AFT2012W3SA LP ALL54417174.5 [Cert]
3840F/G0PZA2017FSA LP ALL (T)52020200.8 [Cert]
3841WM5F2017W7SA LP ALL49413132.3 [Cert]
3842K4XU/72016W7SA LP ALL49317170.3 [Cert]
3843BG3IYX2017BYSA LP ALL48618181.7 [Cert]
3844KD9CLH2017W9SA LP ALL (R)46813131.6 [Cert]
3845YO7SR2017YOSA LP ALL46515151.8 [Cert]
3846SQ5NRY2014SPSA LP ALL45613121.9  
3847GW4TSG2016GWSA LP ALL45016152.2 [Cert]
3848AB4RL2001W4SA LP ALL450151525.8  
3849RA0ANO2012RA0SA LP ALL44815142.1 [Cert]
3850UA9LBQ2015RA9SA LP ALL44215132.5 [Cert]
3851PY2CAT2017PYSA LP ALL43719197.6 [Cert]
38527N4KQM2016JA1SA LP ALL43723194.4 [Cert]
3853DK4US2011DLSA LP ALL43519153.4 [Cert]
3854N5XJ2017W5SA LP ALL43414140.5 [Cert]
3855LA6CF2013LASA LP ALL43212122.0 [Cert]
3856S59V2004S5SA LP ALL42014142.3  
3857VE6JY1998VE6SA LP ALL4181211  
3858YB6LBH2017YBSA LP ALL40010103.7  
3859N1GSA2016W1SA LP ALL40017163.2 [Cert]
3860LU1BJW2015LUSA LP ALL39612120.8 [Cert]
3861W1HFG2014W1SA LP ALL39611114.0 [Cert]
3862PY2MTV2007PYSA LP ALL385111125.8  
3863NF1O2013W1SA LP ALL38412121.4 [Cert]
3864W0PAN/72014W7SA LP ALL (T)37818183.8 [Cert]
3865BG5OA2014BYSA LP ALL36015153.4 [Cert]
3866RK6AQP2016UA-6SA LP ALL35211112.2  
3867VK6WX2014VKSA LP ALL34812121.8 [Cert]
3868IZ5JLW2012ISA LP ALL (T)34812122.6 [Cert]
3869JE8FYE2017JA8SA LP ALL34018173.5 [Cert]
3870UY5QZ2016URSA LP ALL33815130.9 [Cert]
3871UA0ZC2014RA0SA LP ALL33814131.3 [Cert]
3872SG6T2017SMSA LP ALL32214141.7SM6WET[Cert]
3873W7SST2006W7SA LP ALL32214142.0  
3874AD4YQ2016W4SA LP ALL315991.0 [Cert]
3875SP1ADY2015SPSA LP ALL3061191.7 [Cert]
3876JA2KCY2017JA2SA LP ALL30015151.9 [Cert]
38777L4IOU2015JA1SA LP ALL29711111.2 [Cert]
3878BD6AHU2015BYSA LP ALL29415141.0 [Cert]
3879BH4SKP2015BYSA LP ALL (T)27612120.9 [Cert]
3880PU4YJS2015PYSA LP ALL27216169.6 [Cert]
3881JI3KXB2010JA3SA LP ALL27010100.7 [Cert]
3882VU2GUR2012VUSA LP ALL26614144.3 [Cert]
3883RN4AM2014UA-4SA LP ALL264980.9 [Cert]
3884UU2JQ2002URSA LP ALL264111124.3  
3885RW6AF2016UA-6SA LP ALL252990.7 [Cert]
3886W4JHC/52014W5SA LP ALL24714134.1 [Cert]
3887YB1RUS2016YBSA LP ALL243991.6 [Cert]
3888JA4MRL2016JA4SA LP ALL (T)24013121.7 [Cert]
3889BG3UPA2015BYSA LP ALL24012121.1 [Cert]
3890F4FDA2013FSA LP ALL24011102.6 [Cert]
3891JK7WQP2016JA7SA LP ALL23111113.4 [Cert]
3892VE3XAT2009VE3SA LP ALL225991.2 [Cert]
3893NC6B2017W6SA LP ALL22114131.3  
3894W4JUU2015W4SA LP ALL22010101.9 [Cert]
3895AD1L2016W1SA LP ALL216990.5  
3896K0EZW2015W0SA LP ALL (T)216981.8 [Cert]
3897W4WNT2017W4SA LP ALL20911111.7 [Cert]
3898RA3VE2010UA-3SA LP ALL20813131.2 [Cert]
3899IN3EJN2014ISA LP ALL203771.4 [Cert]
3900OZ8AGB2016OZSA LP ALL (T)19513132.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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