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3701SQ9IAU2014SPSA LP ALL1,94429273.6 [Cert]
3702IK2SAR2013ISA LP ALL1,92232317.1 [Cert]
3703MW0BRO2016GWSA LP ALL1,91142390.7 [Cert]
3704NF1O2011W1SA LP ALL1,89030301.8 [Cert]
3705GM4UYZ2008GMSA LP ALL1,89050455.5 [Cert]
3706EA8RY2016EA8SA LP ALL1,86323231.7 [Cert]
3707DL8UAT2008DLSA LP ALL (T)1,86331273.7 [Cert]
3708KE1J2015W1SA LP ALL (T)1,86023200.6 [Cert]
3709W6JBR2017W6SA LP ALL1,85630292.0  
3710JA3PYC2016JA3SA LP ALL1,79424231.6 [Cert]
3711RW3DY2011UA-3SA LP ALL1,76436366.1 [Cert]
3712NA3M/42017W4SA LP ALL1,76022220.6 [Cert]
3713SP6IHE2013SPSA LP ALL1,75028257.7 [Cert]
3714DL9YAJ2007DLSA LP ALL (T)1,73633312.9  
3715KG6TT2007W6SA LP ALL (T)1,73436342.1  
3716KZ2V/62016W6SA LP ALL1,71031300.8 [Cert]
3717AB4IQ2015W4SA LP ALL1,69028263.6 [Cert]
3718IK3SCB2011ISA LP ALL1,68038351.5 [Cert]
3719JI3QGQ2015JA3SA LP ALL (T)1,67525254.6 [Cert]
3720DL4IAZ2017DLSA LP ALL1,66634341.2 [Cert]
3721W1WBB2013W1SA LP ALL (T)1,63823213.2 [Cert]
3722K3FH2017W3SA LP ALL1,62531252.1 [Cert]
3723UR0IQ2014URSA LP ALL1,62525255.3 [Cert]
3724R5KV2016UA-3SA LP ALL1,60032320.6 [Cert]
3725BH3COZ2015BYSA LP ALL1,60041326.8 [Cert]
3726SP9EML2016SPSA LP ALL1,59628281.8 [Cert]
3727BA4CW2012BYSA LP ALL1,59031303.6 [Cert]
3728SQ5NRY2015SPSA LP ALL1,58426227.8 [Cert]
3729WM5Q2014W5SA LP ALL (T)1,56027263.4 [Cert]
3730NA6G2009W6SA LP ALL1,56036303.5 [Cert]
3731JA1MZM2008JA1SA LP ALL1,56024200.5 [Cert]
3732AD4YQ2015W4SA LP ALL1,54022222.9 [Cert]
3733BH4TXN2014BYSA LP ALL1,54029282.2 [Cert]
3734KB9O2013W9SA LP ALL1,52526254.0  
3735W7EEU2017W7SA LP ALL1,51221214.3 [Cert]
3736K8NZ/42014W4SA LP ALL1,50027250.8 [Cert]
3737N9KY/42012W4SA LP ALL (T)1,50025252.0 [Cert]
3738DL3HWM2013DLSA LP ALL1,49623223.2 [Cert]
3739YU5A2007YUSA LP ALL1,472262324.8  
3740PD3OES2016PASA LP ALL1,47038352.7 [Cert]
3741AF6WF/72016W7SA LP ALL1,45735313.7 [Cert]
3742K3FH2003W3SA LP ALL1,45026251.2  
3743EB2RA2017EASA LP ALL (T)1,44419190.8 [Cert]
3744NG0K2015W0SA LP ALL1,44032322.8  
3745DL5HF2010DLSA LP ALL1,44038366.5 [Cert]
3746KA3DRR/62007W6SA LP ALL1,430322630.6  
3747RA6YJ2011UA-6SA LP ALL1,42625237.1 [Cert]
3748W4WNT2016W4SA LP ALL1,40822221.8 [Cert]
3749KB2URI2014W2SA LP ALL1,40323232.1 [Cert]
3750DL3YDY2009DLSA LP ALL1,40036357.8 [Cert]
3751BH6KOK2016BYSA LP ALL (R)1,39229297.1 [Cert]
3752JN3IWQ2014JA3SA LP ALL1,37527253.7 [Cert]
3753W7SST2008W7SA LP ALL1,36436312.3 [Cert]
3754SM6D2012SMSA LP ALL1,35025252.8SM6DER[Cert]
3755XE2RC2008XESA LP ALL (T)1,35027253.3 [Cert]
3756VK2CCC2007VKSA LP ALL (T)1,35029187.3LY1F 
3757K6III2016W6SA LP ALL (T)1,34224221.7 [Cert]
3758N3AO/42013W4SA LP ALL1,32329271.6 [Cert]
3759UT5UNZ2017URSA LP ALL1,32020202.4 [Cert]
3760JR2BYJ2017JA2SA LP ALL1,29618180.6 [Cert]
37617X2GK20147XSA LP ALL1,29624244.1 [Cert]
3762NA4EA2013W4SA LP ALL1,29616161.1 [Cert]
3763VK4FJ2017VKSA LP ALL1,28123213.9 [Cert]
3764CE3TAM2014CESA LP ALL1,281232110.0 [Cert]
3765K7VIT2006W7SA LP ALL1,254222227.0  
3766VE3XAT2015VE3SA LP ALL1,23922211.2 [Cert]
3767DL2MLU2009DLSA LP ALL1,22427242.3 [Cert]
3768PY1GQ2017PYSA LP ALL1,20725172.8 [Cert]
3769RN4AM2015UA-4SA LP ALL1,20020202.0 [Cert]
3770BH5HBU2016BYSA LP ALL1,17626243.2 [Cert]
3771RN4AM2013UA-4SA LP ALL1,15220182.1 [Cert]
3772W4TG2017W4SA LP ALL1,15025251.6 [Cert]
3773OF1KH2017OHSA LP ALL1,14829283.9 [Cert]
3774V85ZX2017V8SA LP ALL1,13424214.8 [Cert]
3775PY2COY2016PYSA LP ALL1,11322215.1  
3776RU7A2017UA-6SA LP ALL1,10022222.5 [Cert]
3777YO3CVG2017YOSA LP ALL1,09223212.6  
3778TA4/LA9DAA2014TASA LP ALL1,08021181.9 [Cert]
3779PR7GA2017PYSA LP ALL (R)1,06628267.5 [Cert]
3780JQ2XVY2014JA2SA LP ALL1,03524234.9 [Cert]
3781KD8OAP2012W8SA LP ALL (R)1,03523236.3 [Cert]
3782JA9EJG2017JA9SA LP ALL (T)1,03428223.1 [Cert]
3783ON7PX2016ONSA LP ALL1,03224241.8 [Cert]
3784W4WNT2007W4SA LP ALL1,02624192.0  
3785BH3QZZ2016BYSA LP ALL1,02525252.3 [Cert]
3786BG3ATI2014BYSA LP ALL1,00821212.2 [Cert]
3787GM4UYZ2017GMSA LP ALL99232313.0 [Cert]
3788BH1TTE2017BYSA LP ALL (R)98829262.5 [Cert]
3789JP3QAO2017JA3SA LP ALL98721214.7 [Cert]
3790KB9O2017W9SA LP ALL98426241.9 [Cert]
3791BG6CQZ2011BYSA LP ALL98427245.1 [Cert]
3792LA8CJ2015LASA LP ALL (T)96825225.9 [Cert]
3793WT5U2007W5SA LP ALL936252426.4  
3794N9LAH2013W9SA LP ALL93519172.3 [Cert]
3795YO7AWZ2015YOSA LP ALL92020202.2 [Cert]
3796R3QX2013UA-3SA LP ALL91220191.7 [Cert]
3797DL5ANS2015DLSA LP ALL90118171.2 [Cert]
3798YV5KG2017YVSA LP ALL90020183.2 [Cert]
3799YC3BFX2016YBSA LP ALL90018185.0 [Cert]
3800AK0W2017W0SA LP ALL89134275.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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