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3001W5WZ2008W5SO LP 20M73522211.2 [Cert]
3002VE2DWA2006VE2SO LP 20M731171725.4  
3003DL6UBF2000DLSO LP 20M7311717  
3004JJ1LRD/12017JA1SO LP 20M (T)72219192.2 [Cert]
3005JO3JJN1997JA3SO LP 20M7141817  
3006K0UK2008W0SO LP 20M71322230.7 [Cert]
3007SM2IEN2007SMSO LP 20M713272312.9  
3008YL2PW2005YLSO LP 20M69625243.1  
3009AA4GT2012W4SO LP 20M69322217.0 [Cert]
3010SQ5EK2005SPSO LP 20M69016151.9  
3011HS8KGG2007HSSO LP 20M68420182.7  
3012RW0AA2009RA0SO LP 20M68017171.1 [Cert]
3013KF3CV2002W3SO LP 20M67515153.2  
3014YU1PJ1996YUSO LP 20M6672323  
3015RW9QA2004RA9SO LP 20M660161524.3  
3016WN4KKN/61994W6SO LP 20M6602121  
3017JO1JKH2016JA1SO LP 20M (T)63826223.7 [Cert]
3018VE3VSM2013VE3SO LP 20M62917170.7 [Cert]
3019JJ1JRH2004JA1SO LP 20M6252525  
3020SV7CUD2013SVSO LP 20M (T)62424247.5 [Cert]
3021IK7LVE2017ISO LP 20M62124232.9 [Cert]
3022OK2PHI2010OKSO LP 20M62123232.0 [Cert]
3023BD4QA2010BYSO LP 20M60922214.5 [Cert]
3024WB2ART2007W2SO LP 20M59422223.3  
3025AF5CC/62016W5SO LP 20M (T)58020200.7 [Cert]
3026K9QH2003W9SO LP 20M57414142.0  
3027JK3UQF2017JA3SO LP 20M55819184.0 [Cert]
3028JN1HYU2008JA1SO LP 20M55819181.3 [Cert]
3029NS2P2003W2SO LP 20M544161624.9  
30309N7CW20159NSO LP 20M54015151.9F2CW[Cert]
3031KK9V2010W9SO LP 20M (T)54024200.3 [Cert]
3032KC9IL2010W9SO LP 20M52521211.5 [Cert]
3033JG3EHD2016JA3SO LP 20M51815143.5 [Cert]
30349A1AKL20159ASO LP 20M51319191.99A3NU[Cert]
3035OK2BHE1995OKSO LP 20M5071313  
3036WN7Y2013W7SO LP 20M50418182.0 [Cert]
3037EA3GF1993EASO LP 20M5042018  
3038KG6AF2013W6SO LP 20M50022201.9 [Cert]
3039KQ4VG1993W4SO LP 20M4931717  
3040DU2BOQ2013DUSO LP 20M (T)49015144.9 [Cert]
3041RV9XQ2013RA9SO LP 20M48618181.1 [Cert]
3042JO1WIZ2008JA1SO LP 20M (T)48020201.1 [Cert]
3043N7FG2009W7SO LP 20M (T)47617173.0 [Cert]
3044PW1W2009PYSO LP 20M47614141.9PY1WW[Cert]
3045IZ2GMT2008ISO LP 20M46515151.2 [Cert]
3046TC100KT2015TA1SO LP 20M46223211.7TA3AER[Cert]
3047JA1POS1994JA1SO LP 20M4562119  
3048Z33A2016Z3SO LP 20M45019180.9 [Cert]
3049HS8KAY2004HSSO LP 20M42517173.6  
3050UA3LQQ2009UA-3SO LP 20M42021203.8 [Cert]
3051UN0C2009UNSO LP 20M41614131.7 [Cert]
3052JQ1QNV2014JA1SO LP 20M40313132.3 [Cert]
3053JA7AXP1997JA7SO LP 20M4031513  
3054W9WE2009W9SO LP 20M38020202.1 [Cert]
3055JA7AXP2005JA7SO LP 20M3771313  
3056EA2CYJ2016EASO LP 20M36816161.7 [Cert]
3057HS0EHF2004HSSO LP 20M364141325.6  
3058W4ZPR2013W4SO LP 20M (T)36015153.0 [Cert]
3059EA5URV2011EASO LP 20M35721214.7EA5HFW[Cert]
3060JA1LPV2005JA1SO LP 20M3411111  
3061RN1M2017UA-1SO LP 20M33616160.6 [Cert]
3062UY7IS2011URSO LP 20M31911112.5 [Cert]
3063PE1MMZ2008PASO LP 20M (T)31515150.8 [Cert]
3064JA6WW2010JA6SO LP 20M30416162.1 [Cert]
3065IK8SCR2014ISO LP 20M (T)30015150.7 [Cert]
3066IZ2JNN2013ISO LP 20M30017152.5 [Cert]
3067IZ5GRS2007ISO LP 20M (R)299131325.0  
3068W2NPT2017W2SO LP 20M (T)29010100.4W3EH[Cert]
3069VE2CLM2016VE2SO LP 20M28812120.7VE2QV[Cert]
3070BD2BT2007BYSO LP 20M (R)288181627.5  
3071JG1FGL1998JA1SO LP 20M2881212  
3072JA9XAT1994JA9SO LP 20M2881818  
3073W1HFG2012W1SO LP 20M28612111.8 [Cert]
3074OH2KI2017OHSO LP 20M27313130.8 [Cert]
3075JA9ANF1995JA9SO LP 20M2731313  
3076N6LL2014W6SO LP 20M27010101.3 [Cert]
3077DL8JDX2017DLSO LP 20M26010102.9  
3078VA3RNJ2009VE3SO LP 20M25311110.7 [Cert]
3079UT7XT2014URSO LP 20M243990.7 [Cert]
3080JL1NIE2012JA1SO LP 20M243991.9 [Cert]
3081DL1AZK2009DLSO LP 20M243990.5 [Cert]
3082WA4FJK2015W4SO LP 20M (T)24010100.9 [Cert]
3083W1/CT1AGF2011W1SO LP 20M24016151.2 [Cert]
3084N6MZ/72009W7SO LP 20M23010100.2 [Cert]
3085RX3AEX2007UA-3SO LP 20M2079924.4  
3086LY2KA2017LYSO LP 20M20412121.0  
3087KI4MFX2009W4SO LP 20M20010101.5 [Cert]
3088EC5AGM2010EASO LP 20M19811112.3 [Cert]
3089W1OH2004W1SO LP 20M198111124.9  
3090WR7Q2009W7SO LP 20M19614142.1 [Cert]
3091JM3LWR1998JA3SO LP 20M19288  
3092JG1SWV2011JA1SO LP 20M (R)189992.1 [Cert]
3093K9QH2002W9SO LP 20M (R)184881.9  
3094DL9ZWG2016DLSO LP 20M18214141.6 [Cert]
3095UT7UE2015URSO LP 20M18010102.0 [Cert]
3096N8SBE2011W8SO LP 20M176980.8 [Cert]
3097LA9AU1997LASO LP 20M17199  
3098KF0IQ2009W0SO LP 20M16812123.1 [Cert]
3099SP3MEP1996SPSO LP 20M1651111  
3100WA4FJK2014W4SO LP 20M (T)162990.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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