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201WB9HRO1995W9SO HP ALL795,3961,050476  
202N2BJ/92016W9SA HP ALL778,14061152418.5 [Cert]
203W9XT1984W9SO HP ALL777,920858374  
204KZ9O2007W9SO LP ALL (T)772,1911,03544135.4  
205AB9H2008W9SO HP 40M770,71274340826.5 [Cert]
206W9OP2011W9SO HP ALL770,56084143036.0 [Cert]
207W9OP2016W9SO HP ALL768,66871543629.3 [Cert]
208K9BG2002W9SO LP 20M748,51269045217.1  
209WX9U1991W9SO HP ALL746,790776436  
210WO9S1998W9SO LP ALL746,480745434  
211K9BG1984W9SO HP ALL746,112751384  
212KS9O1985W9MULTI-ONE HP740,625592395KS9O K9LJN NA8J KA9LTR K... 
213WX9U2015W9SA HP ALL738,66156937110.0 [Cert]
214N2BJ/92015W9SA HP ALL (T)737,63255651816.6 [Cert]
215K9OM1994W9SO HP 20M732,000836488  
216W9YYG2003W9SO HP 20M724,58481645626.5  
217N9CK2007W9SO HP ALL722,06183942321.0  
218WI9WI2016W9SO HP ALL (T)721,64781844316.5 [Cert]
219NA1R1993W9SO LP ALL721,063783431  
220W9OP2000W9SO LP ALL717,808712406  
221K9OM2004W9SO HP 20M717,570716469  
222N0BSH1992W9SO HP 15M713,673776443  
223K9BG2003W9SO LP 20M707,332729454  
224WG9L1998W9MULTI-ONE HP700,557971429WG9L W9VU 
225K9QVB1985W9SO HP 20M698,326823437  
226W9ILY2012W9SO LP 15M693,41858547315.8 [Cert]
227W9PA2017W9SA HP ALL690,90068449021.0 [Cert]
228K9QVB1984W9SO HP 20M685,596782388  
229NM9H1989W9MULTI-ONE HP683,268798388NM9H N9HXG 
230K9LJN1986W9SO HP 20M682,290785378  
231K9NW1997W9SO HP 20M675,364675436  
232AB9H2007W9SO HP 40M674,78470939628.7  
233K9MFI1982W9MULTI-ONE HP672,702849382K9MFI K9ZO WB9JKI 
234W9YQ2006W9SO HP ALL670,09670043422.6  
235WX9U2011W9SO HP 40M664,30661138621.2 [Cert]
236K9UQN2001W9SA HP ALL663,702660402  
237AI9J1980W9SO HP ALL662,758847326  
238W9ILY2001W9SO LP 15M656,60461941421.2  
239KZ9O2010W9SO LP ALL (T)646,8151,06640333.0KB9OWD[Cert]
240N2BJ/92008W9SA HP ALL629,20071440023.7 [Cert]
241WO9S1997W9SO LP ALL627,260659395  
242K9UQN2006W9SO HP ALL (T)623,22067339022.2  
243K9QVB1981W9SO HP 20M613,760787320  
244W9XU1992W9SO HP ALL612,535726407  
245W9OP2010W9SO HP ALL606,77976637936.0 [Cert]
246WD9DBC1983W9SO HP ALL604,373774329  
247W9AV2015W9SA HP ALL (T)603,33965638923.2 [Cert]
248NA9J1986W9SO HP ALL600,502820413  
249K9OM2007W9SO LP ALL588,52874036621.9  
250NS9I2017W9SA HP ALL (T)586,66373640120.1 [Cert]
251K9OM2010W9SO HP 20M585,39877345127.0 [Cert]
252W9XT1985W9SO HP ALL579,700683374  
253W9OP1999W9SA HP ALL574,980587370  
254WX9U2008W9SO HP 40M566,96062037320.9 [Cert]
255WB9HRO1994W9SO HP 20M564,571812413  
256K9YC2004W9SO LP ALL564,44671236729.9  
257K9MMS1999W9SO LP ALL (T)563,030603355  
258KS9W1993W9SO HP ALL560,303706391  
259K9UQN1999W9SO HP ALL559,835623355  
260K9LJN1995W9SO HP 20M559,284766446  
261K9UQN2003W9SA HP ALL558,48472538225.6  
262W9AV2016W9SA LP ALL (T)552,36872736821.4 [Cert]
263N2BJ/92009W9SA HP ALL548,60057142220.0 [Cert]
264NF9V2015W9SA HP ALL544,54452641611.4 [Cert]
265N2BJ/92005W9SA HP ALL544,27255136820.6  
266W9LF1979W9SO HP 15M544,104724297  
267K9YAX1984W9SO HP ALL541,671640323  
268K9CC2010W9SO HP ALL (T)540,76898634430.9 [Cert]
269K9QVB2017W9SO LP ALL539,74869939615.3 [Cert]
270K9KU1993W9SO LP 20M539,600619400  
271NA1R1994W9SO LP ALL538,475735425  
272AB9H2009W9SO HP 40M535,07459234719.8 [Cert]
273K9UQN2004W9SO HP ALL (T)524,18862138628.4  
274WX9U2007W9SO HP 40M524,16056436025.4  
275K9CC2016W9SO HP 40M (T)520,08663436623.0 [Cert]
276AB9H2004W9SO LP ALL519,35466638728.2  
277N2BJ2017W9SA HP ALL500,44864441617.8 [Cert]
278K9BG1982W9SO HP ALL497,688687356  
279NO9Z2001W9SA HP 20M496,1845723679.3  
280W9OP2017W9SO HP ALL494,59558237926.7 [Cert]
281KJ9A2008W9SO LP 20M489,94270442233.4 [Cert]
282K9BG1999W9SO LP ALL489,512554344  
283N3EU/92015W9SA LP 20M488,97353641926.8 [Cert]
284W0AIH/92012W9SO QRP ALL487,90059635035.1VE5AE[Cert]
285K9ZO2002W9SO LP ALL485,43860034615.0  
286K9BG1996W9SO HP 20M483,582651431  
287KG9N2012W9SO HP ALL478,1865423736.8 [Cert]
288K9NW2011W9SA HP 20M473,39654540622.4 [Cert]
289KE9F1989W9SO HP ALL473,282724454  
290W9OP2006W9SO HP 20M472,81552639926.7  
291K9MMS2010W9SO LP ALL472,52770633318.7 [Cert]
292KK9A1982W9SO HP 20M462,430743353  
293W9LHG2009W9SO LP ALL (T)461,46262935825.7 [Cert]
294K9UQN2009W9SO HP ALL459,67255335819.0 [Cert]
295K9UQN2005W9SO HP 20M453,57453138921.1  
296K9UQN2000W9SO HP ALL451,548514339  
297AK9N1981W9MULTI-ONE HP450,328725311AK9N N9AUZ WD9DBC 
298K9QVB1987W9SO HP 20M447,055660371  
299W9WI2002W9SO LP ALL (T)444,42953433914.5  
300K9BG1989W9SO HP ALL443,871566331  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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