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201YL2GQT1994YLSO LP 160M10,1407965  
202RW4HHD1997UA-4SO LP 160M9,9287368  
203F5RAB2017FSO LP 160M (T)9,86074683.9 [Cert]
204UR4III1999URSO LP 160M9,4387366  
205OK2ZV1999OKSO LP 160M9,3947361  
206SL0W2007SMSO LP 160M8,61869627.4SM0AJU 
207UA3VVH1993UA-3SO LP 160M8,4429267  
208UT5PH2011URSO LP 160M8,25368635.1 [Cert]
209RV3FW2017UA-3SO LP 160M8,12869644.4 [Cert]
210VY2MGY/31999VE3SO LP 160M8,0345939  
211YL2II2008YLSO LP 160M7,92067604.7 [Cert]
212XO5SF1995VE5SO LP 160M7,9204540  
213RM5Z2014UA-3SO LP 160M7,87468625.1 [Cert]
214DJ8OG2007DLSO LP 160M7,39268564.3  
215ER2RM2015ERSO LP 160M (R)7,31664592.4 [Cert]
216OK1CZ2013OKSO LP 160M7,13461582.1 [Cert]
217SP8GYD1993SPSO LP 160M6,8346851  
218UT3N2006URSO LP 160M6,80467544.2UT3NK 
219OM3TYM1994OMSO LP 160M6,6085956  
220YO2AQB2001YOSO LP 160M6,5914339  
221HA1TI2014HASO LP 160M6,38460565.1 [Cert]
222SP6LV2000SPSO LP 160M6,3125448  
223LY2ND2011LYSO LP 160M6,21563556.4 [Cert]
224OM4J2012OMSO LP 160M6,06960512.0OM4JD[Cert]
225F5RZJ1997FSO LP 160M6,0185951  
226VE3OSZ2015VE3SO LP 160M5,88048354.7 [Cert]
227RN3CT2004UA-3SO LP 160M (T)5,82858474.9  
228IY0TC2001ISO LP 160M5,5685848I0KHP 
229SQ3WW2012SPSO LP 160M5,48859494.0 [Cert]
230WD8DSB/92014W9SO LP 160M5,40077545.3 [Cert]
231UT5EO2008URSO LP 160M5,35354533.1 [Cert]
232LY2ND2013LYSO LP 160M5,24352493.5 [Cert]
233YO2BEH2002YOSO LP 160M5,22058454.6  
234G3R2010GSO LP 160M4,55454463.5G0DCK[Cert]
235VE3CFK2015VE3SO LP 160M4,41043305.1 [Cert]
236ON6TJ2003ONSO LP 160M4,40051444.4  
237SP6M2005SPSO LP 160M4,275474525.4  
238LZ5VV2017LZSO LP 160M4,18647463.0  
239IO0KHP1994ISO LP 160M4,0424643I0KHP 
240WJ5K/42007W4SO LP 160M3,864484226.4  
241RA4HPI2017UA-4SO LP 160M3,78445444.0 [Cert]
242OK1KZ2013OKSO LP 160M3,65447422.7 [Cert]
243YT1YV2008YUSO LP 160M3,60843411.3 [Cert]
244SP4BEU2013SPSO LP 160M3,47142391.7 [Cert]
245YO9RIJ2015YOSO LP 160M3,44046402.3 [Cert]
246UY0ZA1995URSO LP 160M3,1725552  
247G0DCK2013GSO LP 160M3,04041405.0 [Cert]
248WD8DSB/92013W9SO LP 160M2,92651384.0 [Cert]
249UT5PY2017URSO LP 160M (T)2,88640374.3 [Cert]
250RA3YAO2006UA-3SO LP 160M (R)2,81247375.6  
251UT1WW1995URSO LP 160M2,8084036  
252ON5JD2008ONSO LP 160M2,52037366.1 [Cert]
253E71AVW2014E7SO LP 160M2,48437363.8E75MM[Cert]
254LA4XFA1998LASO LP 160M2,4483634  
255US0QG2003URSO LP 160M2,2803430  
256VY2MGY/32000VE3SO LP 160M2,2622929  
257OR6TJ2002ONSO LP 160M2,16036303.9  
258DL3EAZ2014DLSO LP 160M2,14235343.3 [Cert]
259OK1DKM2000OKSO LP 160M2,1406220  
260VE2AWW2017VE2SO LP 160M2,11227244.2 [Cert]
261UA3QCB2006UA-3SO LP 160M2,077373127.9  
262NT1E/22006W2SO LP 160M2,03043298.4K3BU 
263UB5ZME1993URSO LP 160M2,0303835  
264AA9AX1994W9SO LP 160M2,01610072  
265UN7CH2011UNSO LP 160M1,99526192.6 [Cert]
266NA4W2014W4SO LP 160M1,86040314.6K4WI[Cert]
267TA1CM2017TA1SO LP 160M1,79832292.8 [Cert]
268OK3TYQ1992OKOMSO LP 160M1,7363328  
269JE1SPY2017JA1SO LP 160M1,71548359.0 [Cert]
270NA4W2011W4SO LP 160M1,69634322.2K4WI[Cert]
271OK1DXK2007OKSO LP 160M1,67429274.0  
272UN7CH2009UNSO LP 160M1,67219194.0 [Cert]
273SQ2RH2017SPSO LP 160M1,59629283.5 [Cert]
2744Z4KX20164XSO LP 160M1,58117171.3 [Cert]
275G0RRM2012GSO LP 160M1,56630297.0 [Cert]
276AI4AA2002W4SO LP 160M1,47234324.2K4WI 
277RV3FW2013UA-3SO LP 160M1,47031304.5 [Cert]
278EA1FCH2006EASO LP 160M1,45827272.5  
279UA9SLX2008RA9SO LP 160M1,41018154.0 [Cert]
280US0QG2008URSO LP 160M1,39230294.3 [Cert]
281G4EHT2008GSO LP 160M1,35028252.9 [Cert]
282OK1KZ2005OKSO LP 160M1,3252525  
283HA7JQK2012HASO LP 160M1,32032241.7 [Cert]
284DL3FF2011DLSO LP 160M1,30027250.6 [Cert]
285YO9RIJ2013YOSO LP 160M1,27427261.2 [Cert]
286WD8DSB/92012W9SO LP 160M1,24831262.8 [Cert]
287SV5/OK2BOB2012SV5SO LP 160M1,15024233.5 [Cert]
288NA4W2017W4SO LP 160M1,10735272.5K4WI[Cert]
289WI4R2009W4SO LP 160M96234266.8 [Cert]
290JE1SPY2010JA1SO LP 160M93626183.7 [Cert]
291HA7JQK2014HASO LP 160M90322211.0 [Cert]
292LY49BC2013LYSO LP 160M90323210.3 [Cert]
293NS3T2014W3SO LP 160M90225221.6 [Cert]
294SN5Z2002SPSO LP 160M810191824.6SP5MBQ 
295N9TF2007W9SO LP 160M80025203.4  
296RB5ELM1993URSO LP 160M7922018  
297ES5NC2007ESSO LP 160M760201925.3  
298JE1SPY2007JA1SO LP 160M76025205.7  
299JE1SPY2016JA1SO LP 160M75933235.5 [Cert]
300VE3CFK2013VE3SO LP 160M75615141.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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