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2501W2JEK2009W2SO QRP ALL2,64046403.7 [Cert]
2502VK2NU2006VKSO QRP ALL2,64036305.8  
2503JA0IND/12009JA1SO QRP ALL2,61830225.7 [Cert]
2504EA7GVW1997EASO QRP ALL2,6183734  
2505JG1GPY2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,61624244.4 [Cert]
2506N1JI2016W1SO QRP ALL2,61029292.0 [Cert]
2507W7TX2015W7SO QRP ALL2,55032302.7 [Cert]
2508JE1ILP2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,54828264.5 [Cert]
2509PA0LKR1984PASO QRP ALL2,5424641  
2510W2JEK2007W2SO QRP ALL2,5383327  
2511VE3DQN2017VE3SO QRP ALL2,52030301.8 [Cert]
2512AF9J2010W9SO QRP ALL2,52052404.7 [Cert]
2513NL7YL1992KLSO QRP ALL2,5203728  
2514US0YA2003URSO QRP ALL2,49432292.4  
2515JH1RDA2015JA1SO QRP ALL2,47944376.7 [Cert]
2516PA3FSC2001PASO QRP ALL2,4603030  
2517BH4BTZ2013BYSO QRP ALL (T)2,419444111.8 [Cert]
2518M0CEF2009GSO QRP ALL2,41238364.1 [Cert]
2519YV6BXN2008YVSO QRP ALL (T)2,39823222.4 [Cert]
2520VK3VP2001VKSO QRP ALL (R)2,380372829.0  
2521M1KTA2008GSO QRP ALL2,37847415.5 [Cert]
2522M1K2015GSO QRP ALL2,36547433.7 [Cert]
2523IK7LVE2014ISO QRP ALL2,32248435.3 [Cert]
2524YB0ANN2017YBSO QRP ALL2,296432810.5 [Cert]
2525AA3WI2002W3SO QRP ALL2,27835346.6  
2526JA1POS2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,26231299.7 [Cert]
2527LY2BNL2008LYSO QRP ALL2,255444110.5 [Cert]
2528IK7GUW2014ISO QRP ALL (T)2,25046452.8 [Cert]
2529DL9NDV2007DLSO QRP ALL2,22647427.3  
2530PA1B2015PASO QRP ALL (T)2,205504510.0 [Cert]
2531EA6ZS2015EA6SO QRP ALL2,18443423.8 [Cert]
2532W2JEK2010W2SO QRP ALL2,18424242.4 [Cert]
2533VE7EKS1995VE7SO QRP ALL2,1753325  
2534DL2BIS2012DLSO QRP ALL2,13540353.2 [Cert]
2535F5UKL2010FSO QRP ALL2,10646394.0 [Cert]
2536SP8LXE2015SPSO QRP ALL2,09143413.7 [Cert]
2537KS4X2010W4SO QRP ALL2,08830295.4 [Cert]
2538M0PCB2005GSO QRP ALL2,05236364.7  
2539DL3BVA2004DLSO QRP ALL2,04640337.5  
2540CT1DJE2017CTSO QRP ALL2,04429282.9  
2541SV5/N6GQ2012SV5SO QRP ALL2,01629281.6 [Cert]
2542VK2VVA1981VKSO QRP ALL2,0163321  
2543RN0QQ2010RA0SO QRP ALL2,01345334.3 [Cert]
2544KI4FW2007W4SO QRP ALL1,99540352.7  
2545WB9HRO/61983W6SO QRP ALL1,9785146  
2546KA6SGT2017W8SO QRP ALL1,95041392.6 [Cert]
2547EI8FH2010EISO QRP ALL (T)1,94733332.9 [Cert]
2548AA5TB2008W5SO QRP ALL1,92538354.3 [Cert]
2549AD0BI2015W0SO QRP ALL1,908403610.4 [Cert]
2550K0CO2002W0SO QRP ALL1,88138332.0  
2551WY7N2012W7SO QRP ALL1,86241383.8 [Cert]
2552AC8AP2017W8SO QRP ALL1,85041375.0 [Cert]
2553PY4ZO2008PYSO QRP ALL1,84827242.7 [Cert]
2554KI6OFN2008W6SO QRP ALL (R)1,82933318.0 [Cert]
2555NQ2W2012W2SO QRP ALL (T)1,82730293.4 [Cert]
2556JT1BV1996JTSO QRP ALL1,8243632  
2557KK6TV2009W6SO QRP ALL1,820513510.2 [Cert]
2558K2HT/02011W0SO QRP ALL1,80237341.8 [Cert]
2559RQ7R2015UA-6SO QRP ALL1,78639386.0 [Cert]
2560SM4KL1990SMSO QRP ALL1,7423126  
2561WF4FP2013W4SO QRP ALL1,70830281.6K4FB[Cert]
2562IK1RAC2005ISO QRP ALL (T)1,705313125.3  
2563WA8AXF2015W8SO QRP ALL (T)1,66435323.5 [Cert]
2564W2JEK1990W2SO QRP ALL1,6203130  
2565PA3DGW1984PASO QRP ALL1,5663229  
2566EA3FHP2017EASO QRP ALL1,55839383.3 [Cert]
2567K2HT/02010W0SO QRP ALL1,55842384.1 [Cert]
2568AE3J2008W3SO QRP ALL1,55136333.7 [Cert]
2569PU5ATX2009PYSO QRP ALL1,53730297.2 [Cert]
2570KX7L2005W7SO QRP ALL1,530373425.2  
2571W2JEK1985W2SO QRP ALL1,5303330  
2572PA3AFF1987PASO QRP ALL1,5044532  
2573LW5DR2004LUSO QRP ALL (T)1,49419183.8  
2574GQ4FDC2012GSO QRP ALL1,48226261.7G4FDC[Cert]
2575KR0U2002W0SO QRP ALL1,475272525.3  
2576NO2D2017W0SO QRP ALL1,47235323.9 [Cert]
2577DL2YET2017DLSO QRP ALL1,46237343.6 [Cert]
2578DL3BVA2013DLSO QRP ALL1,43537353.3 [Cert]
2579M1KTA2013GSO QRP ALL1,43539352.1 [Cert]
2580SQ5MGG2006SPSO QRP ALL (R)1,42129294.7  
2581N3ZV2017W4SO QRP ALL1,37236283.0 [Cert]
2582KH6CP/11986W1SO QRP ALL1,3443028  
2583WB6ITM1995W6SO QRP ALL1,3263734  
2584KQ6HE2009W6SO QRP ALL1,32025222.6 [Cert]
2585YB0ANN2014YBSO QRP ALL1,30227216.8 [Cert]
2586SM3DFM2016SMSO QRP ALL1,30026251.9  
2587LU5EM2009LUSO QRP ALL1,29223196.7 [Cert]
2588SM3DFM2013SMSO QRP ALL1,28829283.6SM5DFM[Cert]
2589VU2UR2005VUSO QRP ALL1,288262314.7  
2590JJ3GRX/12008JA1SO QRP ALL1,26930274.5 [Cert]
2591OZ8E1979OZSO QRP ALL1,2653923  
2592W2JEK2015W2SO QRP ALL1,25424221.4 [Cert]
2593JF3KQA2016JA3SO QRP ALL (T)1,24021203.4  
2594YO2MAX2006YOSO QRP ALL1,239232127.3  
2595G7PVZ2014GSO QRP ALL1,20429283.7 [Cert]
2596G5CMX1982GSO QRP ALL1,1962926N8ET 
2597IO7R2014ISO QRP ALL (T)1,18828271.2IZ7DMT[Cert]
2598NQ7X1997W7SO QRP ALL1,1802120  
2599WB0POH/42013W4SO QRP ALL1,17529254.3 [Cert]
2600KD9B/42012W4SO QRP ALL1,17323233.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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