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2501W2JEK2009W2SO QRP ALL2,64046403.7 
2502VK2NU2006VKSO QRP ALL2,64036305.8  
2503JA0IND/12009JA1SO QRP ALL2,61830225.7 
2504EA7GVW1997EASO QRP ALL2,6183734  
2505JG1GPY2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,61624244.4 
2506N1JI2016W1SO QRP ALL2,61029292.0 
2507W7TX2015W7SO QRP ALL2,55032302.7 
2508JE1ILP2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,54828264.5 
2509PA0LKR1984PASO QRP ALL2,5424641  
2510W2JEK2007W2SO QRP ALL2,5383327  
2511VE3DQN2017VE3SO QRP ALL2,52030301.8 
2512AF9J2010W9SO QRP ALL2,52052404.7 
2513NL7YL1992KLSO QRP ALL2,5203728  
2514US0YA2003URSO QRP ALL2,49432292.4  
2515JH1RDA2015JA1SO QRP ALL2,47944376.7 
2516PA3FSC2001PASO QRP ALL2,4603030  
2517BH4BTZ2013BYSO QRP ALL (T)2,419444111.8 
2518M0CEF2009GSO QRP ALL2,41238364.1 
2519YV6BXN2008YVSO QRP ALL (T)2,39823222.4 
2520VK3VP2001VKSO QRP ALL (R)2,380372829.0  
2521M1KTA2008GSO QRP ALL2,37847415.5 
2522M1K2015GSO QRP ALL2,36547433.7 
2523IK7LVE2014ISO QRP ALL2,32248435.3 
2524YB0ANN2017YBSO QRP ALL2,296432810.5 
2525AA3WI2002W3SO QRP ALL2,27835346.6  
2526JA1POS2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,26231299.7 
2527LY2BNL2008LYSO QRP ALL2,255444110.5 
2528IK7GUW2014ISO QRP ALL (T)2,25046452.8 
2529DL9NDV2007DLSO QRP ALL2,22647427.3  
2530PA1B2015PASO QRP ALL (T)2,205504510.0 
2531EA6ZS2015EA6SO QRP ALL2,18443423.8 
2532W2JEK2010W2SO QRP ALL2,18424242.4 
2533VE7EKS1995VE7SO QRP ALL2,1753325  
2534DL2BIS2012DLSO QRP ALL2,13540353.2 
2535F5UKL2010FSO QRP ALL2,10646394.0 
2536SP8LXE2015SPSO QRP ALL2,09143413.7 
2537KS4X2010W4SO QRP ALL2,08830295.4 
2538M0PCB2005GSO QRP ALL2,05236364.7  
2539DL3BVA2004DLSO QRP ALL2,04640337.5  
2540CT1DJE2017CTSO QRP ALL2,04429282.9  
2541SV5/N6GQ2012SV5SO QRP ALL2,01629281.6 
2542VK2VVA1981VKSO QRP ALL2,0163321  
2543RN0QQ2010RA0SO QRP ALL2,01345334.3 
2544KI4FW2007W4SO QRP ALL1,99540352.7  
2545WB9HRO/61983W6SO QRP ALL1,9785146  
2546KA6SGT2017W8SO QRP ALL1,95041392.6 
2547EI8FH2010EISO QRP ALL (T)1,94733332.9 
2548AA5TB2008W5SO QRP ALL1,92538354.3 
2549AD0BI2015W0SO QRP ALL1,908403610.4 
2550K0CO2002W0SO QRP ALL1,88138332.0  
2551WY7N2012W7SO QRP ALL1,86241383.8 
2552AC8AP2017W8SO QRP ALL1,85041375.0 
2553PY4ZO2008PYSO QRP ALL1,84827242.7 
2554KI6OFN2008W6SO QRP ALL (R)1,82933318.0 
2555NQ2W2012W2SO QRP ALL (T)1,82730293.4 
2556JT1BV1996JTSO QRP ALL1,8243632  
2557KK6TV2009W6SO QRP ALL1,820513510.2 
2558K2HT/02011W0SO QRP ALL1,80237341.8 
2559RQ7R2015UA-6SO QRP ALL1,78639386.0 
2560SM4KL1990SMSO QRP ALL1,7423126  
2561WF4FP2013W4SO QRP ALL1,70830281.6K4FB
2562IK1RAC2005ISO QRP ALL (T)1,705313125.3  
2563WA8AXF2015W8SO QRP ALL (T)1,66435323.5 
2564W2JEK1990W2SO QRP ALL1,6203130  
2565PA3DGW1984PASO QRP ALL1,5663229  
2566EA3FHP2017EASO QRP ALL1,55839383.3 
2567K2HT/02010W0SO QRP ALL1,55842384.1 
2568AE3J2008W3SO QRP ALL1,55136333.7 
2569PU5ATX2009PYSO QRP ALL1,53730297.2 
2570KX7L2005W7SO QRP ALL1,530373425.2  
2571W2JEK1985W2SO QRP ALL1,5303330  
2572PA3AFF1987PASO QRP ALL1,5044532  
2573LW5DR2004LUSO QRP ALL (T)1,49419183.8  
2574GQ4FDC2012GSO QRP ALL1,48226261.7G4FDC
2575KR0U2002W0SO QRP ALL1,475272525.3  
2576NO2D2017W0SO QRP ALL1,47235323.9 
2577DL2YET2017DLSO QRP ALL1,46237343.6 
2578DL3BVA2013DLSO QRP ALL1,43537353.3 
2579M1KTA2013GSO QRP ALL1,43539352.1 
2580SQ5MGG2006SPSO QRP ALL (R)1,42129294.7  
2581N3ZV2017W4SO QRP ALL1,37236283.0 
2582KH6CP/11986W1SO QRP ALL1,3443028  
2583WB6ITM1995W6SO QRP ALL1,3263734  
2584KQ6HE2009W6SO QRP ALL1,32025222.6 
2585YB0ANN2014YBSO QRP ALL1,30227216.8 
2586SM3DFM2016SMSO QRP ALL1,30026251.9  
2587LU5EM2009LUSO QRP ALL1,29223196.7 
2588SM3DFM2013SMSO QRP ALL1,28829283.6SM5DFM
2589VU2UR2005VUSO QRP ALL1,288262314.7  
2590JJ3GRX/12008JA1SO QRP ALL1,26930274.5 
2591OZ8E1979OZSO QRP ALL1,2653923  
2592W2JEK2015W2SO QRP ALL1,25424221.4 
2593JF3KQA2016JA3SO QRP ALL (T)1,24021203.4  
2594YO2MAX2006YOSO QRP ALL1,239232127.3  
2595G7PVZ2014GSO QRP ALL1,20429283.7 
2596G5CMX1982GSO QRP ALL1,1962926N8ET 
2597IO7R2014ISO QRP ALL (T)1,18828271.2IZ7DMT
2598NQ7X1997W7SO QRP ALL1,1802120  
2599WB0POH/42013W4SO QRP ALL1,17529254.3 
2600KD9B/42012W4SO QRP ALL1,17323233.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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