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2001W6OUL1999W6SO LP ALL1,9223231  
2002AI6II2014W6SO HP ALL1,91423221.2 [Cert]
2003W6YMH1979W6SO HP 10M1,9043728  
2004W6JBR2017W6SA LP ALL1,85630292.0  
2005KI6OY2012W6SO LP ALL1,83639369.1 [Cert]
2006KI6OFN2008W6SO QRP ALL (R)1,82933318.0 [Cert]
2007W6RKC2014W6SO HP 10M (T)1,82029262.0 [Cert]
2008K6RQT2013W6SO LP ALL (R)1,82034283.6 [Cert]
2009KK6TV2009W6SO QRP ALL1,820513510.2 [Cert]
2010W6VNR2003W6SO HP 10M1,79427262.5  
2011WA6VNR1989W6SO HP 80M1,7944939  
2012WA6FGV1996W6SO QRP 15M1,7645349  
2013KG6TT2007W6SA LP ALL (T)1,73436342.1  
2014KZ2V/62016W6SA LP ALL1,71031300.8 [Cert]
2015K6VHF2016W6SO QRP 15M1,70531314.0 [Cert]
2016ND6S2010W6SA LP 10M1,67740392.6 [Cert]
2017N6RY2008W6SO LP ALL1,63234322.7 [Cert]
2018KU6T1994W6SO LP 15M1,5964038  
2019N6JM1991W6SO HP ALL1,5872423  
2020N6LL1989W6SO HP 160M1,5843124WA6CDR 
2021KY0W/62003W6SO HP ALL1,566282724.9W0YK 
2022NA6G2009W6SA LP ALL1,56036303.5 [Cert]
2023KM6SE1994W6SO LP ALL1,5584441  
2024KV6H1984W6SO HP ALL1,5544942  
2025N6WG2009W6SO QRP 10M1,50844297.2 [Cert]
2026WA6FGV1992W6SO QRP 10M1,4853027  
2027K6MSM2012W6SO LP ALL1,48430281.8 [Cert]
2028KA3DRR/62007W6SA LP ALL1,430322630.6  
2029KF6I2014W6SA HP ALL1,38024231.7  
2030N6JM1994W6SO LP 20M1,3652221  
2031KI6QDH2010W6SO LP ALL (R)1,353443319.9 [Cert]
2032K6III2016W6SA LP ALL (T)1,34224221.7 [Cert]
2033KU6T1991W6SO HP 40M1,3321918  
2034WB6ITM1995W6SO QRP ALL1,3263734  
2035KQ6HE2009W6SO QRP ALL1,32025222.6 [Cert]
2036W6ISO2002W6SO LP 15M1,28828280.9  
2037K6VHF2017W6SO QRP 20M1,28831284.0 [Cert]
2038N6AJR2011W6SA HP ALL (T)1,27428262.1 [Cert]
2039KZ5OM/62009W6SO HP 20M1,24223232.4K6III[Cert]
2040N6GEO2013W6SO LP ALL1,22229263.4 [Cert]
2041AA6EE1979W6SO HP ALL1,2192623  
2042K6III2012W6SA HP 15M (T)1,20024240.4 [Cert]
2043K6ST2012W6SA HP ALL (T)1,16031294.0 [Cert]
2044N6BHX2015W6SO LP 15M (T)1,15225241.5 [Cert]
2045AE6U1979W6SO HP 160M1,1105137  
2046AF6N2016W6SO LP 20M1,10025255.3 [Cert]
2047K6MSM2013W6SO LP ALL1,09231263.1 [Cert]
2048NI6T2012W6SA HP ALL1,02619181.4 [Cert]
2049N6IC2016W6SA LP 20M1,00020201.4 [Cert]
2050WD6DX2012W6SO QRP 10M98820194.4 [Cert]
2051WA6VNR1995W6SO HP 80M9861917  
2052N2NS/62009W6SO HP 20M95028251.3 [Cert]
2053NE6SW2014W6SO QRP ALL93625242.8 [Cert]
2054K6DGQ2014W6SO LP 15M93032306.9 [Cert]
2055WA6FGV1987W6SO HP 10M9243128  
2056W0YK/62016W6SA HP ALL91517152.8 [Cert]
2057AA6DX2016W6SO LP 40M (T)90118171.2 [Cert]
2058WE6C2017W6SO HP 20M88825241.1 [Cert]
2059NC6Q2011W6SO LP ALL88826244.1 [Cert]
2060KN6N2005W6SO LP ALL88829244.2  
2061K6HTN2011W6SO LP ALL88428265.3 [Cert]
2062KE6CC2006W6SO QRP ALL (T)851232326.4  
2063N6BHX2011W6SO LP 20M85028253.3 [Cert]
2064KI6QDH2014W6SA LP 40M84020204.7  
2065NC6Q1982W6SO HP 15M8373631  
2066W6YMH1980W6SO HP 10M8282018  
2067W6/VK2IMM2010W6SO LP 40M82614140.5 [Cert]
2068N6JM1986W6SO HP 20M8161716  
2069N6DO2011W6SO LP 20M (T)80025254.8 [Cert]
2070WA6FGV1993W6SO QRP 10M7982421  
2071WM6A2014W6SA HP ALL79219180.8K6TA[Cert]
2072AI6DO2016W6SA LP ALL (R)76518173.4 [Cert]
2073K2GMY/62016W6SO QRP 10M72219191.5 [Cert]
2074KZ5OM/62007W6SO QRP 20M713232326.6K6III 
2075W6ISQ1991W6SO HP 10M7002625  
2076K6DGQ2017W6SO LP ALL70027252.4 [Cert]
2077AG6JA2017W6SO LP ALL68025205.4  
2078N6JM1980W6SO HP 15M6721614  
2079NY6Y2004W6SO HP ALL66619188.5  
2080WN4KKN/61994W6SO LP 20M6602121  
2081WA6GFR2012W6SO LP ALL62416163.7 [Cert]
2082KK6QM1994W6SA HP ALL6121918  
2083KI6FEN2009W6SO LP ALL (R)60816164.1 [Cert]
2084KI6QDH2015W6SA HP ALL60022203.7 [Cert]
2085KA6GDT2008W6SO LP ALL60021202.1 [Cert]
2086K6IFF2015W6SA HP ALL (T)57415142.4 [Cert]
2087N6XI1990W6MULTI-ONE HP5741414N6XI + packet 
2088AF6NI2012W6SO QRP ALL54021182.6 [Cert]
2089K6KQV2017W6SO LP ALL52717172.4 [Cert]
2090N6PM2016W6SO LP ALL51018172.2 [Cert]
2091KG6AF2013W6SO LP 20M50022201.9 [Cert]
2092WD6DX2013W6SO QRP ALL49320171.8 [Cert]
2093KB1KXL2017W6SO QRP ALL48424226.7 [Cert]
2094W6RCL1997W6SO QRP 40M4201615  
2095KJ6DL1990W6SO HP 40M3682323  
2096N6AZE1996W6SO QRP ALL3601918  
2097KS6Q1982W6SO HP ALL3513127  
2098K9JM/62013W6SO LP ALL35014140.3 [Cert]
2099W6YVK1987W6SO QRP 20M3413431  
2100W8AKS/61985W6SO HP 10M2882718  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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