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1901KO6LU2013W6SO HP ALL5,91572653.9 [Cert]
1902WD6EEQ1980W6SO HP 15M5,8287858  
1903N6BHX2013W6SO LP 20M (T)5,82878628.3 [Cert]
1904K6FO1992W6SO QRP 20M5,8146157  
1905KO6LU2004W6SO LP ALL5,768805610.7  
1906KZ5OM/62016W6SA LP ALL (T)5,75047463.0K6III[Cert]
1907N6FD2008W6SO LP ALL5,72468539.5 [Cert]
1908WA6BOB2004W6SO HP ALL5,661605127.3  
1909N6NF1986W6SO HP 20M5,6505850  
1910WA6UFY1989W6SO HP ALL5,6165048  
1911KI6OY2015W6SO LP ALL (T)5,529705714.2 [Cert]
1912N1EE/61995W6SO HP ALL5,3956765  
1913N6RI2010W6SO HP ALL5,34348399.9 [Cert]
1914WX6M1991W6SO HP ALL5,2646756  
1915NT6K2013W6SO LP ALL (T)5,22566553.5K6KYJ[Cert]
1916NE6M2003W6SO QRP 40M5,22049459.7  
1917WS9M/62013W6SO LP ALL5,10472589.8 [Cert]
1918W6GJB2015W6SA HP ALL5,09651492.8  
1919W4NJK/62011W6SO HP ALL5,09663525.3 [Cert]
1920W6NS2016W6SA LP 80M (T)5,05056505.7 [Cert]
1921K6LE2007W6SO LP ALL5,05061502.8  
1922N6AJR2009W6SO LP ALL (T)5,02956472.6 [Cert]
1923KU6W2011W6SO LP ALL (T)5,00560552.2N6GQ[Cert]
1924AI6SL2017W6SO QRP ALL5,00567555.6 [Cert]
1925W6ZZZ2006W6SO LP ALL (T)4,96866547.1  
1926W6SFK2013W6SA HP ALL4,95054454.6 [Cert]
1927K6DBG2009W6SO QRP ALL4,95064456.8 [Cert]
1928KD4HXT/62007W6SO QRP ALL4,78860425.9  
1929W6OKK1982W6SO HP ALL4,7528072  
1930WA6L2007W6SO LP ALL4,75267542.4  
1931NK6F1998W6SO LP ALL4,7128176  
1932AK7G/62012W6SO HP ALL4,68040405.0 [Cert]
1933N6JM1979W6SO HP 20M4,6364238  
1934N6CMF2013W6SO QRP ALL4,62050425.7 [Cert]
1935AA6XX1992W6SO QRP 80M4,5765952  
1936WA6VNR1996W6SO LP 40M4,5604440  
1937W6JBR2015W6SA LP ALL4,52245382.9  
1938K5CAO2017W6SA LP 80M4,46949419.5 [Cert]
1939KJ6Z1982W6SO HP 20M4,4005655  
1940N6RVC1989W6SO HP 15M4,3604840  
1941N6PE1981W6SO HP 80M4,3005450  
1942AF6N2017W6SA LP ALL4,27846466.9 [Cert]
1943N6BHX2017W6SA LP ALL (T)4,27261486.8 [Cert]
1944KI6OY2003W6SO LP ALL4,224644817.1  
1945K6ST2013W6SA HP ALL4,18354474.9 [Cert]
1946W6NNV1993W6SO LP 20M4,0924333  
1947K6III2005W6SO QRP 15M4,050454528.5  
1948WA6FGV1995W6SO QRP 15M4,0308065  
1949W9KKN2017W6SA LP ALL (T)4,00458448.1  
1950KD6WKY2011W6SA HP ALL3,96964493.6 [Cert]
1951W6RKC2015W6SO HP 80M (T)3,96954495.5 [Cert]
1952KG6ZHC2009W6SO HP ALL3,92046404.1 [Cert]
1953N6JM1987W6SO HP 20M3,8944033  
1954K6VHF2014W6SO QRP 15M3,87655519.2 [Cert]
1955NO6X2014W6SO HP ALL (T)3,85443411.5 [Cert]
1956AB6WO1995W6SO LP ALL3,84310063  
1957K2GMY/62014W6SO QRP 10M3,78340396.7 [Cert]
1958AA6EE1990W6SO HP ALL3,7827061  
1959K6ZM2000W6SO HP ALL3,7004037W7SW 
1960W6OUL2008W6SO LP ALL3,57044342.5 [Cert]
1961K6LE2012W6SA LP ALL3,53539356.6 [Cert]
1962W6ISQ2003W6SO HP 15M3,5044948  
1963AE6U1980W6SO HP 160M3,4446642  
1964K5CAO/62012W6SO LP 80M3,34444388.1 [Cert]
1965N5KO/62009W6SA LP ALL3,30048442.7 [Cert]
1966K4TKM/61987W6SO HP 15M3,3004544  
1967N6BCT2013W6SO LP ALL3,27655528.6 [Cert]
1968KQ6LQ2009W6SO HP 20M3,26847431.4K6III[Cert]
1969W6SJ2010W6SO HP ALL3,23744391.5 [Cert]
1970KI6OFN2009W6SO QRP ALL (R)3,16842368.0 [Cert]
1971K6ASK2007W6SA HP ALL (T)3,10329293.8  
1972KK6C1980W6SO HP 40M3,1006962  
1973N6PUC2017W6SO LP 40M3,09435345.1 [Cert]
1974N6OJ1987W6SO QRP 20M3,0645851  
1975WA6FGV1994W6SO QRP 15M3,0386762  
1976KU6T1996W6SO LP 15M3,0005450  
1977N6NF1990W6SO QRP ALL2,8704441  
1978N6AJR2010W6SO HP ALL (T)2,83850432.5 [Cert]
1979WA6VNR1987W6SO HP 20M2,7163428  
1980N6AJR2007W6SO LP 40M (T)2,68638344.0  
1981N6CK2006W6SO LP ALL2,664393726.5  
1982NG0X/61995W6SO LP ALL2,6403930  
1983NE6M2017W6SA QRP 40M2,62840364.6 [Cert]
1984N6QZS2011W6SO LP ALL2,62445419.4 [Cert]
1985W6VNR2009W6SO HP ALL2,46044417.8 [Cert]
1986AA6EE1994W6SO HP ALL2,3525149  
1987NP4IW/WX61996W6SO LP 15M2,3407560  
1988W6UB2015W6SA QRP ALL2,32030291.3 [Cert]
1989WA6FGV1998W6SO QRP 10M2,3184238  
1990KG6HAF2005W6SO LP 20M2,27538352.9  
1991N6IC1999W6SO LP 15M2,2013131  
1992AI6Z2017W6SA HP 20M (T)2,16028274.8 [Cert]
1993KD6WKY2016W6SA LP ALL2,13538352.6 [Cert]
1994K6KQV2011W6SO LP ALL2,13537351.1 [Cert]
1995N6XI2012W6SO LP 20M2,11234321.0 [Cert]
1996WA5VGI/61995W6SO HP 80M2,0804340  
1997N6PC2005W6SO LP ALL2,03040354.8  
1998KI6QDH2013W6SA LP ALL (T)2,016423615.4 [Cert]
1999W8QZA/61989W6SO QRP 20M2,0002825  
2000WB9HRO/61983W6SO QRP ALL1,9785146  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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