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101HA6IAM1986HASO QRP 80M31,75217898  
102SM5OUU2009SMSO QRP 80M31,0881411166.0 [Cert]
103Y25XA1988DMSO QRP 80M30,52816496  
104G3VMY1986GSO QRP 80M29,56815095  
105UA3LIZ2004UA-3SO QRP 80M28,4081231067.3  
106SP4LDT1980SPSO QRP 80M27,98416088  
107SP3MEP2005SPSO QRP 80M27,5101351056.8  
108JH1OGC2011JA1SO QRP 80M26,3071017910.5 [Cert]
109IV3TAN1998ISO QRP 80M25,74012699  
110SQ7FPD2010SPSO QRP 80M25,2351181038.3 [Cert]
111UT5DJ2014URSO QRP 80M24,5921141066.0 [Cert]
112YO2AQO1985YOSO QRP 80M24,49214878  
113OK3YDX1988OKOMSO QRP 80M24,10413192  
114OK1DIQ1983OKOMSO QRP 80M23,58413888  
115K3TW/42011W4SO QRP 80M22,950115907.6 [Cert]
116IK0VVE2015ISO QRP 80M22,8801171046.6 [Cert]
117UP2BZ1983LYSO QRP 80M22,72012580  
118YO2AQO1986YOSO QRP 80M21,47612391  
119Y26WM1985DMSO QRP 80M20,91011485  
120HA8LKB1989HASO QRP 80M20,24013292  
121Y21YT1990DMSO QRP 80M19,63512285  
122OM4DN2006OMSO QRP 80M19,5981248213.2  
123W1MK1995W1SO QRP 80M19,2408374  
124DL6OCH2017DLSO QRP 80M18,693112934.8 [Cert]
125OM3THV1993OMSO QRP 80M18,30410588  
126SP9GKM1985SPSO QRP 80M17,95613167  
127UX3FW1994URSO QRP 80M17,84811992  
128SP6EIY2017SPSO QRP 80M17,286106865.0 [Cert]
129OK2SSS1986OKOMSO QRP 80M16,87210674  
130W1MK1994W1SO QRP 80M16,7586357  
131SP3J1999SPSO QRP 80M16,74810979SP3NGB 
132DL6OCH2014DLSO QRP 80M16,416105968.1 [Cert]
133UT5UQV1996URSO QRP 80M16,10210083  
134YV3AGT1985YVSO QRP 80M15,0405647  
135UB5QKO1982URSO QRP 80M14,72010564  
136OH7WV2005OHSO QRP 80M14,11890785.2  
137SP6EIY1983SPSO QRP 80M13,5809870  
138SP6EIY1985SPSO QRP 80M13,24810369  
139OK3CRW1987OKOMSO QRP 80M12,88010070  
140SP4TBM2003SPSO QRP 80M12,750867528.9  
141SM5OUU2008SMSO QRP 80M12,46483764.5 [Cert]
142Y25MG1984DMSO QRP 80M11,9689668  
143RA3WUO2007UA-3SO QRP 80M (R)11,95688612.8  
144VE3SQZ2009VE3SO QRP 80M11,904704811.2 [Cert]
145UO5OBT1988ERSO QRP 80M11,4468159  
146LZ3PZ2017LZSO QRP 80M11,431977117.7 [Cert]
147UC2WAO1986EUSO QRP 80M11,2248261  
148DJ6TK1980DLSO QRP 80M10,8808764  
149SM5OUU2006SMSO QRP 80M10,728767227.5  
150UR5FCM2011URSO QRP 80M10,69574696.8 [Cert]
151OK3BRK1983OKOMSO QRP 80M9,74717157  
152UT1PO2001URSO QRP 80M9,728766428.3  
153SP6EIY2016SPSO QRP 80M9,63980635.7 [Cert]
154Y27KL1983DMSO QRP 80M9,6008364  
155HA1ZU1980HASO QRP 80M9,57010055  
156OK1DIO1984OKOMSO QRP 80M9,5409753  
157K9JWV/72013W7SO QRP 80M (T)9,372966612.1 [Cert]
158SM3CCT1996SMSO QRP 80M9,1507861  
159Y28QH1987DMSO QRP 80M8,9327758  
160US8IBS2003URSO QRP 80M8,437665926.4  
161HA6OM1980HASO QRP 80M7,8847454  
162SE3CCT2005SMSO QRP 80M7,874666226.2SM5CCT 
163DL5CL2006DLSO QRP 80M7,84780591.9  
164RA3QH2007UA-3SO QRP 80M7,78872597.1  
165HA7ZX1984HASO QRP 80M7,7428949  
166OK1DRQ1986OKOMSO QRP 80M7,6708059  
167YB2OK1992YBSO QRP 80M7,3104743  
168K7DD2011W7SO QRP 80M (T)7,29677647.1 [Cert]
169YL3FW2015YLSO QRP 80M7,28062562.8 [Cert]
170OK1DKW1979OKOMSO QRP 80M6,9966753  
171UT4UFZ2016URSO QRP 80M6,85858548.7 [Cert]
172Y26WM1983DMSO QRP 80M6,7287157  
173I/W9CF2011ISO QRP 80M (T)6,48062546.9 [Cert]
174OK3CSX1986OKOMSO QRP 80M5,5866449  
175EU6RO2012EUSO QRP 80M5,42449481.0 [Cert]
176RA1AEI2010UA-1SO QRP 80M4,888615211.6 [Cert]
177AA6XX1992W6SO QRP 80M4,5765952  
178RB5GD1985URSO QRP 80M4,4725543  
179F6FTB2008FSO QRP 80M4,45550453.3 [Cert]
180UW1I2008URSO QRP 80M4,05944411.4US6IMA[Cert]
181DL7GEM2009DLSO QRP 80M4,04253474.5 [Cert]
182UT5DJ2012URSO QRP 80M3,96052452.6 [Cert]
183OK1DIQ1986OKOMSO QRP 80M3,8764838  
184JA1KFX1986JA1SO QRP 80M3,6963833  
185OK3CUG1985OKOMSO QRP 80M3,5286840  
186AN3CKX2003EASO QRP 80M3,45638365.2  
187JA0AOQ2016JA0SO QRP 80M3,16231314.1 [Cert]
188OK1IOA1986OKOMSO QRP 80M3,1164438  
189UR5FCM1994URSO QRP 80M3,0005650  
190Y25XA1989DMSO QRP 80M2,9644538  
191W8QZA/02009W0SO QRP 80M2,88050408.2 [Cert]
192KU7Y1987W7SO QRP 80M2,6049062  
193KS9U1984W9SO QRP 80M2,6005450  
194Y23OH1986DMSO QRP 80M2,4424033  
195YU1EA2006YUSO QRP 80M2,40539371.1  
196KO7G1982W7SO QRP 80M2,3803634  
197UA0LCQ1981RA0SO QRP 80M2,3693233  
198YO3CTK1983YOSO QRP 80M2,3683832  
199JA1AA1998JA1SO QRP 80M2,2562524  
200HA7MW1994HASO QRP 80M2,2404235  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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