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101LY4BF2004LYSO LP 160M48,1281801286.0  
102HA1TI2017HASO LP 160M (T)47,70517514516.4 [Cert]
103DJ6BQ2005DLSO LP 160M46,37617713612.4  
104E71GJK2010E7SO LP 160M46,10418213615.9 [Cert]
105OK1JOK2011OKSO LP 160M45,73117613914.1 [Cert]
106OK2SNX2002OKSO LP 160M45,31220211818.4  
107LY2GW2003LYSO LP 160M45,1251741258.1  
108F5RZJ1998FSO LP 160M44,392183124  
109OK2SNX2000OKSO LP 160M44,268184124  
110KV4FZ2017KP2SO LP 160M43,1201058810.3 [Cert]
111LY2GW2004LYSO LP 160M42,8751701258.0  
112OL4W2006OKSO LP 160M42,2401741287.0OK1IF 
113OK1JOK2013OKSO LP 160M41,84415813211.7 [Cert]
114OM5FA2008OMSO LP 160M41,84416113210.8 [Cert]
115E79Z2016E7SO LP 160M41,71216113213.9 [Cert]
116HA1TI2015HASO LP 160M (T)39,80416512416.6 [Cert]
117UA3LID1992UA-3SO LP 160M39,720180115  
118RM5Z2011UA-3SO LP 160M39,1161541279.5 [Cert]
119RA4NW1998UA-4SO LP 160M39,000130103  
120SP5GH1995SPSO LP 160M38,880136135  
121UR5ZCL1995URSO LP 160M38,504260172  
122UT3N2005URSO LP 160M38,4371551199.3UT3NK 
123LY2FN2001LYSO LP 160M38,1921621127.7  
124SL0W2008SMSO LP 160M37,2101511228.2SM0AJU[Cert]
125OK1JOK2014OKSO LP 160M35,94114812715.4 [Cert]
126HA1TI2013HASO LP 160M34,93214812312.1 [Cert]
127T90C2001E7SO LP 160M34,54015311014.5T94GL 
128DL5MHB1994DLSO LP 160M34,428158114  
129OH3RB1993OHSO LP 160M33,488160104  
130OK1JOK2016OKSO LP 160M33,20114711914.0 [Cert]
131UA9AL2005RA9SO LP 160M32,94492719.6  
132T99F2006E7SO LP 160M32,4121441119.0  
133OG3MMF1992OHSO LP 160M32,118164101  
134ER2RM2009ERSO LP 160M31,8241411178.0 [Cert]
135EU6DX2001EUSO LP 160M31,4581291074.1  
136YL3DX2012YLSO LP 160M31,1881391136.2 [Cert]
137OK1DXK2005OKSO LP 160M30,78013911411.8  
138EU6DX1998EUSO LP 160M30,528130106  
139VE3MGY2008VE3SO LP 160M30,4591197115.8 [Cert]
140HA1TI2016HASO LP 160M (T)29,94514211315.5 [Cert]
141UY5VA2006URSO LP 160M29,16013710810.8  
142RV1CC1994UA-1SO LP 160M29,120142112  
143EU6DX2002EUSO LP 160M28,8861311015.6  
144OK1CZ2012OKSO LP 160M28,8601311115.2 [Cert]
145OM4WW2015OMSO LP 160M28,62515612511.8 [Cert]
146UX2MF1997URSO LP 160M28,296119108  
147LY2OU2009LYSO LP 160M28,1601351103.0 [Cert]
148OK1JOK2009OKSO LP 160M27,90413610911.2 [Cert]
149HA2EQD2012HASO LP 160M26,9641371079.6 [Cert]
150LY2GW2002LYSO LP 160M26,6221301027.6  
151HB9CPS2016HBSO LP 160M26,3161321028.7 [Cert]
152E75A2014E7SO LP 160M25,62012610510.0 [Cert]
153UT5ECZ2000URSO LP 160M24,25512199  
154ER2RM2014ERSO LP 160M (T)24,0381141014.6 [Cert]
155YU1RA2006YUSO LP 160M (T)23,218123946.3  
156LA5LJA2017LASO LP 160M23,0001151003.4 [Cert]
157NO3M2016W3SO LP 160M22,62414610118.7 [Cert]
158ER1OO2003ERSO LP 160M22,568110913.9  
159SP3LWP2006SPSO LP 160M22,560124948.8  
160SP7LI2009SPSO LP 160M22,473113997.7 [Cert]
161VE3OSZ2008VE3SO LP 160M21,5401036010.2 [Cert]
162RA4UDW1994UA-4SO LP 160M20,64811089  
163DL3JSW1993DLSO LP 160M20,42414592  
164ER2RM2013ERSO LP 160M20,176113976.2 [Cert]
165OL0A2003OKSO LP 160M20,010114876.0OK1CZ 
166RM5Z2012UA-3SO LP 160M19,9921219815.7 [Cert]
1679A5AQA20069ASO LP 160M19,688109929.5  
168S58RU2010S5SO LP 160M18,8161169813.9 [Cert]
169OK1DXK2004OKSO LP 160M18,270108875.8  
170SP5GH1998SPSO LP 160M18,2497877  
171T94YT1999E7SO LP 160M18,17011179  
172RA3RAQ1994UA-3SO LP 160M17,29011091  
173OK1HGM1996OKSO LP 160M17,17211381  
174YO2AQB2014YOSO LP 160M16,168988610.1 [Cert]
175LY2NZ2017LYSO LP 160M16,10996899.6 [Cert]
176RM5Z2013UA-3SO LP 160M15,65294869.0 [Cert]
177OK1JOK2007OKSO LP 160M15,563987912.3  
178LZ2RF2002LZSO LP 160M15,4887564  
179EW4AB1998EUSO LP 160M15,0109579  
180UT5PH2010URSO LP 160M14,86890845.7 [Cert]
181RZ3AUL2008UA-3SO LP 160M14,85795837.0 [Cert]
182VE3MGY2004VE3SO LP 160M14,418725412.6  
183HA4FB1993HASO LP 160M14,40010772  
184SP6LV2001SPSO LP 160M14,04013572  
185F5PYI1995FSO LP 160M13,9509275  
186VE3OSZ2002VE3SO LP 160M13,923735110.4  
187RA3ZC2006UA-3SO LP 160M13,70610277  
188RA3ZC2008UA-3SO LP 160M13,03589796.6 [Cert]
189UX5NQ2005URSO LP 160M12,960847230.6  
190YO9RIJ2012YOSO LP 160M12,15092757.1 [Cert]
191OK3TQX1992OKOMSO LP 160M12,1448669  
192DF1IAQ2004DLSO LP 160M12,11086703.3  
193VE3CFK2014VE3SO LP 160M12,00067488.1 [Cert]
194RW3PN1996UA-3SO LP 160M11,9007770  
195RA2FB2013UA2SO LP 160M11,76082702.5 [Cert]
196IK3VUU2017ISO LP 160M (T)11,00582714.8 [Cert]
197SP2GCE2015SPSO LP 160M10,76484699.5 [Cert]
198HA9SU2004HASO LP 160M10,725816526.7  
199ON4AUC1994ONSO LP 160M10,3688064  
200LY2OU2007LYSO LP 160M10,1767664  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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