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101M0HDF2016GSA LP 40M (T)533,13046839013.0 [Cert]
102SQ5LTL2015SPSA LP 40M528,30652838223.0 [Cert]
103RW4LR2015UA-4SA LP 40M525,15949138719.8 [Cert]
104DM7CW2017DLSA LP 40M522,21055239019.2 [Cert]
105EU8F2017EUSA LP 40M521,85659538419.1 [Cert]
106UT8AS2010URSA LP 40M518,25655736621.6 [Cert]
107OK1AY2017OKSA LP 40M497,70051039516.2 [Cert]
108AB1J2012W1SA LP 40M (T)497,53648133825.7 [Cert]
109ED4T2016EASA LP 40M (T)488,80841737212.6EA4CWN[Cert]
110IV3WJP2010ISA LP 40M478,68653136122.2 [Cert]
111YO5PQQ2016YOSA LP 40M476,39255436226.2 [Cert]
112SP7LIE2013SPSA LP 40M475,39253238420.5 [Cert]
113DF8AE2015DLSA LP 40M463,43056438311.3 [Cert]
114OK1AY2016OKSA LP 40M463,08043040816.8 [Cert]
115LY1M2013LYSA LP 40M462,42054336714.1 [Cert]
116YU1UO2017YUSA LP 40M462,14749537332.7 [Cert]
117G6M2016GSA LP 40M (T)457,42452636815.8G4BYG[Cert]
118EI4CF2015EISA LP 40M449,39445536319.9 [Cert]
119LZ1QV2015LZSA LP 40M443,84641939713.0 [Cert]
120HG2W2010HASA LP 40M427,65351633714.3 [Cert]
121Z39A2017Z3SA LP 40M (T)420,84048436013.4 [Cert]
122DJ0MY2017DLSA LP 40M (T)417,60641436610.7 [Cert]
123IZ8GCB2006ISA LP 40M407,36346631911.3  
124LZ1QV2010LZSA LP 40M387,89147432916.4 [Cert]
125EW8B2016EUSA LP 40M384,12949934724.8 [Cert]
126UT2IV2014URSA LP 40M368,0044053378.0 [Cert]
127YU1AAX1998YUSA LP 40M360,844436278  
128UT3L2009URSA LP 40M352,87844930916.1US5LAC[Cert]
129LZ1QV2013LZSA LP 40M350,76045431611.9 [Cert]
130DL9NEI2012DLSA LP 40M341,65844433311.5 [Cert]
131IZ1HIV2007ISA LP 40M341,58441729616.9  
132DL2SAX2009DLSA LP 40M339,41647531921.7 [Cert]
133AB9YC2015W9SA LP 40M329,76336128712.8 [Cert]
1349A6TT20179ASA LP 40M (R)324,36240431425.5 [Cert]
135RK2T2011UA-3SA LP 40M321,36039631210.5RK3TD[Cert]
136LZ1QV2008LZSA LP 40M319,70442030813.0 [Cert]
137YT1ET2014YUSA LP 40M317,01644930614.9 [Cert]
138G1N2013GSA LP 40M (T)313,42437530421.1G3MZV[Cert]
139SP5AUY2010SPSA LP 40M311,55836329921.7 [Cert]
140LZ1QV2011LZSA LP 40M311,12240831311.0 [Cert]
141KZ3M2013W3SA LP 40M306,5443242726.8K3STX[Cert]
142N4NX2010W4SA LP 40M298,48036328714.8 [Cert]
143DA0CA2009DLSA LP 40M288,70841029412.0DL1REM[Cert]
1442E0CVN2015GSA LP 40M285,17540430518.0 [Cert]
145UB1CAK2015UA-1SA LP 40M282,71637032226.6 [Cert]
146IQ5AE2016ISA LP 40M (T)279,31230726410.3IZ5DIY[Cert]
147YU2FG2010YUSA LP 40M (T)277,62337728311.6 [Cert]
148R1AZ2014UA-1SA LP 40M272,39738630320.0 [Cert]
1494Z5QQ20144XSA LP 40M261,78523320513.3 [Cert]
150RU9AC2012RA9SA LP 40M258,51024521011.0 [Cert]
151YU2FG2012YUSA LP 40M (T)258,26234127811.5 [Cert]
1529M2/JE1SCJ20169M2SA LP 40M (T)254,69727621912.7 [Cert]
153SP4JTJ2009SPSA LP 40M251,37031627025.6 [Cert]
154UA3PI2017UA-3SA LP 40M243,00932627913.8 [Cert]
155IZ3KKE2009ISA LP 40M237,09631926719.2 [Cert]
156YU1UO2016YUSA LP 40M236,25032527021.4 [Cert]
157UV3QF2014URSA LP 40M233,68833727315.8 [Cert]
158IK3XJP2012ISA LP 40M224,72134626114.3 [Cert]
159W1WBB2011W1SA LP 40M (T)222,9812782337.8 [Cert]
160ZM3T2016ZLSA LP 40M (T)219,10424816429.6W3SE[Cert]
161UA9UKL2013RA9SA LP 40M212,53223419923.5 [Cert]
162DL7URH2017DLSA LP 40M (T)208,02733927715.1 [Cert]
163LU7HN2015LUSA LP 40M206,5212131817.5 [Cert]
164RW1AU2010UA-1SA LP 40M205,82037125113.5 [Cert]
165DQ0A2014DLSA LP 40M204,51033625513.1DK2DQ[Cert]
166UR5FCM2015URSA LP 40M204,07233426414.9 [Cert]
167UA3FX2011UA-3SA LP 40M202,21531325520.1 [Cert]
168IZ1MKB2010ISA LP 40M201,84031923214.2 [Cert]
169IZ8GCB2011ISA LP 40M201,5862972424.8 [Cert]
170NE2C2013W2SA LP 40M (T)200,25624722416.5 [Cert]
171DF2LH2006DLSA LP 40M197,04028924021.0  
172UV3QF2013URSA LP 40M187,00032725016.6 [Cert]
173G4WQI2017GSA LP 40M182,19228223613.6 [Cert]
174YT3T2016YUSA LP 40M176,15228922713.2 [Cert]
175YT3T2015YUSA LP 40M170,40032424014.7 [Cert]
176BA5DX2009BYSA LP 40M166,70428318417.0 [Cert]
177PA4AO2010PASA LP 40M164,0583012227.1 [Cert]
178WA2JQK2016W2SA LP 40M159,67622920915.8 [Cert]
179N2JDQ2011W2SA LP 40M (T)154,09337722335.2 [Cert]
180YU2FG2011YUSA LP 40M (T)152,69126223110.6 [Cert]
181NJ1T2017W1SA LP 40M150,31124419713.8 [Cert]
182BD8SZ2016BYSA LP 40M150,0601871647.6 [Cert]
183E77EA2017E7SA LP 40M149,8502782257.4 [Cert]
184NE2C2012W2SA LP 40M145,41020818515.0 [Cert]
185YL2IP2014YLSA LP 40M143,80824522410.4 [Cert]
186JM1NKT2011JA1SA LP 40M (T)137,25625216811.3 [Cert]
187LY2AT2017LYSA LP 40M134,80525321512.5 [Cert]
188ZM3T2015ZLSA LP 40M (T)130,93817613921.9W3SE[Cert]
189EW8OG2012EUSA LP 40M129,32025221218.8 [Cert]
190YO6CFB2013YOSA LP 40M128,33026720523.3 [Cert]
191IZ3EIN2017ISA LP 40M127,16027522023.2 [Cert]
192ED4T2014EASA LP 40M (T)124,2302342025.2EA4CWN[Cert]
193JA2PFO2017JA2SA LP 40M (T)119,88425417213.6 [Cert]
194RT2F2015UA2SA LP 40M119,5922311985.9 [Cert]
195DD1MAT2010DLSA LP 40M (T)118,77623019612.4 [Cert]
196SP2MHD2017SPSA LP 40M116,5502322108.9 [Cert]
197SQ9FMU2011SPSA LP 40M114,03622720410.3 [Cert]
1989A5V20149ASA LP 40M113,92826520215.6 [Cert]
199W6AWW2016W6SA LP 40M108,76823917623.1 [Cert]
200RA0AY2016RA0SA LP 40M106,42815414714.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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