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101G4BVY2014GSA LP 10M42,04220315411.0 [Cert]
102DJ6TK2001DLSA LP 10M41,47213412812.0  
103RA0WU2015RA0SA LP 10M39,82414813116.1 [Cert]
104UU8JW2012URSA LP 10M39,2741701469.5 [Cert]
105VK4LAT2014VKSA LP 10M38,5841461069.8 [Cert]
106OK2HZ2007OKSA LP 10M37,29621314412.5  
1079A2U20069ASA LP 10M37,05018913026.29A3ZA 
108NA4W2015W4SA LP 10M35,28013811210.6K4WI[Cert]
109SO8L2014SPSA LP 10M34,0561401297.6SQ8JLU[Cert]
110RU3PU2010UA-3SA LP 10M (T)34,02018214017.6 [Cert]
111UT4WA2011URSA LP 10M33,54017315618.5 [Cert]
112RA6YDX2009UA-6SA LP 10M32,64018712816.3 [Cert]
113YT1BX2013YUSA LP 10M32,50815012912.8 [Cert]
114LY2BIM2012LYSA LP 10M31,97717615311.0 [Cert]
115UA4WLI2008UA-4SA LP 10M (T)31,6471721377.4 [Cert]
116PY2XC2011PYSA LP 10M31,11012610211.6 [Cert]
117SP6IHE2014SPSA LP 10M31,02014713217.9 [Cert]
118ED7C2013EASA LP 10M30,38114912310.1EA7KJ[Cert]
119SN200SGGW2016SPSA LP 10M29,44516415111.2SP5TAT[Cert]
120UA4CC2016UA-4SA LP 10M29,2601811403.9 [Cert]
121PY1WW2013PYSA LP 10M28,9231329313.7 [Cert]
122EA5GS2009EASA LP 10M28,5601761409.1 [Cert]
123TA3X2014TASA LP 10M27,209108914.0 [Cert]
124CA3A2011CESA LP 10M (T)26,320106943.4XQ4CW[Cert]
125EA3NO2010EASA LP 10M (T)24,3181731267.0 [Cert]
126PY3CAL2013PYSA LP 10M24,2001068815.2 [Cert]
127ED7C2014EASA LP 10M23,8711211094.4EA7KJ[Cert]
128F5PHW2008FSA LP 10M23,7601851207.7 [Cert]
129YU8NU2011YUSA LP 10M23,62515713517.0 [Cert]
130KW4CW2004W4SA LP 10M23,32615410910.4N4GM 
131F4FDA2010FSA LP 10M22,92014912013.7 [Cert]
132LZ1MC2014LZSA LP 10M22,7461101028.2 [Cert]
133YE3AA2015YBSA LP 10M22,59694847.2N1IP[Cert]
134SP6IHE2015SPSA LP 10M22,5721069913.1 [Cert]
135SN7O2013SPSA LP 10M22,25612810411.6SP7IVO[Cert]
136ON4BHQ2012ONSA LP 10M (T)21,879105996.3 [Cert]
137SN2M2007SPSA LP 10M21,60013210811.0SP2XF 
138PY2XC2006PYSA LP 10M21,06092785.3  
139DU1/JJ5GMJ2012DUSA LP 10M20,37696723.5 [Cert]
140IK0EIE2013ISA LP 10M19,66999898.0  
141W6AWW2013W6SA LP 10M19,4401008121.5 [Cert]
142RA3XE2010UA-3SA LP 10M19,19012510112.5 [Cert]
143EA4TX2014EASA LP 10M19,1401491166.4 [Cert]
144PX1O2013PYSA LP 10M18,87398817.7PY1KO[Cert]
145IK0EIE2014ISA LP 10M18,414107994.9 [Cert]
146EA7GV2015EASA LP 10M18,067108894.7 [Cert]
147WB2AA2013W2SA LP 10M18,000967511.1 [Cert]
148UX0HO2012URSA LP 10M17,5441151026.5 [Cert]
149SQ9FMU2009SPSA LP 10M17,385129959.2 [Cert]
150RD7K2016UA-6SA LP 10M (T)17,36513411512.9 [Cert]
151R9MC2012RA9SA LP 10M (T)17,360938012.7 [Cert]
1522E1FVS2015GSA LP 10M17,1081069111.9 [Cert]
153JA3VUI2014JA3SA LP 10M (T)16,632938813.7 [Cert]
154K7BX2014W7SA LP 10M16,6321018816.5 [Cert]
155PY2RH2015PYSA LP 10M15,31877691.6 [Cert]
156CT1AOZ2016CTSA LP 10M15,190103988.5 [Cert]
157UA6YH2017UA-6SA LP 10M14,9761309613.2 [Cert]
158YR0W2015YOSA LP 10M14,27484789.7YO9SW[Cert]
159SP6IHE2011SPSA LP 10M13,7281079612.5 [Cert]
160RA4WC2011UA-4SA LP 10M13,36593816.4 [Cert]
161SP5XOV2016SPSA LP 10M13,0381091068.7 [Cert]
162DK5TX2008DLSA LP 10M12,9781111036.6 [Cert]
163EB7KA2015EASA LP 10M12,8001141002.9 [Cert]
164IT9CHU2012IT9SA LP 10M12,08980777.5 [Cert]
165YO9BXC2012YOSA LP 10M12,04576737.4 [Cert]
166LZ1MC2012LZSA LP 10M11,92088807.9 [Cert]
167PY2XC2010PYSA LP 10M11,31273562.9 [Cert]
168YB1AR2012YBSA LP 10M11,256696716.6 [Cert]
169NA4W2016W4SA LP 10M11,23287726.9K4WI[Cert]
170SP5BMU2011SPSA LP 10M10,7641009215.4 [Cert]
171PY2RH2013PYSA LP 10M10,50067601.4 [Cert]
172DJ6TK2000DLSA LP 10M10,4728077  
173JI1HFJ2017JA1SA LP 10M10,12599759.2 [Cert]
174I3FGX2014ISA LP 10M8,976766810.4  
175IW5EIJ2011ISA LP 10M8,91071668.9 [Cert]
176PR7AR2014PYSA LP 10M (T)8,21158511.8 [Cert]
177UU4JIM2012URSA LP 10M8,120747010.4 [Cert]
178N4NM2009W4SA LP 10M7,50494678.9 [Cert]
1799A3TY20139ASA LP 10M7,26161537.5 [Cert]
180NA3M/42015W4SA LP 10M6,784545310.5 [Cert]
181SP6IHE2016SPSA LP 10M6,76876726.9 [Cert]
182M6W2017GSA LP 10M (T)6,76278698.6G3WW[Cert]
183SQ9S2016SPSA LP 10M6,69374694.7 [Cert]
184KE7DX2013W7SA LP 10M (T)6,66056458.2 [Cert]
185SP2010CY2010SPSA LP 10M6,603757122.4SP5BMU[Cert]
186PY2XC2007PYSA LP 10M6,43551455.2  
187RT1Q2016UA-1SA LP 10M6,20875643.3 [Cert]
188UR5LO2011URSA LP 10M (T)6,14462483.9 [Cert]
189W2NTV2013W2SA LP 10M (T)5,98452449.5 [Cert]
190KE7DX2016W7SA LP 10M (T)5,895564510.7 [Cert]
191YU8NU2013YUSA LP 10M5,67364617.6 [Cert]
192R7NA2011UA-6SA LP 10M5,005585513.7 [Cert]
193UX7LL2012URSA LP 10M4,94054526.1 [Cert]
194UT2IV2009URSA LP 10M4,52462528.0 [Cert]
195VE3IAE2015VE3SA LP 10M (T)4,25542375.6 [Cert]
196VK6XX2013VKSA LP 10M4,05945332.9VK6HZ[Cert]
197UY8IF2013URSA LP 10M3,90644425.3 [Cert]
198KE7DX2015W7SA LP 10M (T)3,83841387.2 [Cert]
199XR3Y2013CESA LP 10M (T)3,74441397.2XQ7UP[Cert]
200SP1GZF2006SPSA LP 10M3,696704428.2  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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