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101WX6VW6SO HP ALL2,261,6161,46763633.9 [Cert]
102OL1MOKSO HP ALL2,246,6011,71765136.0OK1EW[Cert]
103RD3BWUA-3SO HP ALL2,194,3201,87265636.0 [Cert]
104NM5OW5SO HP ALL (T)2,128,7801,60565227.0N5NU[Cert]
105N1WR/3W3SO HP ALL (T)2,081,3401,24862032.3 [Cert]
106KC0MOW0SO HP ALL2,062,9281,51065232.8K0OU[Cert]
107NE6LE/7W7SO HP ALL2,021,6771,51266726.7K4XU[Cert]
108N3UMW3SO HP ALL (T)2,004,0801,20361129.3 [Cert]
109KY0W/6W6SO HP ALL (T)1,949,9701,49662728.5K6SRZ[Cert]
110RU3URUA-3SO HP ALL (T)1,944,7831,49766926.2 [Cert]
111PT2ZHAPYSO HP ALL1,936,7841,11455433.4 [Cert]
112WW4RW4SO HP ALL1,920,5681,49362623.4N4ZZ[Cert]
113K7ZZW7SO HP ALL1,911,0001,53660035.8 [Cert]
114EW8DXEUSO HP ALL1,907,9971,67060931.8 [Cert]
115UA9TFRA9SO HP ALL1,884,9601,26150425.4 [Cert]
116HA1TNXHASO HP ALL (T)1,878,6001,35960036.0 [Cert]
117N3CZ/4W4SO HP ALL (T)1,878,6001,29760629.5 [Cert]
118KF6TW6SO HP ALL (T)1,875,3571,39362721.1 [Cert]
119RA1AGLUA-1SO HP ALL1,867,4401,62762030.8 [Cert]
120PF7MPASO HP ALL (T)1,862,2801,56363030.2 [Cert]
121PZ5RAPZSO HP ALL1,857,55694246324.9PZ5RA[Cert]
122JA7DLEJA7SO HP ALL1,834,4901,17051130.9 [Cert]
123OA4SSOASO HP ALL (T)1,826,1661,13249825.0 [Cert]
124DL5YMDLSO HP ALL (T)1,818,7711,46361330.5 [Cert]
125RV3FIUA-3SO HP ALL1,775,0881,61958734.0 [Cert]
126UA4WIUA-4SO HP ALL (T)1,757,2881,82655435.9 [Cert]
127DL8WEMDLSO HP ALL1,756,8751,49662531.2 [Cert]
128RA3AUMUA-3SO HP ALL (T)1,755,9361,69562435.1 [Cert]
129EO1IURSO HP ALL (T)1,751,3401,81960633.0UT1IA[Cert]
130LY4CWLYSO HP ALL1,739,5201,50160433.5 [Cert]
131P43JBP4SO HP ALL1,728,72099450428.7 [Cert]
132VE3TAVE3SO HP ALL1,714,1401,02353413.7 [Cert]
133EX2XEXSO HP ALL (T)1,708,6701,26052929.5 [Cert]
134OE8SKQOESO HP ALL1,672,2091,59862725.6 [Cert]
135DL4WADLSO HP ALL (T)1,662,9671,33960135.0 [Cert]
136UR3IQOURSO HP ALL1,645,3921,36758135.8 [Cert]
137JA1JKGJA1SO HP ALL1,629,7531,04550130.7 [Cert]
138WZ4FW4SO HP ALL (T)1,622,0801,21359235.9K4AB[Cert]
139UA0IDZRA0SO HP ALL1,601,7571,20955134.9 [Cert]
140KM4MW4SO HP ALL1,582,5651,04656517.8W3BP[Cert]
141JT1COJTSO HP ALL1,577,43997747714.4 [Cert]
142LY2MMLYSO HP ALL1,553,3171,32756335.9 [Cert]
143K2FUW2SO HP ALL1,546,7041,07255227.2 [Cert]
144K1ARW1SO HP ALL1,542,9121,11457419.7 [Cert]
145NJ4IW4SO HP ALL1,435,5881,28255327.5K4LTA[Cert]
146K4SVW4SO HP ALL1,426,7601,06953018.3 [Cert]
147K0DEQW0SO HP ALL1,410,4441,12057923.3 [Cert]
148DL8SCGDLSO HP ALL1,384,1541,18061331.2 [Cert]
149RW0CRRA0SO HP ALL1,377,5761,16647723.1 [Cert]
150EA8MQEA8SO HP ALL1,376,43977641122.7 [Cert]
151KM4MKW4SO HP ALL1,361,0851,33056533.2N4UU[Cert]
152IS0AFMISSO HP ALL1,352,6991,59357129.5 [Cert]
153XE2SXESO HP ALL1,341,23089244524.3 [Cert]
154UW2QURSO HP ALL1,332,0081,36752434.3 [Cert]
155DK1KCDLSO HP ALL (T)1,314,3341,18253832.6 [Cert]
156LY2TSLYSO HP ALL (T)1,301,4081,19053635.5 [Cert]
157UT4EKURSO HP ALL1,284,3241,24952428.6 [Cert]
158PY2NYPYSO HP ALL1,264,24480545224.8 [Cert]
159LY2BKTLYSO HP ALL1,262,0271,29350334.6 [Cert]
160GM4SIDGMSO HP ALL (T)1,256,0401,24054025.2 [Cert]
161DF1DXDLSO HP ALL (T)1,254,4001,18356030.2 [Cert]
162K1GU/4W4SO HP ALL1,237,5451,01451520.1 [Cert]
163NN1NW1SO HP ALL1,232,0418865299.9 [Cert]
164UA3RCUA-3SO HP ALL1,214,9281,38552820.0 [Cert]
165PA5KTPASO HP ALL1,208,1901,13251521.4 [Cert]
166UE80MCRA9SO HP ALL1,196,75497145818.3UA9MC[Cert]
167K7CS/4W4SO HP ALL1,190,4481,02250430.4 [Cert]
168RU3FFUA-3SO HP ALL (T)1,184,2401,22652426.1 [Cert]
169NX2XW2SO HP ALL (T)1,153,44090448036.0 [Cert]
170CO8ZZCMSO HP ALL1,150,62682342618.7 [Cert]
171G4MKPGSO HP ALL (T)1,141,9201,10548830.4 [Cert]
172W9OPW9SO HP ALL1,134,40693354236.0 [Cert]
173KC6XW6SO HP ALL1,133,22098451035.6 [Cert]
174HA7LWHASO HP ALL1,128,0871,12551331.9 [Cert]
175W4SAAW4SO HP ALL1,128,00683648629.3 [Cert]
176EV8DEUSO HP ALL1,127,2801,05552820.4 [Cert]
177OP4AONSO HP ALL (T)1,120,9241,05653231.6 [Cert]
178LZ1BJLZSO HP ALL1,117,2841,19956617.5 [Cert]
179JA7COIJA7SO HP ALL (T)1,106,89296844432.3 [Cert]
180DJ6OZDLSO HP ALL1,105,6101,08552930.0 [Cert]
181G0ORHGSO HP ALL (T)1,102,5871,08746723.1 [Cert]
182JA7BMEJA7SO HP ALL1,097,83384147331.7 [Cert]
183NO8DXW8SO HP ALL (T)1,097,60087249013.5K8MR[Cert]
184LY3IDLYSO HP ALL1,097,22699052136.0 [Cert]
185W0BHW0SO HP ALL1,096,7311,32652325.4 [Cert]
186EA5YUEASO HP ALL1,083,0961,08550433.5 [Cert]
187OL4MOKSO HP ALL1,080,5761,15650429.1 [Cert]
188US0SYURSO HP ALL1,064,7421,05650236.0 [Cert]
189UA0FAIRA0SO HP ALL1,062,9251,12642532.5 [Cert]
190SE6YSMSO HP ALL1,024,1281,09450826.7SM6DED[Cert]
191UT5ECZURSO HP ALL1,022,3801,09548522.8 [Cert]
192JA6BZIJA6SO HP ALL1,020,38466443224.2 [Cert]
193K9CCW9SO HP ALL (T)1,015,5801,17949333.9 [Cert]
194SM7YEASMSO HP ALL1,008,6401,06751221.2 [Cert]
195UT2PXURSO HP ALL1,007,8161,07847930.3 [Cert]
196DJ6QTDLSO HP ALL1,007,2661,01649432.1 [Cert]
197RW4HPUA-4SO HP ALL1,003,3281,06448820.2 [Cert]
198NS9IW9SO HP ALL (T)995,9761,06152224.3 [Cert]
199LY2VALYSO HP ALL987,5401,20343631.1 [Cert]
200NN4GGW4SO HP ALL986,9521,03847214.3N4GG[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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