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1501VE3DUS2011VE3SO LP 40M10,44246463.1 [Cert]
1502AI3G2008W3SO LP 40M10,336776810.5 [Cert]
1503UY5ZZ1997URSO LP 40M10,2517367  
1504XE2NBW2016XESO LP 40M10,20060503.6 [Cert]
1505KH7T2011KH6SO LP 40M10,16446449.8 [Cert]
1506KU6T2000W6SO LP 40M10,0896159  
1507SP4AAZ2003SPSO LP 40M10,03461586.1  
1508UT8IT2008URSO LP 40M9,95468631.5 [Cert]
1509KU6T2005W6SO LP 40M9,94366617.6  
1510JA7FFN1993JASO LP 40M9,9064739  
1511DJ5TT2013DLSO LP 40M9,80077706.1 [Cert]
1512SV1JFT2010SVSO LP 40M9,74465581.8 [Cert]
1513JN1IZK2009JA1SO LP 40M9,70657468.1 [Cert]
1514CO2KL2017CMSO LP 40M9,63548478.4 [Cert]
1515JA1ZGO2017JA1SO LP 40M (T)9,59360536.4 [Cert]
1516RV3MR2007UA-3SO LP 40M9,548656227.4  
1517PP5NY2016PYSO LP 40M9,51242417.7 [Cert]
1518KC9TV1997W9SO LP 40M9,4304341  
1519LU2JCW2016LUSO LP 40M9,331444310.4 [Cert]
1520SM5COP1997SMSO LP 40M9,3246463  
1521YO6KNW1993YOSO LP 40M9,15611842  
1522OR0OST1992ONSO LP 40M9,0728856  
1523SM6Q2010SMSO LP 40M9,03568654.5 [Cert]
1524PP5BZ2008PYSO LP 40M9,03045435.6 [Cert]
1525LZ1FJ1996LZSO LP 40M9,0007060  
1526ON6CR1993ONSO LP 40M9,0007360  
1527JA1VVH2011JA1SO LP 40M8,95058503.7 [Cert]
1528JH4LBE2014JA4SO LP 40M8,86243424.3 [Cert]
1529CT/UA4WEC2007CTSO LP 40M8,820464527.7  
1530JI7OED1993JASO LP 40M8,5365344  
1531KE0L/92015W9SO LP 40M8,53357532.0 [Cert]
1532OK1KZ2006OKSO LP 40M8,533555326.5  
1533PY2TI1996PYSO LP 40M8,4244039  
1534VE7MR2011VE7SO LP 40M8,40042428.3 [Cert]
1535OK2TEO2013OKSO LP 40M8,37069626.1 [Cert]
1536WB7FJG2010W7SO LP 40M8,28155494.1 [Cert]
1537OH7MFO2015OHSO LP 40M8,26561576.9 [Cert]
1538HB9DOS2017HBSO LP 40M8,25055553.5 [Cert]
1539JA1VVH2007JA1SO LP 40M8,13452494.7  
1540KV2X2012W2SO LP 40M8,04075676.6 [Cert]
1541PY2APQ2000PYSO LP 40M7,9564039  
1542BD4SX2009BYSO LP 40M7,830504511.8 [Cert]
1543KJ1N1993W1SO LP 40M7,8108371  
1544SP6IHE2008SPSO LP 40M7,79038412.9 [Cert]
1545W7DRA/VC72004VE7SO LP 40M7,77046425.2  
1546SM3ARR1999SMSO LP 40M7,7526557  
1547AI3G2017W3SO LP 40M7,74772616.4 [Cert]
1548KU6T2013W6SO LP 40M7,63256538.8 [Cert]
1549W8AKS/61992W6SO LP 40M7,5646662  
15509V/G4VGO/MM2003MMSO LP 40M7,474373727.0  
1551YU5T2012YUSO LP 40M7,43653523.2YU1JU[Cert]
1552DL5RDO2008DLSO LP 40M (T)7,39859541.1 [Cert]
1553KU6T1998W6SO LP 40M7,2006160  
1554IK2AIT2017ISO LP 40M7,11258563.1 [Cert]
1555GW3KJN1998GWSO LP 40M7,0809430  
1556W2LHL2009W2SO LP 40M7,06737373.7 [Cert]
1557WL7BDO2012KLSO LP 40M7,059433911.0 [Cert]
1558SM5DNO2010SMSO LP 40M7,030777410.4 [Cert]
1559SV1ME2016SVSO LP 40M7,02045453.9 [Cert]
1560YU3MP2012YUSO LP 40M6,95849492.7 [Cert]
1561ZS4JAN2009ZSSO LP 40M (T)6,86836345.8 [Cert]
1562JA5CBU2015JA5SO LP 40M6,86035354.6 [Cert]
1563OK2BJL2011OKSO LP 40M6,84060572.1 [Cert]
1564KU6T1992W6SO LP 40M6,8406057  
1565W6DAA2013W6SO LP 40M6,81550475.7 [Cert]
1566SP8GNF2011SPSO LP 40M6,81550473.7 [Cert]
1567DL7UIO2003DLSO LP 40M6,81269526.2  
1568JA1CPZ2013JA1SO LP 40M6,80840374.1 [Cert]
1569JL7PVR/11995JA1SO LP 40M6,6003633  
1570JA1CPZ2014JA1SO LP 40M6,51040353.8 [Cert]
1571RA4AV1998UA-4SO LP 40M6,4665553  
1572IZ7XZJ2017ISO LP 40M6,40050503.8 [Cert]
1573LZ1RF2013LZSO LP 40M6,38063553.4 [Cert]
1574JA1VVH2016JA1SO LP 40M6,19144413.5 [Cert]
1575SM7HCJ1994SMSO LP 40M6,1745249  
1576YU1NIM2016YUSO LP 40M6,16065556.0 [Cert]
1577YO2MJZ2013YOSO LP 40M6,10644432.4 [Cert]
1578N3RW1993W3SO LP 40M6,0483836  
1579RA1AIZ2012UA-1SO LP 40M (R)6,04258537.1 [Cert]
1580JF2FIU2015JA2SO LP 40M6,00643423.2 [Cert]
1581RZ0CQ2010RA0SO LP 40M5,95232314.7 [Cert]
1582JA7DNO1995JA7SO LP 40M5,8903731  
1583LZ3NY2005LZSO LP 40M5,832373626.0  
1584UA3UHZ2007UA-3SO LP 40M5,831524931.8  
1585UT2VU2009URSO LP 40M5,72838323.2 [Cert]
1586K7ULS2016W7SO LP 40M5,72459545.8 [Cert]
1587KG4BBK2016W4SO LP 40M5,70431311.2 [Cert]
15889A/HA2VR/P20069ASO LP 40M5,658484627.6  
1589K7CA2016W7SO LP 40M5,59349471.6 [Cert]
1590JA1ISA2013JA1SO LP 40M5,53038354.3 [Cert]
1591PY4LF2016PYSO LP 40M (T)5,50834345.8 [Cert]
1592YO2MJZ2011YOSO LP 40M (R)5,41242411.8 [Cert]
1593F4FEP2010FSO LP 40M (R)5,38246462.2 [Cert]
1594JA4AVO2010JA4SO LP 40M4,93236365.5 [Cert]
1595AI3G2011W3SO LP 40M4,88853477.5 [Cert]
1596IZ5GRS2009ISO LP 40M4,88849472.3 [Cert]
1597JA2HYD2013JA2SO LP 40M4,795373515.1 [Cert]
1598BV2WS2005BVSO LP 40M4,74031304.4  
1599PU5ATX2008PYSO LP 40M4,73632323.4 [Cert]
1600JG3BXS2011JA3SO LP 40M (T)4,64656468.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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