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1501T88SH2000T8SO HP ALL (T)41,4091231077J1AIL 
1502IK5FKF2013ISO HP ALL (T)40,7551551438.7 [Cert]
1503K6OWL2002W6SO HP ALL (T)40,44618012617.2  
1504N6GP2013W6SO HP ALL (T)40,3201721285.8 [Cert]
1505N6KW/72011W7SO HP ALL (T)40,1381671226.8 [Cert]
1506WR1P1998W1SO HP ALL (T)40,020136116  
1507G4HZV2017GSO HP ALL (T)39,9321701499.9 [Cert]
1508JH8CXW2010JA8SO HP ALL (T)39,10413410410.4 [Cert]
1509JR2PMT2011JA2SO HP ALL (T)37,5061301149.7 [Cert]
1510W7KU/02010W0SO HP ALL (T)37,44819512413.8 [Cert]
1511YL2IP2012YLSO HP ALL (T)35,7121521286.2 [Cert]
1512DK1LRS2017DLSO HP ALL (T)35,6441621346.8 [Cert]
1513K1ESE2012W1SO HP ALL (T)35,2171281176.4 [Cert]
1514WA0MHJ2007W0SO HP ALL (T)35,07519711528.6  
1515NO6X2003W6SO HP ALL (T)34,8321511129.4  
1516JA1MJN2010JA1SO HP ALL (T)34,6681451087.4 [Cert]
1517JI5NWQ2014JA5SO HP ALL (T)34,33814511814.0 [Cert]
1518WC4E2006W4SO HP ALL (T)34,32014312029.2  
1519GM3JKS2009GMSO HP ALL (T)34,2201311163.4 [Cert]
1520KC7UP2007W7SO HP ALL (T)33,9001311139.4  
1521JA1FRQ2008JA1SO HP ALL (T)33,7251119519.0 [Cert]
1522JA3DAY2000JA3SO HP ALL (T)33,681111109  
1523MM2R2011GMSO HP ALL (T)33,2641841545.2GM3YOR[Cert]
1524EA5KV2009EASO HP ALL (T)33,0241851284.1 [Cert]
1525N6KW/72007W7SO HP ALL (T)32,9441681164.4  
1526JA1EPJ2016JA1SO HP ALL (T)32,67012711010.7 [Cert]
1527KE3X2014W3SO HP ALL (T)32,4001211082.1 [Cert]
1528W7ON2010W7SO HP ALL (T)32,22618612313.4 [Cert]
1529KV7DX2010W7SO HP ALL (T)30,4801731203.4 [Cert]
1530AE6RF2007W6SO HP ALL (T)29,29014210113.8  
1531N4GI2010W4SO HP ALL (T)29,120108806.0 [Cert]
1532G4BJM2004GSO HP ALL (T)29,003116972.9  
1533KP4JRS2006KP4SO HP ALL (T)28,906122975.8  
1534KE1B/62013W6SO HP ALL (T)28,8651661152.0 [Cert]
1535JQ3TAN2017JA3SO HP ALL (T)28,730998510.1 [Cert]
1536N4GI2011W4SO HP ALL (T)28,4201621162.6 [Cert]
1537KF4ARS1998W4SO HP ALL (T)28,42011898  
1538K6NV2008W6SO HP ALL (T)28,41617611111.1 [Cert]
1539KE1R/52012W5SO HP ALL (T)28,05012511013.1 [Cert]
1540VE4EAR2008VE4SO HP ALL (T)28,017114999.2 [Cert]
1541N3KCJ/72008W7SO HP ALL (T)27,71321210716.8 [Cert]
1542HB9DUS2015HBSO HP ALL (T)27,1951191059.6 [Cert]
1543EA3CEC2008EASO HP ALL (T)27,1781411279.4 [Cert]
1544W7ON2017W7SO HP ALL (T)26,89215110810.1 [Cert]
1545SM6XKB2007SMSO HP ALL (T)26,44812911612.7  
1546UT4HZ2014URSO HP ALL (T)26,2201471147.0 [Cert]
1547W4VC1997W4SO HP ALL (T)26,03710599  
1548K7MOA/42016W4SO HP ALL (T)25,92596857.2 [Cert]
1549DF6RI2009DLSO HP ALL (T)25,7401301107.1 [Cert]
1550WA4ORG1996W4SO HP ALL (T)25,48210493  
1551G4IUF2010GSO HP ALL (T)25,2891481215.7 [Cert]
1552JE2BOM2017JA2SO HP ALL (T)25,080122885.4 [Cert]
1553KB6A2011W6SO HP ALL (T)24,108131986.8 [Cert]
1554N7RVD2005W7SO HP ALL (T)23,7931171036.0  
1555RZ3FW2013UA-3SO HP ALL (T)23,56999913.9  
1556DL9GWD2009DLSO HP ALL (T)23,5441221099.7 [Cert]
1557EA4TX2008EASO HP ALL (T)23,5202041123.0 [Cert]
1558G0OKF2009GSO HP ALL (T)23,0561621318.9 [Cert]
1559UA1AKE2003UA-1SO HP ALL (T)23,0041047124.4  
1560UN5J2010UNSO HP ALL (T)22,950101852.4 [Cert]
1561WU6W2017W7SO HP ALL (T)22,6591249112.7 [Cert]
1562JN3QNG2015JA3SO HP ALL (T)22,60011410015.3 [Cert]
1563WA2CP2015W2SO HP ALL (T)21,89492896.8KC2GOW[Cert]
1564JA2MOG2013JA2SO HP ALL (T)21,780100904.1 [Cert]
1565KB6A2016W6SO HP ALL (T)21,7001431008.2 [Cert]
1566N4DXI2011W4SO HP ALL (T)21,534113977.6 [Cert]
1567IZ8DVD2013ISO HP ALL (T)21,2161191042.5 [Cert]
1568JE1HRC2013JA1SO HP ALL (T)21,0871179910.2 [Cert]
1569DH1TW2003DLSO HP ALL (T)21,004108894.0  
1570JR2PMT2010JA2SO HP ALL (T)20,86798777.4 [Cert]
1571RZ3EC2011UA-3SO HP ALL (T)20,5701241108.0 [Cert]
1572JA1LZR2010JA1SO HP ALL (T)20,470103896.1 [Cert]
1573W1RH/62007W6SO HP ALL (T)20,273139974.4  
1574RA9UN2009RA9SO HP ALL (T)20,251120773.6 [Cert]
1575WA8WZG2017W7SO HP ALL (T)20,0701119013.9 [Cert]
1576K9EN2015W9SO HP ALL (T)20,0551111057.8 [Cert]
1577K6IP2009W6SO HP ALL (T)19,401101876.2 [Cert]
1578N5KO/62013W6SO HP ALL (T)19,344107934.1 [Cert]
1579NC8C2017W8SO HP ALL (T)19,306111981.4K8MR[Cert]
1580AE4EC2009W4SO HP ALL (T)18,66614910217.8 [Cert]
1581R3RU2016UA-3SO HP ALL (T)18,54098903.0UA3RU 
1582PA3GVI2007PASO HP ALL (T)18,3121088427.7  
1583JF1AZQ2008JA1SO HP ALL (T)18,031937320.1 [Cert]
1584UA9OS1998RA9SO HP ALL (T)17,2866967  
1585DF5AU2001DLSO HP ALL (T)17,072100886.2  
1586WA7PRC2008W7SO HP ALL (T)16,884123846.9 [Cert]
1587W4CWA2008W4SO HP ALL (T)15,30899866.9 [Cert]
1588K7LV2007W7SO HP ALL (T)15,176795612.5  
1589JH8CXW2016JA8SO HP ALL (T)15,03882734.5 [Cert]
1590K6UM2017W7SO HP ALL (T)14,96099853.2 [Cert]
1591RD3AEF2014UA-3SO HP ALL (T)14,570107943.4  
1592YO4CSL2013YOSO HP ALL (T)14,504107989.4 [Cert]
1593LZ2SX2008LZSO HP ALL (T)14,25698882.1 [Cert]
1594G4OBK2001GSO HP ALL (T)14,0141009127.8  
1595KC7UP2008W7SO HP ALL (T)13,30071704.7 [Cert]
1596UT5ULB2016URSO HP ALL (T)13,254104944.8 [Cert]
1597K1MY1998W1SO HP ALL (T)13,2487164  
1598UR4EI2014URSO HP ALL (T)13,02499884.5 [Cert]
1599IK8EJN2009ISO HP ALL (T)12,375745513.0 [Cert]
1600JL1LNC2013JA1SO HP ALL (T)12,28278694.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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