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1301AI3Q2008W3SO HP 20M12,46270672.7 [Cert]
1302WA3DMH1980W3SO HP ALL12,2967258  
1303AF3I2013W3SA HP ALL12,28376712.7 [Cert]
1304K3IT2016W3SA HP ALL12,14478691.4  
1305WF3M2016W3SA LP 20M12,03673682.6 [Cert]
1306N3RL1979W3SO HP ALL11,9407260  
1307NN3Q1990W3SO HP ALL11,832157116  
1308W3BW2006W3SO HP ALL11,814666626.5  
1309W2CDO/32004W3SO LP 80M11,48477663.5  
1310KE3X2010W3SO LP ALL (T)11,45498833.2 [Cert]
1311KX2S2017W3SO LP ALL11,38886782.6 [Cert]
1312AD8J/31999W3SO LP 40M11,3165046  
1313NY3C1995W3SO QRP ALL11,2569084  
1314W3FQE2002W3SO LP ALL (T)11,15165597.0  
1315WA3CGE1986W3SO HP 40M11,0944643  
1316W3AP1992W3SO HP 80M10,9985047  
1317K3UA2012W3SO LP ALL10,49459531.4 [Cert]
1318AI3G2008W3SO LP 40M10,336776810.5 [Cert]
1319KB3OZC2016W3SO HP ALL10,15387713.7 [Cert]
1320W3BGN1982W3SO HP 40M10,1526254  
1321KE3MX2001W3SO HP ALL10,1487043  
1322W3SFG2017W3SA LP ALL (T)10,01069653.6 [Cert]
1323N3NZ2008W3SO LP ALL9,98481643.2 [Cert]
1324NK3U1991W3SO HP ALL9,9667066  
1325WB3CII2013W3SO LP 20M (T)9,933897711.3 [Cert]
1326K3UA2013W3SO LP ALL9,91860581.3 [Cert]
1327AI3Q2015W3SO HP 20M9,86059582.8 [Cert]
1328WJ3N1995W3SO LP ALL9,8558673  
1329N3GJ2010W3SA HP 40M9,84041402.0 [Cert]
1330NW3DC2007W3SO LP ALL (T)9,664706427.3W3DQ 
1331N3TWM2016W3SO LP ALL9,64880723.6 [Cert]
1332N3JNX2009W3SO LP ALL9,63683666.5 [Cert]
1333W3FQE1998W3SO HP ALL9,3606052  
1334N3JNX2011W3SO LP ALL9,17974675.7 [Cert]
1335N2HR/32014W3SO HP ALL9,04546452.5 [Cert]
1336N3GE2006W3SO LP ALL9,009656310.0  
1337K3OQ2013W3SA LP ALL (T)8,88383634.7 [Cert]
1338WA3VPL1981W3SO HP ALL8,8556055  
1339W3FQE1992W3SO HP ALL8,8405752  
1340N3UMA1996W3SO HP ALL8,8005150  
1341WD3P2001W3SO QRP ALL8,56860514.3  
1342W3FQE1988W3SO HP ALL8,5005850  
1343N3XL2012W3SO HP 10M8,46861585.6 [Cert]
1344AC3SS2014W3SA LP ALL8,23452464.6 [Cert]
1345W3BW2008W3SA LP ALL8,20160592.6 [Cert]
1346K3OQ2016W3SA QRP 20M7,99868625.1 [Cert]
1347N3BPY1981W3SO HP ALL7,9686048  
1348WA3JXW1985W3SO HP 20M7,9387363  
1349N3WW1982W3SO HP ALL7,9306661  
1350K3OQ2015W3SA HP 15M (T)7,89754532.5 [Cert]
1351WA3LFY1989W3SO QRP 10M7,8887458  
1352K3UA2011W3SO LP ALL7,82057465.1 [Cert]
1353NV3V1994W3SO LP 80M7,8005950  
1354AI3G2017W3SO LP 40M7,74772616.4 [Cert]
1355W3GVX2014W3SO LP ALL7,73854535.5 [Cert]
1356NZ3O2015W3SO QRP 40M7,73855535.1 [Cert]
1357AA3TL2003W3SO HP ALL (R)7,686686128.5  
1358K3ND1990W3SO HP 20M7,6505550  
1359W3FQE1981W3SO HP ALL7,5245744  
1360NA3F2012W3SO HP 80M7,48856522.3 [Cert]
1361N3WMC2017W3SA LP ALL7,23685677.6 [Cert]
1362KF3G2017W3SO LP ALL7,125665713.9 [Cert]
1363K3GW2011W3SO LP ALL7,10053501.5 [Cert]
1364KA3DDJ1980W3SO HP ALL7,0767058  
1365K3WWP1996W3SO QRP ALL7,0209790  
1366K2XR2017W3SA LP 160M7,018785811.4 [Cert]
1367K3GW2007W3SO LP ALL (T)6,94468562.9  
1368AI3Q1999W3SO LP 15M6,9095049  
1369N4ZR2017W3SA LP ALL (T)6,81152491.7 [Cert]
1370K3JHT2003W3SO LP ALL6,74171632.6  
1371AA0CY/32004W3SO LP 20M6,72660572.0  
1372W3WTD2017W3SA LP ALL6,678655311.7 [Cert]
1373NF8I/32014W3SA HP 15M (T)6,57254533.9 [Cert]
1374WT3Q1992W3SO HP 160M6,56011880  
1375AA3CS2012W3SO QRP ALL6,53459543.6 [Cert]
1376KA3R1983W3SO HP 80M6,4667761  
1377WC3O2014W3SO QRP 15M6,37052491.4 [Cert]
1378KC3YO1990W3MULTI-ONE HP6,3446661KC3YO W3FTG 
1379ND3D2007W3SO QRP 20M6,28371617.4  
1380WA3WJD1996W3SO HP 160M6,2406552  
1381AI3Q2017W3SO HP 20M6,14448482.2 [Cert]
1382N3RW1993W3SO LP 40M6,0483836  
1383WA3JXW1983W3SO HP 20M6,0065839  
1384WA3DMH1983W3SO HP 15M5,9974943  
1385W3GN1993W3SO HP 20M5,9405045  
1386WA2EAJ/32010W3SO LP ALL5,84168599.2 [Cert]
1387K4JLD/31982W3SO HP 80M5,8247152  
1388KI3DS2004W3SO LP ALL5,77262524.6  
1389KB3Z2017W3SA HP ALL5,70473623.1 [Cert]
1390KB3ZF1982W3SO HP 20M5,6736761  
1391WA3VPL1988W3SO HP 15M5,5005450  
1392K3TW1993W3SO QRP 20M5,5005450  
1393N3UMA1997W3SO LP ALL5,3344942  
1394KN3A2010W3SO HP ALL5,20256512.6 [Cert]
1395N3GB1983W3SO HP 15M5,1244242  
1396NK3U1990W3SO HP 20M5,1206764  
1397N3RL1980W3SO HP ALL5,0404440  
1398AI3E1981W3SO HP ALL4,9564742  
1399KD3HN2014W3SA LP ALL (T)4,95045453.7 [Cert]
1400K3ND1982W3SO HP 20M4,9024438  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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