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1201WB5K2017W5SO LP ALL (T)15,9741449817.8 [Cert]
1202W0ZW/52008W5SO HP ALL15,95795814.9 [Cert]
1203WB0RUR/52011W5SA LP ALL15,908115825.4 [Cert]
1204KD5JHE2008W5SO LP ALL15,4861418713.0 [Cert]
1205WA5AAA2004W5SO LP ALL15,4701358526.8K5KA 
1206WD5IYT2011W5SO LP ALL15,372106849.2 [Cert]
1207KS5H1992W5SO QRP 15M15,330121105  
1208W5QLF2014W5SO LP ALL15,2241048810.2 [Cert]
1209KE5BUS2012W5SO LP 20M15,138958712.2 [Cert]
1210N5KEV2008W5SO LP ALL15,1061439114.0 [Cert]
1211KI9A/51985W5SO QRP ALL14,88012996  
1212NX5M2004W5SO LP 10M14,790114875.8  
1213W5RW2006W5SO LP ALL14,63075704.1  
1214AD5MN2013W5SO LP 10M14,475947513.0 [Cert]
1215WF5E2016W5SA LP ALL14,32590759.2 [Cert]
1216KD5JHE2011W5SO LP ALL14,2761158611.9 [Cert]
1217K7XC/52013W5SO LP ALL14,16896775.4 [Cert]
1218W5EIJ1990W5SO HP ALL14,11211496  
1219N5PU2013W5SO HP 20M (T)13,96287783.4 [Cert]
1220NZ5A1993W5SO QRP ALL13,95912199  
1221AB5N1980W5SO QRP ALL13,68014290  
1222K5UR1985W5SO HP 160M13,668174102  
1223NF5Y2013W5SO LP 15M (T)13,66785797.3  
1224WE6EZ/52014W5SO LP 10M (T)13,608877210.4 [Cert]
1225K7ZYV2017W5SO LP ALL13,60893815.1 [Cert]
1226W5TTE2012W5SO LP ALL13,60894816.8 [Cert]
1227WB5VZL1980W5SO HP 15M13,5728378  
1228WB0CLL/52012W5SO LP ALL13,4321029215.6 [Cert]
1229W5QLF2017W5SO LP ALL13,345117858.6 [Cert]
1230W5QLF2010W5SO LP ALL13,344129966.9 [Cert]
1231WC5O1992W5SO LP ALL13,2756659  
1232K5UR1983W5SO HP 80M13,176150108  
1233K5UR1979W5SO HP 80M13,16012594  
1234W0RA/52001W5SO LP ALL12,95080744.5  
1235WD5GNY1980W5SO HP 15M12,93612998  
1236KI3L/51990W5SO HP ALL12,862163118  
1237W5KDJ2003W5SO QRP ALL12,749766111.4  
1238K5EC1995W5SA HP ALL12,7148778  
1239K5ICW2009W5SO LP ALL (T)12,69151495.0 [Cert]
1240N5AU1980W5SO HP ALL12,6728464  
1241K5OI2007W5SO QRP ALL12,551103779.3  
1242N5MLL1989W5SO HP 10M12,4167364  
1243K0GEO2017W5SO LP ALL12,000125805.2 [Cert]
1244WE6EZ/52015W5SO LP ALL11,89570654.1 [Cert]
1245WA9FWO/51985W5SO QRP 20M11,87510695  
1246AA5VU2014W5SO LP ALL11,72690828.6 [Cert]
1247K0NM/52014W5SA HP 10M11,62078709.4 [Cert]
1248K5WW2007W5SA LP ALL (T)11,544907811.5  
1249W5EIJ1987W5SO HP ALL11,4246751  
1250N5NMX1991W5SO HP 40M11,3408281  
1251W5GDX2017W5SA HP 40M11,13059532.1 [Cert]
1252KB5NJD2005W5SO LP ALL (T)11,01197772.9  
1253N5US1989W5SO QRP 10M10,8907966  
1254K5ND2010W5SO QRP ALL10,721103717.5 [Cert]
1255N5US1990W5SO QRP 10M10,5789386  
1256K3TD/52010W5SO LP ALL10,51297725.2 [Cert]
1257KG5VK2016W5SA HP 40M10,48861572.7 [Cert]
1258W5GAI2011W5SO QRP 10M10,41979697.1 [Cert]
1259W5WZ2017W5SA HP ALL10,34998793.3 [Cert]
1260K5RX2004W5SO LP 80M10,33692688.8  
1261KD5JHE2009W5SO LP ALL10,206105818.7 [Cert]
1262W5NR1979W5SO HP ALL10,1407052  
1263NJ5DX2012W5SA HP ALL10,12671612.0W5OV[Cert]
1264WW2PT/52014W5SA HP ALL10,04465623.7WW2PT[Cert]
1265AC5SU2000W5SO LP ALL10,0246156  
1266K0BCN1998W5SO LP 15M9,8909886  
1267WA5LXS2017W5SA LP ALL (T)9,88080659.1 [Cert]
1268NT5TU2004W5SA LP 20M9,72774712.6  
1269W5TV2017W5SO LP ALL9,66076693.6 [Cert]
1270NT5C2009W5SA HP ALL9,47198770.8N3BB[Cert]
1271N4CYV/52007W5SO QRP ALL9,450977517.0  
1272AA8RT/52012W5SO QRP ALL (T)9,240605615.8 [Cert]
1273K5OI2006W5SO QRP ALL9,24077707.0  
1274AC5CT1996W5MULTI-ONE HP9,2229787AC5CT W5WLA 
1275WS1L/52005W5SA HP ALL9,17779695.0  
1276K5AX2013W5SO HP 10M9,17769573.8  
1277WB5OWL1979W5SO HP ALL9,0486552  
1278KB5YVT1995W5SO LP 15M9,03010586  
1279N5IKD2015W5SA LP 20M8,97671686.8 [Cert]
1280W5PQ2008W5SO LP ALL8,96779614.9 [Cert]
1281K5UR1987W5SO HP 160M8,9469071  
1282W5PWG1991W5SO HP 20M8,8928578  
1283W5EIJ1986W5SO HP ALL8,8556055  
1284AC5R1979W5SO HP ALL8,8329264  
1285KC5RGQ2017W5SO LP ALL8,8201149023.7 [Cert]
1286WV5Y2017W5SO LP ALL8,760877316.4 [Cert]
1287N3BUO/52016W5SA HP ALL8,74265622.9 [Cert]
1288WA5RML2013W5SO QRP ALL8,69483635.6 [Cert]
1289W5OB1984W5SO HP ALL8,6806662  
1290K5HDU2017W5SA HP ALL8,64348432.2 [Cert]
1291W9YA/52012W5SO QRP 20M8,625857513.2 [Cert]
1292K6AZA/51997W5SO HP ALL8,55011241  
1293W3PC/51981W5SO HP ALL8,4406040  
1294WA5RML2009W5SO QRP ALL8,43288687.6 [Cert]
1295KB5NJD2002W5SO LP ALL8,19269643.1  
1296NK5G2017W5SA QRP 40M8,15163575.5 [Cert]
1297NA5VY2004W5SO LP 20M8,00478696.1  
1298K5UR1981W5SO HP 80M7,96810983  
1299W0EA/52015W5SA LP 20M (T)7,86963613.1 [Cert]
1300N5PJ2017W5SA QRP ALL7,772916712.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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