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1101RA4NCC2007UA-4SO LP 10M1,59535292.7  
1102PR7FN2004PYSO LP 10M1,59529293.0  
1103OK1DJS2014OKSO LP 10M1,59328272.0 [Cert]
1104UA9SAW2009RA9SO LP 10M1,58627260.7 [Cert]
1105VK4KW2010VKSO LP 10M1,58425223.9VK4BAA[Cert]
1106KN4Y/M2003W4SO LP 10M1,568383230.3  
1107K4RV2001W4SO LP 10M1,56423234.1  
1108OH1QX2017OHSO LP 10M (T)1,56040391.3OH1ZAA[Cert]
1109IZ4DYX2009ISO LP 10M1,56045393.5 [Cert]
1110JA1AAT1999JA1SO LP 10M1,5602726  
1111OH5UFO2013OHSO LP 10M1,48831314.7  
1112ES4MM2012ESSO LP 10M1,48527276.8 [Cert]
1113RN0SA2008RA0SO LP 10M1,48226262.3 [Cert]
1114F6IRG2009FSO LP 10M1,46245343.7 [Cert]
1115PY3XX2016PYSO LP 10M1,44924211.0  
1116LW2HBF2012LUSO LP 10M1,44923232.9 [Cert]
11172E0XAR2014GSO LP 10M1,44339374.1  
1118SM5C2011SMSO LP 10M1,44036363.0SM5CBM[Cert]
11194K8M20114JSO LP 10M1,43026263.2 [Cert]
11204X6UU20084XSO LP 10M1,42624232.64X6UU[Cert]
1121VR2GO1995VRSO LP 10M1,4264631  
1122JE1ALA/32016JA1SO LP 10M1,40840328.0 [Cert]
1123LU8DCF2015LUSO LP 10M (R)1,38622223.1 [Cert]
1124AD5MN2011W5SO LP 10M1,38024239.4 [Cert]
1125JH7YHD2009JA7SO LP 10M1,37633322.8JA7WSZ[Cert]
1126JH1MTR/42014JA4SO LP 10M1,35028253.3 [Cert]
1127JI1VAH2013JA1SO LP 10M1,34431287.0 [Cert]
1128SP5BMU2013SPSO LP 10M1,34429289.3 [Cert]
1129VY2LI2012VEYSO LP 10M (T)1,34424215.9 [Cert]
1130SP5XOV2010SPSO LP 10M1,30234313.4 [Cert]
1131XM3STT2002VE3SO LP 10M1,288232325.4  
1132Z32KV1997Z3SO LP 10M1,2763629  
1133RA6YJ2008UA-6SO LP 10M1,24829326.4 [Cert]
1134DL9MFY2014DLSO LP 10M1,21829296.1 [Cert]
1135YU1RA2016YUSO LP 10M1,21634321.0 [Cert]
1136LZ2TF2015LZSO LP 10M1,20431285.0  
1137ES4RC2013ESSO LP 10M1,20430283.1 [Cert]
1138SP2UKB1995SPSO LP 10M1,2003430  
1139N2WN/42015W4SO LP 10M1,17822191.2 [Cert]
1140JE2SOY2004JA2SO LP 10M1,17027265.5  
1141F6FTB2009FSO LP 10M1,16032291.2 [Cert]
1142K5WW2003W5SO LP 10M (T)1,15521213.9  
1143UA0CMG2009RA0SO LP 10M1,13137298.9 [Cert]
1144DF5WN1994DLSO LP 10M1,1203728  
1145RA6LW1994UA-6SO LP 10M1,1203028  
1146DL5FCO2001DLSO LP 10M1,1132121  
1147DL5FCO2001DLSO LP 10M1,1132121  
1148XL3RA2009VE3SO LP 10M1,10425241.8 [Cert]
1149G4OTY1999GSO LP 10M1,0923128  
1150JA1AAT2008JA1SO LP 10M1,08124232.0 [Cert]
1151JA0GCI1993JASO LP 10M1,0812623  
1152PU2PTO2003PYSO LP 10M1,080202025.8  
1153VA6DXR2000VE6SO LP 10M1,0712121VE7AV 
1154BV/JH3GCN1998BVSO LP 10M1,0663426  
1155LZ2FM2008LZSO LP 10M1,03630281.4 [Cert]
1156PY1NSC2012PYSO LP 10M1,03422222.5 [Cert]
1157OK1DRX2009OKSO LP 10M1,02433321.4 [Cert]
1158VE6BMX2000VE6SO LP 10M9802020  
1159IK5YJK2012ISO LP 10M96621214.3 [Cert]
1160HP1RIS2009HPSO LP 10M96621214.8 [Cert]
1161RD3FT2015UA-3SO LP 10M96022203.0  
1162JA4AQR1999JA4SO LP 10M (T)9462222  
1163OH2HMB2001OHSO LP 10M9402020  
11647K2PBB2004JA1SO LP 10M91230245.0  
1165BG1JK2014BYSO LP 10M90026253.4 [Cert]
1166OK1KZ2009OKSO LP 10M896292810.7 [Cert]
11677K2PBB1999JA1SO LP 10M8951715  
1168RN4AM2008UA-4SO LP 10M89129271.4 [Cert]
1169PY1CMT2011PYSO LP 10M88218182.2 [Cert]
11707K2PBB2003JA1SO LP 10M88222213.7  
1171DJ4KW1997DLSO LP 10M8752825  
1172ON5WL2016ONSO LP 10M86430271.9 [Cert]
1173HZ1DG2012HZSO LP 10M86419181.1 [Cert]
1174KH0/JO1CRA1994KH0SO LP 10M8641816  
1175JE0UXR1992JA0SO LP 10M8642824  
1176WA8KEM1995W8SO LP 10M8584033  
1177EI4CF2013EISO LP 10M85519190.5  
1178S50DX2008S5SO LP 10M85126232.1 [Cert]
1179OK2BHE2001OKSO LP 10M8362019  
1180BG3TBS2013BYSO LP 10M79822211.1 [Cert]
11817K2PBB2001JA1SO LP 10M79820197.3  
1182JE1ALA2005JA1SO LP 10M79224227.1  
1183DL2AWA2016DLSO LP 10M78327271.2 [Cert]
1184DL9AWI2008DLSO LP 10M78028260.5 [Cert]
1185CS7ABQ2012CTSO LP 10M75628288.3 [Cert]
1186EA4ATI1996EASO LP 10M7503025  
1187JE2SOY2011JA2SO LP 10M74825224.6 [Cert]
1188DL2MIH2008DLSO LP 10M74425241.6 [Cert]
1189EA7GV2009EASO LP 10M72632220.9 [Cert]
1190JH1MTR/42009JA4SO LP 10M72030242.7 [Cert]
1191LZ2GS1996LZSO LP 10M7142421  
1192PY2RX2016PYSO LP 10M (T)70319194.0  
1193PY1KM2011PYSO LP 10M69325215.3 [Cert]
1194PY2TI2016PYSO LP 10M69016151.8  
1195JL2XMW2016JA2SO LP 10M68020201.3 [Cert]
1196PY2TI1998PYSO LP 10M6751515  
1197JE1ALA/22015JA2SO LP 10M67226215.9 [Cert]
1198JE8CLT2009JA8SO LP 10M67226240.8 [Cert]
1199RK9XXX2005RA9SO LP 10M672161624.5UA9XC 
1200SM5DUT1992SMSO LP 10M6602020  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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